Remote Work

At ClickDo we love to work remotely and grow, manage our digitally inspired teams that serves clients

Working location independently is fun and many digitally inspired people are looking for remote work. At ClickDo we’ve started back in 2014 with just Fernando and Kasun working from their home and then in June 2014, Logesh Kumar joined the team from India. During the journey, we’ve encountered many opportunities and obstacles. In this page we’ve listed the story and you can read the full guide for more in depth information.

Who Is This Guide For?

This guide is for anyone who wish to work remotely it start a digital company that employees remote workers. You will learn the strategies to successfully grow you company and the tools needed for rapid growth.

Laptop Lifestyle For Digitally Inspired People


An Amsterdam Routine Later

When you watch the below video you will see how ClickDo CEO, Fernando lives the remote working lifestyle.

9D Lifestyle in Sofia Bulgaria