Best Online Business Ideas for beginners to start and do in the UK


The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made starting an online business more attractive, as these line of business are mostly unaffected by the global lockdown.

In this guide, you will learn the best online business ideas for beginners to start and do in the UK.

If you’re wondering what internet business ideas will be easy to explore in this crisis period, we’ve got you covered with the 10 internet Business models to explore and that you can easily do as a home business and earn money from home.

Albeit, there are many opportunities and businesses online that anyone with the required skills can venture into. And in most cases, you don’t even need more than Internet-connected PC or mobile to get your business started.

The aim of this article is to guide you through online business models with minimal skill requirements.

Just with a basic web design and maintenance know-how, along with communication skills, almost anyone can get a business up and running online in only a matter of days. Do you think you’re ready to become the next online entrepreneur?

Then read these and take action fast!


Here are 10 online business ideas you can venture into right away!

Top 10 Online Based Business Ideas for beginners

The following online business ideas are barebones, so read through them to see which connects with you, and then research on it to get started, it’s that simple!

1. Freelance Writing

If you’ve got great writing skills, the easiest way to start your online business journey is perhaps as a freelance writer. As a freelancer, you can offer writing services to clients and charge them per writing job.

In fact, your scope of work is not limited as you can write for other websites or blogs or even write an interesting e-book which doesn’t need any printing or shipping fees. Or perhaps, you’re someone who possesses strong language skills, you could also potentially become an expert copy editor that people will pay to read and edit their articles and correct grammatical errors in the web copy.

2. Social Media Consulting

As a social media consultant, your jobs is the effective steering of the social media activities of organizations in the right direction as regards marketing tactics, implementing and scheduling campaigns, and posting content to their target audience.

Many large organizations hire a full-time social media coordinator or corresponding agency to run their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. While smaller businesses also need to manage their own social media channels, which many times such business owners are too busy, so they need a consultancy firm to develop their social media marketing approach.

3. Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketer is essentially someone who gets a commission for selling products for other companies, whether it’s through a channel like eBay or on their own site. And the best part is that you don’t have to develop the products yourself, you’re only required to sell other people’s products.

There are several affiliate networks available online such as Shareasale and ClickBank that offers a vast array of products for affiliates to promote. The programs afford you the opportunity to create a passive income for yourself and your family.

4. Online Tutoring


The fact that most students are now at home makes this business idea very lucrative, and all that’s required is to share your knowledge online by creating courses and selling them on some special platforms (like Udemy) or even on your website or via email list.

Creating a digital product or course is quite similar to the writing of an e-book, and you can also make money by teaching online, which is known as online tutoring.

5. SEO Consulting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means the process of getting a website to rank higher for specific “keywords” in search engines like Google. It helps a website to get more traffic, as more of the keywords rank higher on search engines, thus bringing relevant traffic and in turn, more revenue.

You can become an SEO consultant by offering SEO services for businesses that want to improve their website chances of showing up in search results. If you want to learn this important SEO skill, SeekaHost University is offering you the opportunity to learn it free within this period.

6. Virtual Assistant


Every large business needs help running administrative tasks, so they most often seek for a virtual assistant from professionals, instead of paying for a full-time in-house employee to do it. A virtual assistant performs a variety of tasks that a traditional secretary would normally do, including payment of bills and making travel arrangements, among others.

This virtual online job is fast growing in demand with both employees and employers looking to achieve a more flexible work-life model.

7. A Vlogger / YouTuber

Online videos are becoming popular today, and there are some effective video content distribution platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, or even YouTube, that you can leverage for free to create your video content.

Also, these platforms allow you the chance to push your content out to hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide and even monetize your content.

8. Website/Domain Flipping

This online business model, if done effectively, can generate huge returns with the shortest possible time. It involves the buying and reselling of domain names and websites, or creation of domain names for reselling purposes.

As those who want to start their a website needs a domain name, most of these people go for an existing domain name. That means they bought the domain from someone, and that’s what domain flippers do. So you can build an online business model by purchasing domains or website and selling them. You can learn more about domain and website flipping here!

9. Graphic Design

You can offer less technical design services as a graphic designer, but you’ll still need to communicate with and attract clients online.

Also, if you’ve got a knack for creating unique images, there’s certainly no need to fuss over having your own inventory, as your creations can be easily printed onto a product, then you can sell to make money.

10. Dropshipping Services

Dropshipping business is a relatively new concept that involves supply chain management method in which a retailer does not keep goods in stock but rather transfers the customers’ orders and shipment to either another retailer or a wholesaler, who ships the goods directly to the customer.

It is a retail fulfilment method where a store doesn’t keep products in stock, but instead, purchases the item from a third-party and has it shipped to the customer.

If you are looking for more new business ideas to start in the UK, read this article.

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How To Become A Businessman: Tips To Succeed in Business


The world of business certainly has its rollercoaster moments and as an entrepreneur and businessman, I have had my fair share.


To become a businessman, you have to be fluent in the language of business and in this article I will explain my own personal journey, with a few “awakenings.”

I class myself as both a businessman and an entrepreneur as per the first sentence; however, there is a huge difference in the “pure” definition, but also a huge overlap.


An entrepreneur is driven by an instinctive urge that often flies in the face of convention – ideas flow, risks are taken and businesses are easily won and lost.

It’s more of a way of life than anything else and a true entrepreneur would rather sleep rough on the streets than take a job and in the rare occasion that they would simply have to take one, they would probably be fired very quickly.

It’s like the story of the scorpion and the frog:

A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The frog asks, “How do I know that you won’t sting me?

The scorpion says, “Because if I do, I will die too.” The frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream, the scorpion stings the frog.  The frog feels the onset of paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they will both drown but has just enough time to gasp “Why?”

“It’s my nature,” replies the scorpion.

Now let’s get to business as the saying goes!

The Business of being unemployed

When I was fifteen, I attended a careers advice session in my school and was told by the advisor after a very brief assessment that there were three-million unemployed people in Britain and one unemployable:


That statement fuelled my innate entrepreneurial spirit and I had to seriously think about my career options.

Leaving college with the qualifications I should have had when I left school, did nothing for my academic confidence and after my first job of knocking on people’s doors trying to sell them home improvements, gave me a short, sharp introduction to sales, which became my main skillset throughout my life ever since.

I went from job to job, trying to find happiness and in a world where jobs were hard to get, except direct sales jobs, or lowly paid commercial sales jobs in industries where the majority of people failed.

My life changed when I entered the world of recruiting and staffing – soon I fell in love with the industry and never looked back.

After a couple of jobs and then my first attempt of running a company and failing, I found myself ready to start my own company in the technology staffing sector and from my apartment in South London, UK.

I started the company with very little capital, no business experience, and a strong will to succeed, which saw me grow the company from zero to around $60m in under ten years.

The world of businessman

business-coaching-in-ukLet’s turn our attention now to the word “businessman” and what does it mean.

We can look at the definitions, but we will get to the issue of running a business later through my story and here is where we part company with the entrepreneur, if only temporarily.

Many bright young people leave school, go to college and then achieve a business qualification such as an MBA.

From here they could enter a company and work their way right up to becoming the CEO of that company and take a few more CEO positions before retiring gracefully and looking back on such a rewarding experience.

Look at the famous CEO of General Electric (GE) – Jack Welch.

Welch was a legend, no matter what anyone thinks of him and he is a true example of a businessman. He transformed the company during his tenure and had a streak of perfectionism that was unrivalled at the time.

There are many CEO’s like Welch and many junior executives who are working their way up through the ranks to emulate him or others they admire and you don’t even have to be a CEO, because there are many other successful businessmen who don’t make it to the dizzy heights of being a CEO, but who are nevertheless successful.

What about the ground between a businessman and an entrepreneur?

Well, every entrepreneur by default is a businessman simply because of the fact they are in business, but not every businessman is an entrepreneur.

Take Lord Sugar for example – he is both an entrepreneur and a hugely successful businessman. Starting from humble beginnings selling goods in the East End of London, he now runs a huge successful corporation and equally, there are many CEO’s and executive leaders who have a tremendous amount of entrepreneurial flair.

There is clearly an overlap, but I will say that many businessmen and women that I have spoken to over the years, will firmly state that they are not entrepreneurs and stick to their educational training, to give the foundations for the “language of business,” such as an MBA and progress through the corporate ladders of success.

I challenge them because I will always state that there is a little bit of entrepreneurship in everyone…well, I would say that, wouldn’t I?

My Business Awakening

Now as the CEO of my company, I am the figurehead and at the forefront of my business and quite simply, the buck stops with me.

However, I would always describe myself as a “sales focused CEO” and not a “numbers focused CEO.”

I had observed that many of my clients, had CEO’s from differing backgrounds and for example, some came from the role of the Chief Finance Officer (CFO). The point being that if you look at the two really essential components of business and here I am excluding research and innovation, etc. then it boils down to being able to make sales and collect the cash.

If then, you had a sales-focused CEO, you would need a strong numbers right hand man and not necessarily the CFO.

In my case, I had a strong CFO and a strong Chief Operating Officer, COO.

The reason for the COO, was to bridge the gap between a pure “numbers” person and myself, who is a pure salesperson – the gap was in the understanding of both sales and finance, but also the workings or operations of the company.

But let me explain how I got there!

In the early days, I was winning clients through pure entrepreneurial flair and salesmanship, but I didn’t have the cash to hire anyone to perform the normal tasks that are associated with running a business – bookkeeping, record-keeping and among others.

So I would spend days selling and the evenings and weekends learning the basics of running a business.

Back to school 

With my lack of academic qualifications, I had no choice but to go out and learn.

Thankfully I love to read books, simply to learn…anything. But now I could hear some other words echo over and over in my head:

“The harder you work at school, the easier it is in life,” and “make the most of your school years because you can’t get them back.”

So if by chance, you are reading this whilst still at school, remember the words above as you will only regret it later.

I remember giving a talk to my old school saying exactly the same words to group kids in their final school year, but most were dismissive of my comments, although I did get a lot of “thanks” from the parents.

So armed with my new accounting basics books, I started to learn the hard way and painstakingly worked my way through what accountants would term as the accounting “alphabet.”

But I had no choice.

It didn’t stop there because I also had to familiarize myself with legal and compliance issues, so I was lucky enough to have dealt with a lawyer in my first business, who I could at least phone up for help, but I could only do this for so long as I wouldn’t want to presume on our relationship.

However, I needed more than his expertise as my business was about to expand Internationally – now you may think “where is all the cash” if I could even think about expanding?

But the simple answer was that it was trickling in – I had sold loads but collected very little.

Time to look at the cash flow section of my accounting books and also learn about the term, “credit management!”

But I still needed to solve the legal issues without the cash to be able to afford two lawyers so I came up with a solution.

I would take the two of them for lunch and kill the proverbial two birds.

I thought it was a stroke of genius; especially when they both accepted and I couldn’t wait for the lunch appointment.

However, I hadn’t bargained or budgeted for the fact that the lunch would be mainly liquid!  The lunch was fantastic and information was freely flowing, in fact perfectly in time with the wine and all I could think about was the damage it was doing to my credit card.

The outcome was to confirm my work of genius – I was too drunk to remember the conversation and the bill in the restaurant was far more than the bill for the two of them in their office!

Still, nothing a simple follow up phone call wouldn’t solve…if, of course, they could remember anything.

I was firmly learning that the art of business was far more important (to me at the time) than being an entrepreneur and top-flight salesperson.

The customer is always right!

Here is a true story to mark for me, what I will use as a benchmark to this day, regarding my realization that being an entrepreneur was in no way enough; I needed to be a businessman:

It was a cold wintery day as I was leaving for Holland from London.

 My business partner and I were “summoned” to a meeting in The Hague headquarters of our client who we were doing great and profitable business with…at least in our opinion.

 We met in the client’s “war room,” or their nerve center of all operations; where innermost secrets and strategies were discussed.

 The meeting was set for 5:30 pm and that I thought was slightly unusual as most of their previous meetings had been mornings or in the early afternoon.

 Our contact had phoned in the previous week to let us know that we would be contacted by another gentleman who would be “helping them” streamline their processes and procedures and as expected the phone call came with a firm introduction and the formal invite to the meeting…it went something like this:

 “Good morning Mr. Franklin, my name is xxx and I would like you to meet us at 5:30 pm next Monday evening at our headquarters in The Hague.”

 I tried to ask a few questions in the usual manner and was met with:

 “Nice to speak with you and see you on Monday evening.”

 I tried to get more information from our main contact, but couldn’t reach him, which was not unusual as these guys were working crazy-long hours and under stressful conditions. 

My partner and I thought little about it as we already engaged at a very senior level, had done some very straightforward business deals, over a good period of time and that was a monumental mistake, Numero Uno!

 At the meeting and after the formal introductions, I was slightly taken aback when I noticed that our new contact was working for a major international accountancy firm and he then told me that the sole responsibility of all hiring and firing came down to him!

In the war room that evening, we were shown some statistics about our business performance against that of our main competition.

To our surprise and quite frankly our total astonishment, we were the least performing company, hence why we were summoned.

But after this “welcome,” he asked me to present my company and explain why we should continue to be an “approved” supplier, which was like throwing a red flag to a bull, or my ego at the time!

I patiently explained the value proposition and led with the message as I will explain later and the way you must do it. He listened intently, made a few notes and then told us that he had arranged a beer for us with our original contact.

 Now I was really taken aback.

In the bar where we met my original and main contact, I couldn’t believe it when my latest friend had started to sell my company as the one they should use primarily.

You would have to have been there to see the look on our faces as we believed we were already connected, but this guy was validating everything that I said, which was unreal, considering the tone of the reason for the meeting.

After more than a few beers we moved on from The Hague to Amsterdam and a very nice Indonesian restaurant.

Now our original and main contact had not joined us and we were in the company of Mr. accountant and he then told me that he was extremely fond of wine and proceeded to order several (and I mean several) bottles of very nice Alsace wines, which he told us complimented the food.

 After a long dinner we proceeded to visit a few bars in Amsterdam until the early hours of the morning, around 3:am. I was probably running on adrenaline and kept up with this mad accountant!

 Now Amsterdam, as you know, is a very liberal place and one that you cannot get bored in – our friend had taken us around on a tour of the famous squares and bars, consuming a few beverages ranging from Russian or Swedish mineral water with a little vitamin C, to the Dutch beers and a taste of their version of gin – jenever.

 As we said our goodbyes, he calmly took me to one side and asked:

  • What is your turnover
  • What is your operating margin
  • What is your net margin
  • How much of your turnover is with us
  • What are your predicted financial results for the year
  • What are you forecasting for the next financial year
  • Please explain to me your vision for the industry
  • Why should we continue to deal with your company

Talk about having to sober up very quickly and luckily I managed to do so.

I answered his questions to some degree at least, because we kept and developed the account, but I had learned a very valuable lesson.

 You need, as the Scouts say, to “be prepared.”

But that is half of the story and the greatest lesson I learned from that meeting was that I should have done my research, my due-diligence.

I vowed never to be in that position again and I will tell you that research is the key to great selling, not sales techniques.

That night shaped my entire thinking and although I went into “shock” my instinct kicked in and somehow I was able to survive.

They say everything happens for a reason and I cannot thank the gentleman enough for giving me that short, sharp and very well-timed shock that evening in Amsterdam.

Time to get “business serious”

I don’t do anything in half measures and for me, you are either “in” or you are “out.”

You cannot be half pregnant.

It was time to go “all in” and learn the business side of entrepreneurship and I knew that in my heart, I could not discipline myself to go back to college and study for an MBA, so I had to do the next best thing, in my situation and at that time.

I had ironically changed my firm of accountants because I felt that the partner in charge of my account was not entrepreneurial enough and through recommendation, I was introduced to a firm in the City of London.

I met the managing partner after a very nice Thai meal and a just a few samples of the local brew and how I was able to hold a conversation, I will never know to this day.

But we arranged a follow-up meeting and soon I appointed them as my advisors and the wheels were set in motion for a twenty-year business, legal and financial learning journey that you could not buy for all the money in the world.

I eventually invited the managing partner to join my company in an advisory capacity and he had the task of bringing all of our operational processes and procedures up-to-date.

This was no easy task as we had grown dramatically and that meant there was a gap to fill between my sales efforts and the true reality of where we were.

Now when I say “gap,” it was more like the Grand Canyon and my only regret is that I didn’t meet this man earlier in my career, as the outcome would have been very different.

To label this man as an accountant would do him a massive injustice – I have seen him tie lawyers in knots, as well as members of his own profession, but what I really liked and admired, was that he was prepared to fly with me to meet clients and see things from the “sharp end.”

This “partnership” proved to be a great one as I had someone to learn from, although we clashed fiercely!

It started with politics as we were on two totally opposing sides of the equation, but we learned to live with our views and that is a healthy balance, but what I learned from this man, was how to conduct business.

I learned later in life a massive lesson – I have always treated people as fairly as I could and when I had my first child, he told me to treat people as you would want your own daughter to be treated!

Wise words.

Now I was learning the business from a real businessman – he was running his own firm and ran it like a business, plus he was a business consultant, aside from being a qualified accountant.

Through this man and a few others, I started to be far more conversant with legal and financial matters, which enabled me to structure deals in ways that I had never thought possible before.

Commercial awareness

Selling is the lifeblood of every organization and in my current role as a coach and mentor, I see many people who advertise themselves as “salespeople,” but to me, they are missing a huge chunk of selling and that is the business aspect.

So if you are a salesperson today, then please make sure you understand the business aspects and implications of what you are selling.

You have to become a businessman.

The way to bridge the gap between sales and business is to understand the term “commercial awareness.”

The definition does it the correct justice and before you assume that all salespeople, especially in the corporate world understand the business, let me tell you that most don’t, but this is a little “side dish” to the article as I am a salesperson as well as an entrepreneur and like the scorpion…

You simply cannot have enough commercial awareness and if an MBA is a way to learning at the very least, the “language of business” (it is far more than that of course, but I like keeping things simple), then practical commercial awareness is the vehicle to get it out into the world of commerce.

In some ways, I was extremely lucky in being forced to be a businessman, but that is also down to my personality, so let me give you a little advice here:

You may be the most flamboyant entrepreneur, the most successful salesperson and run a hugely successful enterprise, but let go of any thoughts to “outsource” the components of the business to your employees, you must get that knowledge yourself, no matter how basic it is.

Force yourself to learn, just as I am now forcing myself to learn the intricacies of Internet Marketing.  It is torture for me at 55, but I know that I must do it and I have a great mentor by the name of Fernando Raymond, who quite frankly, gives me hell!

Heed these words.

When things go wrong

In the late 1990s, we were in the biggest technology boom that I think existed – nobody would talk about anything else other than how it is going to continue.

However, there were some people saying that it was time for a “correction” and that correction came fast and furiously, it hit us like a bomb.

The downturn of the early 2000s saw a dramatic decline in the need for technology staff, which was the backbone of what we did and our clients were reducing their workforces’ by up to 50 percent and to add to the misery, they were extending payment terms up to six months from the receipt of the invoice, if they were paying us at all.

Many of the famed start-ups at the time had gone bust and things were looking very poor.

At the time, I had just spent a fortune on refurbishing our offices in London and also signed a huge lease for $1m in Dallas, Texas.

Here is another thing – I had just bought a restaurant because as a businessman, I wanted to expand my empire and although I loved to cook and eat, it was always from the “customer side.”

I was ill-equipped to run a restaurant and I will tell everyone now, if you are going to go into a business that is not in your area of experience, but you are at least an experienced businessman, then make sure that you spend all of your waking hours in that business, so that you can learn first hand.

I did not and it resulted in me having to close it because I had to get my company and employees out of the trouble we were now in, because of the recession.

Take a leaf out of Jack Welch and his mantra for non or underperforming business divisions:

  • Fix
  • Sell
  • Or close

I had to take the closing option because for sure, nobody would have bought it and I had no time to fix it.

For the next ten years, I worked hard to restructure the debt we had in the company and the easiest thing for me to do would have been to drop the lot and start again, but that is not my style.

Business in America

In 2005, I decided to relocate my company to Dallas, Texas and that was in response to the growing market demands of the US.

The recession had largely wiped out European investment, but the US had a much brighter outlook.

Arriving in Dallas in 2005, I immediately immersed myself into the culture and along I had also started another technology software business, deep in the heart of the recession and here again details the difference between the pure businessman and entrepreneur.

Most businessmen would have never started such a venture, especially with a limited amount of capital and debts.

Who is right?

It is am an impossible question to answer as many risks pay off, but in this case, when I look back, it is clearly the pure businessman.

Arriving in Texas now gave me another challenge and that was how to do business in America and it was a far different proposition from what I knew.

If you are a pure entrepreneur and you land in America, you will have landed in your dream destination – you can do deals very easily, provided what you have “stacks up” and if you fail, you simply “dust yourself down” and try again.

But ignore the business laws at your peril, just as you would when doing business in any country.

The problem with America is that State laws differ and that is where you need expert advice and of course getting this advice costs!

I was there to grow my business and my entrepreneurial flair was welcomed, but again, I was now in learning mode once again.

We were still paying off debts from our expansion plan before the recession and to add to it all, we were named in a class action lawsuit, which hit our entire industry and most of the companies in it!

These are the type of lawsuits that can come from anywhere and in the problem with these is that you simply have to defend them if you are a corporation and that means paying a huge amount of legal fees.

As both an entrepreneur and businessman, this once again detracted from my true role as a sales-focused CEO and I was now dealing with pure business matters and they were taking up nearly all of my time.

So if you do business anywhere outside of your home country or territory, make sure you get specialist advice and research it from your own perspective.

As well as America, I had also conducted business in most parts of the world and that brings me to another specialist area of in the business world – taxation.

This is a hugely specialist area that needs specialist advice, but you need to address this upfront before you start to trade and I made the mistake of doing it the other way round.

It didn’t do me any favors and took a huge amount of man-hours to correct, which also means cash!

So, in summary, how do you become a businessman?

The easy answer is to do everything I didn’t do!

In all seriousness, if I were looking back on my career, I would have spent far more time paying attention in school. Also, I would have probably taken some form of business course alongside to compliment my entrepreneurial and sales natural abilities.

There are many such courses available today and it’s never too late to learn, but a lot easier to do it sooner rather than later.

Once you have learned the business language it is time to put it into action and if you want to be a businessman in the true sense of the word, then I suggest working for a large corporation to learn about each business function and more importantly, how they interact with each other.

You will have plenty of opportunities to start a business now and in the future, so don’t rush into it – it is like learning any language, you have to get the basics and then practice daily.

The divide between entrepreneurship and business is shrinking and many entrepreneurs like myself will have to spend far more time learning about the language of business and business people will have to adopt entrepreneurial thinking if they want to differentiate.

But, you have to take the first step and get started…today!


Business Coaching and Mentoring by Neil J C Franklin

Tips From Top Digital Marketing Agency Business Owners

Top Tips from Digital Marketing Agency Owners

We have asked top digital agency owners to give a good piece of advice for other agency owners, and we put the best on here.

Whether you are looking to start an agency or your running a digital marketing agency and are looking to scale there will be something on here for you.

You will find digital marketing insights and advice from some of the best in the business.

We asked them to answer one of these questions.

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back in time?

What advice would you give someone just starting an agency?

What challenging situation did you have that you overcome?

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to scale their agency?

Top Tips from Digital Marketing Agency Owners

Here is Some of the Best Advice and Insights We Got


Neil Patel

When I first started an SEO agency, I was a little kid – 16 years old and I had 5 major problems.

1. When your 16 – who wants to give money to a 16-year-old?
2. I didn’t have money
3. I didn’t have a college degree
4. I didn’t have any experience, it was really tough.
5. I was going to school and running my agency on the side

But I still made the SEO agency work, I got into 5 figures per month in high school.

I am not trying to brag but I am just trying to prove a point, that if I could do it when I was 16 anyone can do it.

That’s the first thing you need to know, if you want to start an agency and go and create something – don’t be afraid and just believe in yourself.

Neil Patel


Brian Dean

I think in the early days it is good to work a lot because you don’t know anything.

When I first started I worked a lot more, and I got more done.
there is something to the fact that if you have 10 hours a day then do something that will take 10 hours.

There is something to it where if you work 5 hours per day or you work 10 you are going to get more with 10 in most cases. That’s what I was doing most days when I was first getting started. I remember I had a cutoff, I would get up at 6 and start at 7 then I stopped at 7 in the evening.

The number of hours I put in was good because I got to figure out what worked, what didn’t – I tested tons of different stuff all over the place. If I was only doing it in small increments by only doing fewer hours per day I wouldn’t have learned that fast.

Over the years of doing it, I have been able to figure out what works best so I can focus on just doing that thing and ignoring everything else.

But in the early days, I didn’t know what to ignore and what to focus on but by constantly asking what works best and moving forward quickly in small increments that was a helpful exercise.

Brian Dean

Brian Dean

Ryan Stewart

I am a process nut, and I firmly believe it is the most important aspect of any business but especially agencies because of how much there is to do.

A lot of businesses use a framework, which is a high-level template. But it is not enough.

For example, for SEO you know you need to do a technical audit, keyword research, onpage optimisation, content creation and link acquisition.

But this is a framework, it is not a process.

You can’t just go to an employee and say “Hey we are doing SEO – go run a technical audit or do some keyword research”.

They are going to do what they know and often times it is going to be wrong.

If you want to be an effective agency your people need to be on point and your service has to be amazing.

You can manage that by having a detailed process because that is a roadmap on how to execute that framework.

So break all your tasks down into micro step by step tasks so you can give the job to anyone and they will be just as effective as you would be.

This is what I have found to be one of the biggest keys to scaling my agency.

Ryan Stewart

Ryan Stewart

Steve Napier

I’ve learned the best way to grow a business is to maximise client retention and you do that by keeping them happy through delivering results and ROI.

It’s much easier to keep a client than to convert a new one and the number of recommendations including second and third generation recommendations you can receive can be astonishing.

Steve Napier

Steve Napier


In the early stages, you need to get the systems right because it will save you so much time and headaches.

There is so much to do in an agency that finding ways to maximise your time efficiently is having well-built systems.

I was also reluctant to get the software I needed like accounting software and website checkers, and I was doing it manually to try and save money.

But what I was saving in money I was losing in time that could be best spent elsewhere.

So when I finally got the software I needed it helped me have a more streamlined system.

So any invoice issues could get solved easily and quickly and I was more effective at running my agency.

If you want to scale you need to get the tools that enable you to do the more important tasks.

The quicker you can get all the best tools the quicker you can get better results for your agency and your clients.

One last tip I wish I could go back and tell myself is to get customers on a direct debit payment plan because it would have saved a lot of headaches.

It’s tough to do as clients are reluctant at times to do the right thing, but it’s worth the pain of pushing the client to do it.

It allows you to have less wasted time and the ability to fully focus on getting results without the distraction of chasing payments.


Fernando ClickDo


Jacob Cass

Short and snippy pieces of advice I would give to my younger self.

  • Don’t undervalue your work.
  • Seek criticism, not praise.
  • Always keep learning & don’t be a static learner: do this by reading books, magazines, blogs and by practising.
  • Collect & share things.
  • Teach others.
  • Never give up.
  • Keep practising.
  • Failure is just lessons learned for next time.

Jacob Cass

Jacob Cass


Ted Kubaitis

I had access to over 250 million Facebook fans in my past e-commerce days. What I found is every time we did promotions on social media, our brand searches would spike in search.

So do something popular on your social pages and immediately your brand searches go up in Google.

If you can, create gross revenue reporting that you can share with your clients. By being able to show they got this many sales from this many people which adds up to xyz revenue.

Once you do that, you have a seat at the executive table – you are no longer an outsider to their business but a valued asset.

Everything we do is data-driven, we let the data show us where to go, so when our data agrees we tend to go in that direction.

We are always testing to see what is ranking factors correlate on the top ranking websites using my SEO testing software, and then we let the data tell us what to do.

Ted Kubaitis

Ted Kubaitis

Kyle Roof

We have found transparent reporting to be a key relationship builder with our clients.

The biggest thing I can say we do, which has been fantastic is we will benchmark when we start a new project.

We will often take the average of the 3 months before showing stats for users, clicks, impressions – that sort of thing.

Then we keep that up as a benchmark so when that month’s stats come in the business owner can see where they were and where they are now.

Sometimes you will have a month that is kind of flat and using normal reporting it would be like “Hey this was a flat month” and the client is up in arms over what happened and you end up explaining your way out of it.

But by showing their previous 3 months on each report it gives a clearer perspective and it makes those flat months more manageable.

Kyle Roof

Kyle Roof

Clint Butler

There are tons of project management tools, first off you need to find the one that your team is going to use.

I found the hard way that you can’t force a project management system on somebody.

We have tried nearly all the management systems, and really you need to test with your team to find out what is going to be best for you.

Your team needs to all be able to use it effectively so things can get done.

Clint Butler

Clint Butler

Josh Bachynski

We use the highest level of scientific experimentation to try and find out what the ranking factors are in Google. We do single variable tests on a constant basis to know exactly what ranking factors are important today.

Most SEO agencies use what I call GuesSEO because they read a blog or watched a video on Youtube that told them a piece of information that may or may not be correct.

Only through testing can you find out the truth, which is why through our scientific testing methods we are consistently able to get results for our clients.

The point of me saying this is you either need to run tests yourself to find out what is going on in the search engines or you need to join a group of people who are.

Being able to say to our clients that we know how to rank their website because we do scientific testing gives you a stronger position to negotiate from

Josh Bachynski

Josh Bachynski

Ruan M. Marinho

I ranked number 1 for New York SEO in less than 90 days.

A few months ago I was thinking what is the best city to target for SEO services, and one of them was Boston but the one that I wanted was New York SEO.
It’s kind of a funny story because when I was ranking this keyword my website domain authority wasn’t what it was today – it was low.

There was a lot of people telling me that I shouldn’t go for the keyword because my site is too small, there are people already ranking at the top and that has had this position forever the list goes on. In fact, some people even challenged me and said I couldn’t do it – so guess what I did – I went and did it.
What I did was very simple.

The first thing you have to do is put your mind to a big keyword, too many people go for little keywords inside of Google because they are scared of going for the larger keyword.

Once my mind shifted from fear of targeting a difficult keyword, I went in and started creating the content necessary for the page.

Then I did my research on the companies at the top of the search results and I started to notice that they weren’t all that special.

After I did all my SEO the website only made it to the third page but I instantly knew it was possible to make it to the first page.

So I started to think about some strategy to get it on the first page. So I made a video about buying links on Fiverr which now has over 30,000 views on Youtube. In the video

If more people click on your website and more people stay on your website, Google is going to think that you are popular and is going to rank you higher in the search engines.

So once I made that video thousands of people were typing in New York SEO into search, clicking on my website and having a look around to see what I was doing.

Literally in one day, Google ranked me at the top of the first page from the third page.

Neil Patel did a similar thing a while back, where he took out an advert on Instagram with a sexy girl holding up a sign saying ‘Who is Neil Patel?’ which got people to search his name and click on his website.

So think big, be creative and learn from other industry experts.

Ruan M. Marinho

Ruan M. Marinho

Daryl Rosser

I couldn’t run my agency how it is, without using virtual assistants. But I travel and move around a lot, so to do that I need good virtual assistants to manage my business properly.

Most of the SEO is outsourced to my VA’s, anything that doesn’t require any thinking – they are doing. Which means most of my time is spent on coming up with strategies and ideas to grow my agency. I have full-time VA’s and they have been with me for quite a while now.

When you are hiring people whether it is from Upwork or a full-time person, you want to do a few things to filter out a lot of people quickly.

You should put a test in your job description, something like “include the word purple in your reply”, then you know that they have read it.

Next, you need to get on a Skype interview because you want to test how well they can write and speak good English if they have some basic knowledge of SEO that’s a bonus.

I hire untrained people the reason for this is because I create training videos so they can do the tasks I give them.

It is a win-win, you can hire full-time people for as little as $350 per month and they get a valuable skill and decent money for their country. Plus when they are working for you longer you can raise their pay and give them bonuses.

They also need to be fast with their responses, as I want people who can do things quite quickly.

Then if they qualify I give them a free trial, which is a small task like a 500-word article and I give each of them the exact same article title.

I do it in batches of 3 or more and this lets me compare them which is an easy way to see exactly how good they are. Then i put them on a 2 week paid trial and go from there.

Daryl Rosser

Daryl Rosser

Tim Kitchen

You should focus on your message for your agency in other words, what are saying and how are you saying it.

This defines everything about your business which includes what you say on your social media, what you say on your website and what you say over email or on the phone.

Then you need to understand the driver behind the decision makers.

Why are they making the decision?
What are their criteria for choosing their supplier?
What are their needs and pain points that you are solving?

You need to make sure your message really identifies and really talks to these people.

Next is how do you reach these people.

Where are they spending their time online?
What are the blogs or magazines they are reading?
Which of the social channels are they spending the most time on?

A lot of people are surprised that actually, their target audience is spending a lot of time on Facebook.

Most people think of Facebook as a B2C marketplace. But think about it we are all people and every one of those decision makers has a Facebook account.

Which means you can get right in front of exactly who you want with the offer for specifically for them.

Tim Kitchen

Tim Kitchen

Dan Ray

If I could go back in time and give myself some advice, this is some of the tips I would give myself.

Tip 1 Choose a type of SEO, there are loads and loads of different things you can do within SEO. My philosophy is just do a single service and do it very well – I chose link building.

Tip 2 Choose a single person to follow and stick with whatever they teach, at least for a little bit because you don’t want a lot of advice that contradicts each other.

Tip 3 Fail and fail again, succeed and fail. You want to constantly be calibrating, learning from your successes and your failures. Get better and better because the more experience you have, the more confidence you will have with it. Figure out what is working for you and just keep doing that.

Tip 4 If you’re looking for clients, you will be surprised how many business owners you, your team or your friends and family probably know. Whether it is your dentist or chiropractor they probably need your help, so find their contact info and tell them you will do some work for them for free in exchange for a video testimonial, as a video testimonial is absolutely essential.

Tip 5 Go to meetup’s in your city, whether this is BNI or meetup events. I went to a meetup called the Yorkshire Mafia where a handful of billionaires get on stage and people can ask them questions. So you can imagine the types of people this attracts. Also, don’t just go to marketing meetups where you will bump into people in your field, you want to get out your bubble and go to a lawyer meetup for example as you will be the only SEO consultant there.

Tip 6 Put anyone that enters sends you a message into an email autoresponder which sends out an email each week with a case study. This will keep you top of mind so when they are ready, you will be on their short list.

Tip 7 Have a win-win money back guarantee type of deal. What I like to do is “if you’re not seeing a traffic improvement in the first month you can have your money back if you want”. If you are doing the work right, it is very unlikely that you will not get traffic improvements.

Dan Ray

Dan Ray

Chase Reiner

Whatever type of service you are selling in your agency – make sure you can streamline it. I mean because if you can’t scale it – then you can’t really sell it.

Because if you are just doing all this stuff manually or you don’t have processes in built in – to kind of show how to do these tasks in a streamlined way. Where you are taking somebody from point A to point B in 3 steps.

Then you are going to end up spending a bunch of your time just trying to figure all this stuff out for every new client.

Trying to personalise what you are doing to everybody, its a lot easier to say “OK we do SEO for plumbers or we do PR for Accountants, these are our case studies and this is how we do it”.

Simply just showing people in a transparent way what you are doing goes a long way.

Chase Reiner

Chase Reiner


Bradley Benner

What I have found as a marketing consultant running my agency, I found that most of the time I have been able to secure clients is when I am going out and doing outbound marketing – where I am contacting them.

I know you can get inbound leads but personally, for my own business, I don’t get a lot of inbound leads. Most of the inbound leads I do get are from referrals from existing clients.

But I don’t get a whole lot of cold leads coming from Google. I rank well for SEO Virginia and things like that, but I don’t typically get a lot of leads from that.

What I get my most leads from, was me doing the outreach. I hate cold calling and sales – I absolutely despise it.

So I built a video lead generation system so now instead of cold calling I shoot videos and send them with email prospecting.

Videos are a great way to get noticed or get a conversation started with potential prospects. Because think about this – if you are just starting to build your own agency – I can tell you now – it is a saturated market out there when dealing with local businesses.

Business owners get hammered – relentlessly by marketing and advertising companies. All the time they are getting some solicitation whether it is cold emails or cold calls and there are even people knocking on their door.

So you need to get through all that noise which is why having a video lead gen system is a great way to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Bradley Benner

Bradley Benner

Ryan Scollen

The key thing I have learned since becoming a consultant is how much time admin sucks up.

I always imagined by day being 7-8 hours of doing the work that I enjoy doing.

But the hard reality is that 40% of my day is sucked up with work such as invoicing, chasing, sales and general day to day admin work.

The key thing to overcome this is processes.

If you can get into a routine and have a structured process to follow, the laborious admin side of being a consultant doesn’t feel so bad.

Ryan Scollon

Ryan Scollen


Top Tips From Digital Marketing Agencies

So that’s all folks – this has been the top tips by agency owners for agency owners.

If you are a digital agency owner and you would like to contribute to this post – feel free to send us a message.

We will pick the best and add them to this page.

If you are looking to learn how to start a digital marketing agency read the guide by Neil Franklin

What to do in Canary Wharf if you are remote working or here for business?


things-to-do-in-Canary-WharfYou may want to know what to do in Canary Wharf if you are remote working like me running my digital agency in London’s most fascinated business hubs or you just came here for business.

There are so many things you can do while in Canary Wharf and in this article I will share with you what you can do in this amazing area in London business hub.

I’ve moved to Canary Wharf back in 2016 after seeing it the first time when I came to meet a lawyer client of mine whom I did SEO consultancy services. I went to One Canada Square building and as soon I saw the beauty laying out of the 37th floor, I decided this is the place I want to be living and doing business.

So, by 2016 I moved to Canary Wharf with ClickDo Ltd. HQ and since then I’m living in Canary Wharf and been to every corner of this amazing place.

What can you do in Canary Wharf?

As I said many things, but I’m going to let you know a few things that I believe you will certainly like to do in Canary Wharf.

remote-working-at-Bokan-Canary-WharfFirst, let’s say you are a remote worker, then this is the place to be with your laptop and most of the places have good Wi-Fi connections. The best place to be is the Bokan Canary Wharf, London Novotel hotel 39th floor sky bar. It’s such an amazing place where you can have a drink, do a business meeting and get the work done with a great internet connection.

I go to Bokan Sky Bar literally every week and on Saturday I go there to enjoy the view and get some work done quietly.

If you want to know more about Bokan Sky bar or need to book the Novotel Canary Wharf hotel for a business stay, you can check the website and book it online.

Then comes the Financial hub, where all the major banks are located in Canary Wharf. You name it and all the major banks have their HQ’s here in Canary Wharf.

You should visit the centre of the financial hub and have a drink, host you outdoor meetings and you can also do some work from your laptop.

There are many places you can eat food while in Canary Wharf, and let me get to that in a minute…

Fernando-wokring-from-Bokan-Canary-WharfThen if you are looking for coworking space in Canary Wharf, there are so many places. Ideally having a Regus membership will help you use their business lounge or coworking space at the 37th floor One Canada Square building and also use the 35th floor City bank building offices. There are many people who use these coworking spaces and remote working jobs.

Then if you are looking for some free desk space ClickDo offices at the 25 Mash Wall building would be a great place for you. Call us on website number and see if you can arrange to have a desk space to work or reserve a coworking space while you in business in Canary Wharf.

You must see the Harbour Exchange in Canary Wharf and make sure to visit the Capeesh Canary Wharf Sky bar for views from the top of the area. Capeesh restaurant is a great place to have some good food and then head up to the Sky bar 48th floor of the infamous Pan Peninsula Square building.

Capeesh is such a lovely place and you must visit it if you are in Canary Wharf.

Those are some of the top things to see and do in Canary Wharf but there are more to come.

Top 10 Things to See and do in Canary Wharf

  1. Bokan Canary Wharf
  2. Capeesh Sky Bar
  3. Ice Rink Canary Wharf
  4. Public Art Gallery
  5. Everyman Cinema for movies
  6. The Canary Wharf Shopping Centre
  7. Mudchute Park which is next ClickDo Consultancy Valley
  8. Billingsgate Market in Canary Wharf
  9. ClickDo HQ and business centre
  10. Museum of London Docklands

What to do in the Canary Wharf at night?

The best bar for the night out is at the Rum and Sugar bar and music is great after a long day of work. Me and my colleagues from ClickDo and SeekaHost Ltd. go there on Thursdays and Fridays ate the best for music and meet great business people.

Also, the Bokan Sky bar is a great place for the night at Canary Wharf.


How to start a successful agency and grow it profitably scaling

how to start a successful agency

how to start a successful agency

So we think we have figured one of the key aspects of improving your agencies success.

We have worked with quite a few top agencies up and down the country,
and after 6 to 12 months into our partnership, we get told a similar story from a lot of them.

Whether we are partnered with PR agenciesSEO agencies or Web Development agencies…

The story usually goes something like

“It has been such a load off our shoulders, knowing we have a reliable guest posts provider.

It means we can concentrate on making sales and looking after our clients and not have to worry about link building”.

Number 1 Focus For A Successful Digital Marketing Agency

You see there is a clue in this…

The number 1 thing your agency should focus on is making sales and looking after your clients.

Like we said in the last email we have over 100 business websites that we use for ourselves and our clients to get top rankings in Google.

For example, we just recently ranked Angel Orthodontics number 2 for the search term Orthodontist London using our Guest Post Network.

This search term gets 1900 searches per month, so they are very happy right now.

Which you can see the Google results here

We have lots of case studies we can show you,

So we made a page with some examples and more information about our Guest Posting Results.

So this all leads to the question…

Would you like to post on our Guest Post Network?

We will also give you 1 extra Guest Post on your first order – free of charge.

Simply use the special code GPN when you visit our Guest Post page.

How To Start a Digital Marketing Agency

Now what has been described up to now is all about how to get good backlinks going to your client’s websites that you can rely on to help them improve their rank in Google.

Here comes the chicken and the egg scenario, where it is all well and good to have great backlinks you can use for your clients – but how do you get the clients in the first place?

Well, this is where you should be entirely focused on making sales. 

What is recommended is to niche down into either an area like a city or a business type like lawyers or dentists.

Then whatever way you can go get a client in that niche.

You may have to work for a low fee, to begin with, just to get a success story under your belt.

You could also structure the deal so that when you attain certain results like for example get them on the first page of Google, or bring them a certain amount of traffic that your fee goes up.

Businesses are generally more happy to pay you more when they see results.

Quickest ways to start

One of the quickest ways to get business results is to set up a Google Ads campaign so they are getting qualified traffic going to their website and some of them will become customers.

You can set up a phone number so you can track and record all the calls, then you simply send the business owner the recordings and let them know that you have already sent them customers and you have only just started.

This short term tactic can be used consistently in the background of any major overarching tactic like doing SEO, PR or digital marketing in general.

Become a success story

When you have that success story you can use it as a testimonial that you can send to many other businesses in that niche.

That success story could be after a month of being in partnership with this business using the above tactic.

This is because they can clearly see you have bought the business and their investment is working.

Which means they will be happy to do a video testimonial about how good your services are.

This is powerful because people want to know that you have done this before and that what you are promising can be done for them.

Get testimonials from clients

What better way to do this than a video testimonial, where they have one of their peers saying how great of a job you have done.

Now what I would recommend is to stick to one niche and master that niche because you will find the same issues come up over and over again.

But because you have already dealt with similar issues you will be able to quickly figure out a solution.

What business owners want?

Business owners love it when you can describe to them a problem they are having better than they can describe it themselves.

It inspires confidence in your ability and skills. It also assumes that you know how to fix it.

Add this to the recordings of phone calls and you have a client who will be sticking with you for the 6 months or so it will take for your main strategy to start to take hold.

A couple of useful tools you may want to have a look at is Convert Kit which is an email tool so you can automatically send emails to a list of businesses you have got. A similar tool which is also good for this is Buzzstream.

This cuts down a lot of the manual work and makes a little bit easier to do a lot of prospecting in a personal and non-spammy way.

Until next time

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Is SEO Worth it in 2019? – The Cold Hard Truth


Do you want to know if SEO will be worth it for you in 2019?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, because in this post, I’ll be answering exactly that.

I’ll be telling you if SEO is worth it for your small business and if you should do it to create a side income online.

We’ll also be going over the different types of SEO and what they actually are.

What is SEO?

thinking faceSEO stands for (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the act of putting pages of a website on search engines for search terms.

For example, let’s say you have a weight loss website and you find out people search for “best weight loss tablets”, 4,000 times a month on Google. To rank for this search term, you would create a page and have content within it talking about the best weight loss tablets. By creating that page and optimizing it for that search term, you would then rank on Google for it.

Why is SEO important?


Let’s say you’ve managed to rank on the first spot of Google for your selected search term, which was “best weight loss tablets”, so what now?

You could then have a product of weight loss tablets on that page and a “Buy Now” button. So you could literally be making money from that page you’ve ranked.

There are different types of SEO, such as affiliate SEO, local SEO, and E-commerce SEO.

If you’re a local business, let’s say you’re an electrician in London and one of the services you provide are electrical safety reports. You could then rank a page of your website for electrical safety reports in London. And when people land on your site through this search term, they could become a potential buyer (lead) and actually purchase from your business.

Can you see what’s happening? You’re literally growing your business through SEO.

What is affiliate SEO?

Affiliate SEO is my favourite form of a making money online business model.

Affiliate SEO is simply where you rank on search engines like Google for different search terms and sell other people’s products and services. And when you successfully make a sale, you get a commision/cut of the sale.

Benefits of affiliate SEO

  • Low risk since you’re not spending money to create a product or service
  • The income is much more passive than any other form of SEO
  • You don’t need to worry about customer support, shipping items or returns

How about E-commerce SEO, what’s that?

E-commerce SEO is just as it sounds. You rank your products for different search terms on Google.

Let’s say you have a gaming store and you’re selling customized Xbox controllers. You would then go after terms such as “customized Xbox controllers”.


The stability of rankings

business decisions with google analyticsThis is the part where the is SEO worth it question is really answered.

If SEO is worth it or not all depends on how you’re trying to rank on Google and perceive ranking.

For example, let’s say you start up a blog today and a week from now you expect to be ranking on Google and making sales. If this is your plan, then SEO is not worth it for you.

You see, ranking on Google is a very slow process. When you start your website, you shouldn’t be expecting much or any traffic from search engines like Google for at least 6 months.

SEO is like planting a seed. You need to be constantly watering it and looking after it. And from there, it will grow. As time goes on, you won’t need to water it as much and it will grow on its own.  It’s a slow process and takes time for results to actually come in.

If you’re looking for instant traffic, then SEO is not worth it. Instead, you should be looking at paid traffic.

What if I want to make a side income online?

If you’re looking to make a side income online, I firmly believe SEO is one of the best things you could possibly do. (As long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort, SEO is not a get rich quick type of thing)


Because it’s very low cost, high returns, fun to do, and you’ll be able to learn many useful skills that will benefit you.

Let’s say you decide to go with affiliate SEO which I highly recommend if you’re trying to create a side income online.

You would then create a blog. But what will your blog be about? The blog would be about something that interests you.

Let’s say you love working out, you would create a fitness related blog. Do you love video games? Create a video game blog. How about skincare? Go ahead and create a skincare blog.

Just make sure your blog is in a particular niche and not a general blog.

From there, you would create niche related posts. For example, I love video games so I would create my video game blog and I could create posts such as, “Are video games great for stress relief?”, “Top 10 stealth games”, “Health benefits of gaming” and you get the point.

After I’ve put out some long-form, interesting content, I would then create posts where I could actually make money.

To do this, I would sign up to an affiliate network like Amazon Associates and create posts promoting Amazon products.

For example, I could create a post on “The best gaming chair”, and then find a good chair on Amazon and promote that.

…Carrying on from when I mentioned, “how you’re trying to rank”…

How are you planning to rank?

If you’re going to try and spam Google’s algorithm to try and rank, save yourself a ton of time and forget about SEO.

Google is very intelligent and they can tell when you’re trying to game their algorithm.

And when I say “game”, I’m using it loosely. Because you will have to game the system to a certain extent.

More on that later…

But my point is if you’re just spamming links to your website all across the web and creating content that has no thought put into it and only a few words long, SEO is not for you. Because you won’t rank by half-assing things.

So how do I rank on Google?

ClickDo ranks number #1 for “SEO Consultant London” and has held this position for a very long time.


I won’t be going over the exact formula of ranking in this post, or else it would be 20,000 words long.

Instead, I’ll be going over the things you need to do to rank on Google in a broad way.

Create content

content in seo

The first thing you’re going to want to do is actually create content. Since everything that shows up in the search engines is content.

Create a post and make it as in-depth and detailed as possible. You really want to help the user and always keep them in mind, since that’s how Google will be analysing your page.

Make sure you have a lot of words and images in your post. I would also recommend embedding videos and even audio files if it’s helpful to the user.

Optimize the content for Google (On page SEO)

On-Page-SEO-technqiuesAfter you’ve created your content, you’re going to want to optimize it for the search engine.

You see, the search engines are smart, but not smart enough to always detect what certain on page elements are.

For example, let’s say you’ve got an image of a cute brown dog. Well, the search engines won’t be able to recognise that it’s a picture of a brown dog. So what you’re going to have to do is type it into the alt text for Google to understand what it’s all about.

Promote that content (Backlinking)

After you’ve created the content, optimized it so Google can understand exactly what it’s about and published it…

…you’re going to want to promote that piece of content. More specifically, create backlinks.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is simply a link from one website, pointing to another website. The more you have, the higher you will rank. (Make sure each backlink is high quality if not, you’ll be hurting your rankings)

Remember when I said “you will have to game the system to a certain extent. and I’ll talk about it later on in this post”?

Well we’re going to be carrying on from there.

Creating a backlink to your website goes against Google’s terms of service.

But you’re going to have to do it because no one is going to link to your site.

Google has this thing where they say, build it and they will come. That’s complete and utter rubbish.

Creating the content is 5% of the battle. The other 95% is promoting it.

I’ve personally created content that was much more useful to the user than my competitors…

…did I outrank them?

No, because they had much more backlinks than me.

However, as soon as I built some backlinks. I blasted to the first page and in the top 5 competitive results.

So you’re going to NEED to create backlinks if you actually want to rank on Google.

REMEMBER THIS: The backlinks you create must be high-quality and have to be relevant.

So make sure you’re not getting backlinks from spammy websites. Here’s a rule, if the website looks dodgy or if it’s something that you wouldn’t trust or if the site links out to every Tom, Dick, and Harry… don’t get a link from them.

Make sure the topic of the webpage is relevant.

For example, if you have a skincare blog and the site that links to you is comic book blog… that makes no sense and Google will pick up on that and may slap you with a penalty.

If they don’t hit you with a penalty, then that link won’t be powerful since it makes no sense.

Should I outsource my SEO?

outsource seo

So you’ve realised SEO is a lot of work and you want to give it all to someone else to do or at least certain aspects.

Well, before you do hand over the SEO to someone else, here are a few things you’re going to want to know:

What’s the track record of that company or person?

You need to ask for a portfolio of the sites they’ve ranked and check out their reviews.

Learn SEO well enough so you understand exactly what they’re doing to your website

If you have no clue how to do SEO, guess what?

You don’t know what that person or agency is doing to your site.

Are they building garbage links to your site? Is their on page SEO good? Are they getting you quick results but will screw you in the long run?

Make sure you can understand these questions. They’re fairly basic and you don’t need to be an expert in SEO to understand this.


So I hope that answered your question on, is SEO worth it in 2019?

How to take data driven decisions for your business with the help of Google Analytics?


Google Analytics is the website analytics platform offered by Google to help the site owners to find some useful data like traffic to their website, source of traffic, unique page views, average session duration, etc.

Now let’s see about how to make data-driven decisions for your business based on the Google Analytics data. By planning strategically for your business based on the Google Analytics data, you can increase the sale/conversion rate.

What Insights should you gather from Google Analytics?

business decisions with google analyticsWhen you are running the business which is fully dependant on the online sales. Then you should monitor the Google analytics in a very serious manner and should take decisions based on that.

Try to find out the pages which you recieve more traffic and the pages which have very less traffic,

Make some improvements in the pages which has less traffic and increase the incoming users to the site.

Keep an eye on the bounce rate, Add more media files like videos and infographics to your web page and make the users engage with your website for more time.

This will reduce the bounce rate and will help you improve the ranks as well.

google analytics for businessWhat decision should you take?

If you recieve more traffic to the particular page, but if the sales is very less.

Then you have to plan E-Mail outreach for the users who have visited that page. You should plan strategically and should execute the same.

Show the pop-ups for the users who are landing on the page. Pop-ups in your sites should be pleasing and should make the users to subscribe to your Brand. Later by using the data, you can outreach to them with the offers and can increase the sales.

Thus by using the Google Analytics, you should be capable of taking better decisions which will help to take your business to the next level.

10 Tips on How to Tell your Business Story


Business storytelling is an art in this guide I will share the top 10 tips fo tell your business story.


The last few years have ushered in a new market thinking that has greatly changed the way things are done. Marketers and strategists have long understood the connection between emotions and their roles in selling. In other words, a great story generates an emotional connection. It doesn’t matter what industry or business you’re into, the fact of the matter is that a compelling story can instantly fire up your startup and place you ahead of the rest.


  • You see, the way you package and convey your product matters a lot to consumers. Why is Coca Cola such a famous brand, always coming up with new adverts for their products, despite being such a successful brand? More recently, the sporting giant Nike waded into the muddy waters of racism in the US by adopting a new, bold message, a new marketing line. That simple act saw Nike’s sales jump to over 31% in a single day! For the sake of clarification, kindly note a business story is more than just standing in front of an audience and sharing your story, literally.
  • Instead, a story can be in the form of an eBook, blog, whitepapers, about us pages, motivational videos on social media, and so on. As such, this post will seek to guide you on how to come up with a workable story that will captivate your audiences, hopefully making them try out your business.
  • As your business progresses, you can even start training sales reps and arranging seminars where you equip attendees with your skills. Everyone loves a great story and it is possible to convert your audiences into leads. Remember, we live in the age of millennials and to connect with them, you have to speak the language they understand; the language of authenticity and something they can relate to. No better way of doing this than by crafting a unique business story.
  • A good story converts ordinary customers into loyal customers; it enables you to impress investors, employers, influencers, and other related players.

Tips for coming up with the perfect Business Story:

  1. Your mission should be progressive: every startup, every business that’s been founded has a mission. Yours will be to package that mission into a context that can impact or have relevance to the life of your customers. For instance, most of our clients here at ClickDo are small and emerging companies still trying to brand and promote their business. They may have everything in place, have skilled employees and so forth, but they still lack experience, and experience has no substitute! Thus, as ClickDo, ours is to guide our clients through the tricky waters of business competition, share with them our own story on how we began small, the challenges we faced and how we overcame them. And also marketing tools they can use to market themselves across different channels.
  2. Connecting with your audiences emotionally: like aforesaid, readers like a compelling story. It’s simply human nature and the encouraging thing is that people find it easier associating with your weaknesses and challenges. From your audiences, there are upcoming entrepreneurs who’d wish to start businesses but aren’t sure how to promote and market them or are afraid their capital is too little. There’s a business that’s struggling and stagnating, looking upon you to speak a word of advice, motivation, encouragement. Thus, start your story from that low beginning, feel free to share your businesses’ humble start. Once you connect emotionally with your readers, they’ll be curious to find out how everything unfolded.
  3. Do not exaggerate, do not brag to your audiences: have you ever attended a seminar or forum and the speaker struck you as someone proud or arrogant? Someone who spends lengthy minutes talking about their expensive watch, shoes, car, how they make 6 figure incomes a week? That’s totally irrelevant and a sure way to make audiences lose interest in your brand. Honestly, no one cares whether you graduated with 5 university degrees or whether you’ve rented an entire floor for your business. While these achievements are good, people would connect more to your failures and weaknesses. As ClickDo CEO Fernando Raymond puts it: “Human beings are more likely to connect with your failures and challenges than with your success. It’s from those challenging and messy moments that your audiences will draw inspiration and motivation.”
  4. Public speaking skills: Business storytelling is a skill and if you want to leave a mark on your audiences, you’ll have to embrace the tried and tested storytelling skills. If you’re addressing a gathering and explaining to them about your brand, your body language will need to be credible. Create those “Wow and Aha moments” on stage by using gestures, tonal variation, use of facts and figures, creating curiosity and suspense and the likes. For instance, you cannot talk about a huge milestone like making a million $$$ a week or monthly and say it in a dull, plain tone. Look your audiences in the eye, mention the figures in a deliberately slow manner, try to be a bit dramatic if it helps.
  5. Keep your story simple: expunge any irrelevancies and unnecessary jargon from your story so that audiences understand it easily. Again, no one needs to hear about how you met your wife and she ran away when the business started struggling. Or how you wasted your time in your previous job. While you may think you’re encouraging someone facing a similar predicament, you’ll need to rise above that. Just talk about how you created your startup, how you founded your company and initial challenges you encountered, how you handled them, why and how you do things differently, and so on. Try and keep it business, personal and family stories should only be sprinkled over the story in moderation if relevant.
  6. First person singular: a common mistake that most business speakers do is addressing the audiences as you; you do this, don’t do that, all the time. But the story is about you. Let the reader listen, decide, and make up their mind on what applies to them and what doesn’t. Opt for language like; “I quit my real estate job in New York to pursue my passions.” Or “I started my first business at 15. I had no one to turn to when the first client failed to pay me.” Do you get the drift? Using first person singular gives the story a personal feeling to it, a good way to capture and hold your audience’s attention. See a perfect example of a business story told in first person.
  7. The story should spur action: remember that a business story is different from creative writing. This is marketing and it should spur some action once the readers have gone over it. At the end of the story, the reader should be eager to try your product or service, they should enroll and subscribe to whatever programs you’re organizing, or even leave their phone numbers behind. Thus, like a great love story, let your business story start with your difficult beginnings, how you encountered and confronted challenges, and finally a happy ending. By the time the story is over, everyone would want to be associated with you. It’s a form of hypnotizing them with the bliss and beauty of a happy ending or happy feeling. Ever heard of something called a call-to-action? Buy one – get two, 70% discount for all items purchased today, freebies for following you on social media, etc. All these are calls to lines used at the end of the story to woo and invite your audiences to try your brand.
  8. Consistency: the good thing about speaking the truth is that you don’t have to remember what you said. When you lie and exaggerate your business story, you’ll start making open mistakes that will make audiences doubt your sincerity. Today you say that you started your startup 2 years ago with only $100 in your pocket, then the next day you forget all that and tell your audiences that you inherited the business from family. Such inconsistencies are harmful to your brand and to your business. Seeing that you’ll be posting your story on your website, on social media, via ad campaigns, you have to ensure that the message remains consistent. If you have other team members with access to the content, ensure that they’ve grasped the message in full.
  9. Practice makes perfect: your first story won’t necessarily be the best or yield the desired results. In fact, there are times you’ll write the first story, read it and tear it apart, come up with another, cancel entire paragraphs. All this is normal and to be expected. If you’re making a tutorial video for your business, for instance, you can always do a dry run in front of your mirror; look at your face, be audible and hear whether you need to raise or lower your voice. Are you nervous fidgeting? If you’re writing the story in a blog or other platform, take time reading the speech loudly. It’s easier picking irrelevant phrases and confusing sentences that way. In a nutshell, the more you practice something the better you become at it. See how you can improve your public speaking skills here.
  10. Interactions: the final tip to telling a big business story is to interact with your audiences and readers. Encourage them to ask questions, pick a few members of the audience to illustrate examples, and so on. Even the use of rhetorical questions is a good way to keep your audiences engaged with your story. It’s important that your readers are able to leave comments on social media, reviews on your site, as well as an email any queries they may have. Even when you’ve shared your story in a public forum, always have the courtesy to shake the hands of a few people, make acquaintances where you can. You’ll meet good contacts here that you can learn from, partner with, and so on.

What not to do: before telling your business story, take a moment to get your house in order. Considering the amount of interest you’ll elicit, it’s only fair that you have a long-term plan to adhere to. You attend a business forum to promote your products, and at the end of the talk, everyone wants to purchase. You run out of items, start making excuses like “oh please buy online, oh we can ship it in a week”. Shrewd business people always make the most out of the moment! Come ready to make a business kill by selling as much as possible. If you’re writing a nice story online and at the comment section everyone is asking where are you located or how can we see you and you’re busy giving excuses, you won’t get the results you want. Frankly, excuses suck and no consumer wants to deal with an unreliable business. If you can’t deliver, don’t promise. Simple.

Please feel free to share with us your experience of doing your first business story and how the above tips worked for you.

ClickDo – Who We Are And How We Help

We’re a digital marketing agency that offers customized, tailor-made solutions for all your online business needs. We believe that a great business story is the best way of setting the record straight when dealing with your customers, competitors, investors, and so on. Therefore, we are offering bespoke and valuable business story publishing and writing services:

We can help you cultivate a perfect image whether for your business to consumer channels, or business to business liaisons.

The investment of £50 for having your unique business story published on our popular UK Business Blog or having it professionally crafted and published by our experienced web content writer, Manuela Willbold, for a fee of £100 will give you an excellent return in value. Why?

It’s not enough to have a great story out there, it has to be pushed and promoted vigorously via different platforms using SEO-friendly content and techniques.

Modern marketing tools allow for your message to reach a larger audience more affordably and effectively and we have the skills and resources to do this for you.

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