5 ways technology can influence your life

5 ways technology can influence your life

There are endless gadgets on the market today and technology has taken a huge leap during the last few decades. The whole world is in the race. Who can develop the most user-friendly interface? Who can come up with the fastest connection? And that race isn’t just happening “out there”, beyond our reach. It is based on us as consumers and our decision-making process.  So let’s take a closer look at how technological advances have changed the way we view the world and ourselves.

Technology provides new outlets for creativity

The human mind has an odd way of presenting itself to the outside world. Through ingenuity and creativity. And we can direct that force through virtually anything. If a person is good at visual arts, they can draw with anything: chalk, pencil, coffee beans, dirt. Really, anything. If they are good at math (which requires a high level of creativity), technology will put forth more and more problems for them to solve. And there are also devices that let us create literally anything from plastic, metal, or both. If you’ve wondered how much is a 3D printer these days, you will be surprised. There are small, portable devices that are quite affordable and will give you a much-needed creativity boost.  So, as you see, technology provides more and more devices for us to flex our creative muscles.

 Technology makes mundane tasks less time-consuming and our lives more comfortable

That’s undoubtedly true. Don’t feel like grocery shopping? You can always use food delivery apps. Worried about your car parked outside? Here you are – an outdoor car cover. We have washing machines, dishwashing machines, smart home devices (not everyone, of course, but we’ll get there sooner than you think). We have internet available, with the vast volumes of human knowledge conveniently stashed in our pockets. Just think about how much time it took our parents and grandparents to research a topic? Hours and hours in the library, which you had to get to by the way, and then get back home. Today you have the laptop on your desk. That’s enough to get lots of things done. Or better yet, think about how much time it used to take to wash dishes every day? Say, if you are a family of 5. That’s at least an hour every day, not counting all the other house chores that have to be done by hand. But let’s not get carried away and get back to our list.

5 ways technology

It brings people closer

This is, actually, a two-sided coin, but first things first. Technology allowed us to have an insane speed of information spread. We can communicate with people on every side of the world, and they are just a push of a button away. We can hold video conferences, send instant messages, and get things done much faster and much more efficiently. Not so long ago, this was not possible at all. Even if you don’t have excellent internet and reception, there’s a device to help you out. You can purchase a mobile phone booster for home and be comfortable with your connectivity level. You can reach out to people using social media platforms and get instant feedback. You can maintain friendships across the globe.

And what’s the other side of this gold coin? People are lonelier than ever. The levels of depression among teens and young adults are skyrocketing. Why? Because despite the technological advances, we are wired to crave human intimacy, connection, and approval. Face to face. Not through the brilliant medium of social networks. We need real human friends, real conversations, hugs, late-night talks, and meaningful relationships. Don’t get us wrong, the things we can accomplish with this connectivity lever are phenomenal, and we definitely want to continue having this opportunity, just remind yourself and your loved ones to meet more, in the real-life and not rely as much on the virtual side of it.

5 ways technology for life

It makes life safer

Don’t you agree? Despite the crime statistics, people nowadays are much safer than they have ever been before. We have surveillance cameras on every corner, we have GPS systems to guide us in case we don’t know how to get from point A to point B. The accuracy of fingerprint detection has rocketed, we have very sophisticated means of face recognition, and the list goes on. Alarms on our houses and cars save more lives than you think. There are even special emergency call buttons, designed for elderly people. They can hang these small buttons as a pendant, and carry these around the neck. In case a person is unable to stand up, reach the phone and call the ambulance, the emergency button will save their life. Isn’t it a great invention?

Technology allows humanity to become more sustainable

Yes, we brought the eco-crisis on our heads, but we are actively looking for ways to become less of a burden for Mother Nature. We print (yes, print!) houses from recycled plastic and metal, we research efficient ways to use solar energy and build electric cars. We constantly strive to make it up to our planet and redirect more and more funds into sustainability research.

Technology doesn’t stop and it doesn’t wait for us to catch up either. It is more important than ever to be on top of the tech news, and know what’s happening around us. Because, as we said before, it doesn’t happen “out there”. Every technological advance will knock on our door at some point in time, and we better know exactly what to do with it!

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