How Computer Vision Model Deployment Helps Businesses Enhance their Customer Experience

If you’ve never heard of computer vision (CV) then read on as it’s going to be important for any business.

We all understand the importance of artificial intelligence for great customer service – who enjoys waiting in the digital era right? With CV being a branch of AI, it will play a pivotal role for businesses requiring assistance with training machines to understand the visual human world for better customer experiences.

CV is useful in many ways such as improving quality, optimizing operations and services, increasing safety, and most importantly enhancing the customer experience. And which company doesn’t want ultra-happy customers?

What can Computer Vision Models do for Businesses?


CV models can perform a wide range of tasks such as face recognition, object detection, segmentation, and classification, but developing and deploying CV models is a job for specialists in the field as it requires a lot of data, computing resources, and technical expertise.

But that’s not all. Once a CV model is developed and deployed for a specific business or operation, it requires ongoing monitoring and updating for the most reliable performance. Hence to deploy a computer vision model isn’t a walk in the park, but a very worthy business investment as you’ll come to learn.

Now, we’re going to get a bit technical here as that’s where machine learning comes in. So-called MLOps (machine learning operations) is a set of processes aiming to automate and streamline data collection, model development, testing, deployment, and monitoring. MLOps is a crucial tool for faster, better, and more reliable CV solutions. Businesses need MLOps for CV because CV models often require complex and customized pipelines that involve multiple processes and components.

Say your business wants to develop a CV pipeline for face recognition, it would require multiple steps from face detection, alignment, embedding, and matching to get the full process to work and be implemented successfully, which is why managing this can be extremely time-consuming, complicated, and error-prone.

With an MLOps platform that can support CV pipelines, businesses can expect the following benefits for their operations and services they want to target such as customer services:

Simplification and Orchestration:

MLOps platforms can simplify the creation and orchestration of CV pipelines with a graphical interface, or a code-based environment enabling users to define, connect, and run the pipeline components effectively.

Collaboration and Sharing

MLOps platforms can help to reuse and share CV models and components across different pipelines and projects, reducing duplication and improving collaboration.

Scaling and Uplevelling

MLOps platforms can facilitate the deployment and scaling of CV pipelines on various platforms and environments, such as cloud, edge, or hybrid.

Monitoring and Managing

MLOps platforms can offer tools for monitoring and managing CV pipelines, such as dashboards, logs, alerts, and metrics.

Improving and Tailoring

MLOps platforms can support the ongoing improvement of CV pipelines through experimentation, versioning, testing, and validation.

All in all, CV deployments via MLOps platforms will rapidly transform any business service as these advantages clearly show.

How can Computer Vision Deployment improve the Customer Experience in Different Industries?


Now that we have a better understanding of CV deployment and how it can be realised in the business world, let’s look at some examples of how this technology can help businesses improve their customer service.

Energy Sector

For any business in the energy industry such as energy providers, CV can tremendously improve the customer experience as it helps with monitoring and maintaining energy infrastructure, such as power lines, wind turbines, and solar panels for example. Detecting faults and leaks quickly is essential for any business to act and support the customers affected as best as possible. Energy companies can also improve their energy efficiency with CV as it can analyse energy consumption patterns and optimize demand responses.

Manufacturing Sector

When it comes to being a manufacturer quality, and productivity matter for the customers. Automating inspections and detecting faults or defects in the production with CV can help reduce manufacturing errors and faulty products. Smart factories using CV to adapt to changing conditions and customer needs can be ahead of their competition, satisfying their customer’s needs.

Transportation Sector

Passengers rely heavily on the traffic management of transport providers, which is often flawed causing severe delays and disruptions. CV can improve traffic management and reduce congestion by analysing traffic flow and optimizing routes. By providing more effective and personalized customer service through augmented reality and better communication, CV can improve the overall customer experience when traveling.

Retail Sector

As a retail business, personalisation plays a key role in making customers happy. CV can help businesses by providing personalized recommendations, virtual try-ons, and self-checkout options. Utilising CV can enable retailers to develop smart stores that can analyse customer behaviour and preferences and optimize store layout and merchandising as well as marketing.

Healthcare Sector

There is a huge potential for CVs for businesses in the healthcare industry. From improving diagnosis and treatment by supporting the analysis of X-rays, scans, and ultrasound images to assisting surgeons with real-time guidance and feedback during an operation, CV promises many improvements for the patient experience and journey. Even after treatments are completed, CV can ensure to monitoring of patient health and well-being for a continuous positive patient experience.

Final Thoughts

Businesses in any industry or sector that want to deliver the best customer experience will rely on AI and CV shortly. MLOps platforms for CV are important tools to develop, deploy, and manage complex and customized CV solutions with ease and efficiency and business owners shouldn’t be under any illusion that they can manage such complex processes themselves without the expertise of specialists in the field.

Investing in CV deployment will pay off significantly as once built and implemented, it can be reused and repurposed as well as adapted to ensure that their business can always continue to deliver the best and most tailored customer service they can offer. Their customers will surely thank them for it, no doubt.

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