Free Google Traffic: Can you still get free traffic from Google Search?

How to get more hits on your website?

That’s what everyone wants to know. Many people say that the days of getting free traffic to your website from Google are gone. What has really happened is that it has become increasingly harder to get free traffic to a website through the search engine.

You can’t trick the system any longer with shady techniques to rank your business websites on top of the first page of Google. However, with the right systems in place, you can still acquire your dream ranks for your websites on Google.

Is the opportunity over to attract free traffic from Google?

What is organic traffic? > Free traffic from the free listings on the Google SERPs….

What’s the answer? – Hell no, as the organic SEO has so much opportunity to capitalize on.

Google is a channel offering plenty of ways for businesses to get their websites listed for free on the first page.

It’s estimated that businesses will spend over $80 Billion next year on SEO, which clearly reflects the value that lies within it.

The SEO Industry is worth an estimated $80 Billion in 2019 -2020

Now, if this isn’t proof enough for you to get on board IMMEDIATELY and learn all about SEO then I don’t know what else to say. Having been in the SEO game for over 5 years now I can honestly say that it’s growing every year and with more businesses coming online or being online businesses themselves, SEO can only grow in importance for the future.

Search engines are the modern tool for people not only finding what they’re looking for, but getting answers to their questions and solutions to their problems as quick as possible.

Whatever your business offers, you want to be found by as many people as possible through this tool. And looking at the latest Google Pixel 3 smartphone, Google are developing more ways of handing their customers solutions at the click of a button: with the phone comes an app called Google Lens, which allows you to photograph any object of desire and Google will find it online for you immediately. Purchasing made fast and easy!

What does this mean for businesses? Exactly, they want to be amongst the top suggestions Google offers their users – no fuss, big gains!

But competition is fierce and companies will have to up their SEO strategy to get the results they are looking for.

This is why I urgently recommend anyone with an interest in ranking a website at pole position on search engines to gain the knowledge and skills ASAP!


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