10 Reasons Why Flyer Printing is Important for Your Business

10 Reasons Why Flyer Printing is Important for Your Business

0Advertising and marketing your business are valuable parts of growth and success. Promoting your brand can be a challenge when there’s a lot of competition to keep up with. Here we discuss the importance of flyer printing.

Whilst there may be many new methods to marketing and advertising, flyering is still a popular method of choice. Even with the online world and less interest in print media, it’s a marketing strategy that is still effective in its goals.

For many businesses, both old and new, flyer printing has provided plenty of success. 48% of consumers respond to leaflet advertisements, topping television.

So, what reasons make flyer printing important for your business?

1.  Easy to make and produce

Easy to make and produce

The major benefit of flyers is that they’re easy enough to make and produce. There are plenty of flyer printing UK services available to choose from. They’re a convenient mode of marketing because they don’t require much in the way of planning or preparation.

From creating the layout to the production and distribution, a standard flyer may only take a few hours to complete. That can be great for those marketing campaigns where you need a quick turnaround. All you’ll need to make it happen is the designer and a flyer printing company.

2.  You have complete creative control

You have complete creative control flyre

Being able to have complete control over something in business isn’t something that happens often. Typically, there will be many individuals all contributing both internally and externally within the business. When it comes to flyers, you have complete creative control over what you create.

Whether you choose to outsource a professional designer or have someone do it in-house, you can create something unique. It doesn’t necessarily need to be something consistent with what your brand has produced before because it’s more important to make it eye-catching and persuasive.

3.  They’re cost-effective

They’re cost-effective

Not every business has a big budget to spend on their marketing. With flyers, they offer a cost-effective and budget-friendly option to cater to those with limited funds. The pandemic has had an effect on businesses, with the total business population decreasing by 350,000 (6.5%) between 2021 and 2022.

Whilst money might not be right for everyone, flyers can offer the perfect solution to advertise but without breaking the bank. A cheap marketing strategy can still provide results and in the case of flyers, can provide a great deal of revenue for the business.

4. You can target your audience directly

You can target your audience directly

Targeting the right audience that you’re aiming for as a business can often be difficult. Each marketing campaign might provide different outcomes as you learn what methods work and what falls short of success.

With flyers, this method of advertising can reach the right audience because you’re distributing it to those you know will likely want it. Why? Well because they took it out of your hands. With a bit of light data collection, you can also find the right households to distribute to as well.

5. You can be more personal

You can be more personalHanding out flyers is a much more personal way of advertising and it’s a great way of getting face-to-face with your target audience. Whilst handing these flyers out, you may be able to communicate with them further. This might not always be the case but if you’re handing out flyers at conferences or networking events, you may have more opportunities for a chat.

6. Flyers are low effort for high payoff

Flyers are low effort for high payoff

Who doesn’t want to put in minimum effort to get a maximum payoff? Marketing can demand a lot of thought and strategy. For flyers as a marketing effort, it really doesn’t take a lot, and neither is it time-consuming for you and your team.

Whilst there is an effort in organising the logistics, the rest is pretty simple. The impact though is anything but. For many new leads, it can be an introduction to your brand and an opportunity to explore more of what you have to offer.

7. There’s a lot more ad space to work with

There’s a lot more ad space to work with

Flyers provide a lot of scope in terms of what you can incorporate into them. They also have a lot of space to work with, depending on how big or small you make your flyers. Some businesses may choose smaller sizes to easily fit into a coat pocket, whilst others will make them bigger but still small enough to fit into a handbag.

There’s a lot of detail that you can put into these flyers without them looking too cluttered. A few catchy words and a good use of colour can be all you need when it comes to attracting the eye. Once they’ve seen it, you’ll know if you did a good job by them choosing to take it or ignore it.

8. Easily monitor your campaigns

Easily monitor your campaigns

Just like any online campaign where you have tools to analyse its success, you can do the same with flyers. Flyers have adapted and evolved too, despite them being a print media. You can easily monitor and track the success of flyer campaigns through coupon codes, QR codes, and custom URLs that link to the target website.

Despite it being a traditional marketing effort, you can modernise it through the above add-ons. You can then track the codes and vouchers redeemed, the QR codes that have been scanned, and the traffic coming to that custom URL you created.

9. They can provide incentives

They can provide incentives

Incentives can often be a great way to attract attention and with flyers, you can include various codes or discounts to encourage them to make a purchase. In addition to this, you might want to make this a limited offer or an exclusive one, only available to the person who has the flyer. Exclusivity is a great way to make the customer feel special, which makes them that more likely to purchase.

10. Everyone loves a flyer

Everyone loves a flyerWhat are the chances that you’ve taken more flyers in your life than you have rejected them? That pleasant smile as the person ushers you to take the leaflet. Even if you didn’t intend on reading it. Most people will likely take a flyer than ignore it. Despite it not really having much value, receiving a freebie is still a freebie.

Whilst they let it sit in their coat pocket or on the side of the kitchen counter, there’s a chance they’ll engage with it at some point. Who knows, it could turn into a lead!

Flyers, despite many believing that it’s a dying trend, it’s still surviving in this digital world and may continue to do so.

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