How to get free WordPress Hosting in the UK with cheapest domain for your WP Blog


free wordpress hosting uk

Find out how to get Free WordPress Hosting in the UK and connect your cheap domain to create a blog and grow your online presence.

How To Get Free UK WordPress Hosting

There are many hosting companies that claim to offer “free WordPress hosting” but as you sign up you find out that in fact it isn’t completely free or comes with lots of other steps to complete. Many will also require payment details, that make you unsure of scams or charges in years to come that you don’t notice.

On the you can get truly free WordPress hosting without the ads, painfully slow configuration or even requiring any payment details. You simply choose your package from the selection and choose the £0 pm free WordPress package. The process is super quick and easy, and we will go through it now.

Signing Up For Free WP Hosting

Signing up for the Free WordPress Hosting package is quick and easy, it doesn’t require any payment details and can be used for domains hosted with SeekaHost or any other domain registered elsewhere, such as Freendom domains.

  1. Go to the SeekaHost Free WordPress hosting Page.
    free wordpress hosting uk front page
  2. Scroll down until you see the packages and select the one priced at £0.
    free hosting packages wordress uk
  3. Now sign in or create an account for free with SeekaHost.
    register for free wp hosting uk
  4. From your dashboard, select “WordPress Sites” to navigate to any WordPress site you have hosted with us, or to add new ones.
    add your free wordpress hosting site
  5. Click on “create WordPress site” on the top right of the page. Type in your domain name and Blog Title. Then choose the Free WordPress package at the bottom.
    install free wordpress hosting website or blog
  6. Once saved, the hosting will show in your WordPress Sites, located on your dashboard.
    get free hosting online

Connecting Your Cheap Domain to Free WP Hosting

Now that your hosting package is ready, it’s time to connect your domain to your free WordPress hosting, this will only take a few minutes to complete and will propagate your nameservers that connect both domain and hosting. This is done simply by adding the nameserver 1 and 2 provided from your free hosting package and inserting them into your domains nameserver area.

  1. Buy the domain using the search bar and find one to suit you. If yours isn’t available, you can find other close alternatives.
  2. Once registered, go to your domain management area by clicking the blue action button.
    register cheap domain
  3. Now unlock your domain to make any custom nameserver changes. Then navigate to your nameservers section.
    unlock cheap uk domains
  4. On the nameserver page, choose custom nameservers and add in the nameserver 1 provided on your free WordPress hosting in the top line and the nameserver 2 in the line underneath. Then save the nameservers.
    connect domain to free hosting uk

Thats it, now you have made the connection from your domain to your free hosting package with SeekaHost. This will take between a few minutes to 12 hours to propagate. Usually, this is fairly instant but don’t worry if it’s not connected straight away. As long as your nameservers are correct then it’s just a matter of time until you can connect and edit your website. You can also check this by clicking on the leafdns link on your WordPress hosting site page.

Benefits Of Free UK WordPress Hosting

SeekaHost’s free WordPress hosting provided from our UK servers will suit anyone looking to start a WordPress website. This could be a student wanting to get his or her website live but with little to no money. Potentially a small business that is looking to get online and wants to get free hosting for their domain. It’s also suits anyone who has bought our cheapest domains and wants to save money and host it for free!

The free WP hosting is not only easy to get but setup can be done in 10 minutes or less. Its free forever and doesn’t have any ads or excluded WordPress features. You can still use plugins, themes and all the good stuff you want when using WordPress.

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