Why Teams Need Team Building & Office Morale in the Workplace

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing a rapid change in workplace strategies and what they are doing to retain staff. The pandemic has had a knock-on effect that has resulted in ‘The Great Resignation’.

This means that there has been a surge in people leaving their jobs due to several reasons, some being a lack of enjoyment or morale within their current workplace. Office morale is a key factor in retaining your staff and investing in a HR department can help hugely with that.

No one wants to work somewhere where they can’t chat and have fun with colleagues. Colleagues are noted as some of the biggest motivators for each other in the workplace, as most of the time, they are all doing similar tasks and facing similar hurdles.

Read on to find out why teams need team building and/or office morale in the workplace. If you are struggling to find out how to start this process, team tactics offer team-building exercises.



In the workplace, it should be the norm that all co-workers have a healthy and collaborative relationship with one another. This would ensure that communication skills are at a maximum and similarly to contribution levels. This is a sign of a bare minimum efficient workplace. However, socialising can be a tough task for a lot of individuals, especially after the lockdown restrictions in recent years which have forced people to seclude themselves from others.

If you are hosting regular team-building activities, it forces less sociable employees to come out of their comfort zone and create a working and friendly relationship with their peers. Activities such as non-related work challenges or work events allow everyone to gain an understanding of what type of person you are from a personal level.

Promote competition


Healthy competition is one of the best things that you can introduce to your business. At some point or another, everyone has felt that sensation where they have won a task or challenge set in front of them and beaten their peer. The feeling is almost unrivaled and incorporating this into your team-building strategies is an excellent thing to do.

By promoting healthy competition, you are likely to see an increase in productivity that then leads to a fun inclusive task for all to enjoy. This is also another great way to force people out of their comfort zones as they will have to work with one another to succeed.

Enhance company culture


If you are telling yourself that your business is evolving with the times, then you must be able to class yourself as a forward-thinking company with an amazing company culture behind it. Company culture is developed by employees who truly believe in the company’s values, goals, and attitudes.

If you are not selling them a lie, then they are able to showcase this to the world for free. In a recent study, it is claimed that just under 50% of individuals did not apply to certain jobs as they didn’t think the company culture was for them. Team building exercises offer the chance for employees to view this company culture first-hand.

Build relationships across the whole business


If you are a large organisation, then it is very possible that there are employees within our business that have never spoken to each other due to the segregation of departments. If you are holding regular team-building activities, you are giving employees the chance to gain a better understanding of who their peers are and what other people are like in the business.

This will only boost company morale, as you are able to see that you are working with like-minded individuals who share the same values as yourself.

Convinced? Then get involved with team-building activities that will boost office morale in your company. Because you know: happy workers are motivated workers.