5 Beneficial Ways An Online Form Builder Can Benefit Your Business

Every business needs data to make informed decisions, and online form builders can be an invaluable tool in collecting this data via a website which can also be created easily with a drag and drop website builder.

According to a recent study, almost 50% of professional marketers trust onsite forms as their leading resource for their inbound lead generation strategy.

Data collection isn’t just about asking your customers what they think of your product or service; it’s also about asking them for other personal information that you need to accurately contact and market to them later down the line.

An online form builder allows you to do this quickly and easily with one comprehensive service rather than requiring you to use several separate solutions that won’t work as well together.

Top 5 Benefits of an Online Form Builder for your Business

If you need to collect information from your customers or clients, it’s easy to do so with an online form builder.

These digital tools are useful for many different types of businesses, whether you’re selling products online, managing leads from prospective customers, sending out a newsletter, or anything else that requires gathering user data.

Online form builders can help you create high-quality forms that are quickly and easily submitted through your website or social media pages—and you don’t need any design experience to get started!

Here are some reasons why creating your own online forms can benefit your business, no matter what kind of organization you own or work for.

Let’s check them out!

1. Use it for in-depth customer data collection


Online form builders are a powerful way to collect customer data.

Thanks to forming builder sites and CMS plugins, it’s easier than ever to take that data and use it to create insights that grow your business.

With just a few clicks, you can connect your site with survey forms such as Google Forms, customer databases, and more.

By focusing on customer analytics, you can make sure each customer interaction creates value for your business in ways you may not have realized at first glance.

In fact, taking customer data collection seriously is one of our top tips for driving revenue with eCommerce.

So even if you’re not ready to get into user acquisition just yet, don’t forget about your own customers—they could be your biggest source of insight in online marketing down the road.

2. Guarantee customer security with online form builders


Online form builders ensure that your website forms are secure.

When people are filling out forms on your site, you don’t want them to have to worry about their information or credit card numbers being stolen.

A secure web form builder is a great way to provide convenience and security at once by building web forms that automatically fill in information like name, address, and email address as soon as it recognizes a visitor’s information.

This saves visitors time and ensures their private data stays safe on your website.

Most websites need some kind of form—to collect leads, take payments, or sign up for newsletters. These forms can be tedious for users and difficult for businesses to manage themselves.

If you do choose to build your own forms using coding languages like HTML5, there’s always a risk of hackers breaking into your site through these holes.

3. Use it for A/B testing


In today’s market, it’s imperative to make quick decisions.

A/B testing allows you to test out various features and iterations of your product and app quickly—and without having to commit too much time, money, or effort.

Rather than spending hours in meetings trying to figure out how to improve your product or building different variations only to find that they don’t work as well as hoped, you can throw them up on an online form builder like Wufoo and see what sticks.

Don’t have time for A/B testing?

Consider doing a quick Google search of online form builders; you’ll find that just about any modern product requires one to get insights into how users are using it.

4. Customize for specific surveys


Online form builders are constantly working on ways to make their products even easier to use.

They have whole teams dedicated to making it easier for the users to get exactly what they need.

The customization of the forms means you don’t have to spend time doing extensive research on industry-specific language and questions.

For example, if you use an online form builder for customer feedback, automated surveys will create questions for you so that you can focus more on solving your customers’ problems.

All these factors add up to much simpler online surveys that save you time, which equals better results for your business.

5. Increase customer engagement with ease of interaction


By installing a web form on your website, you can increase customer engagement with ease.

This means that you’ll have a better idea of how customers think about and interact with your product or service, providing plenty of insight into what’s working and what isn’t.

But since a good online form builder makes it easy to set up (for example, by automatically taking care of data validation), using them is also quite straightforward.

Make sure that visitors can easily complete all fields, especially mandatory ones. If people feel like they’re being forced to hand over information they don’t want to, then they’re likely not to bother completing it at all.

As such, make it clear why you need certain details from them; for example, how does age affect their opinion of your company?

This way you will be able to guarantee a better customer experience on your site even while directing them to collect targeted insights.


Several businesses today use online forms to capture valuable customer information. You can choose from a variety of form templates, ranging from simple order forms to complex surveys.

Many online form builders allow you to create fill-in-the-blank templates or choose from dozens of pre-built designs that will suit your specific needs.

An online form builder allows you to make changes and updates at any time without having to seek technical assistance. If you want a beautiful and well-designed form without having to worry about coding—an online form builder will be a great option.