The 5 Main Reasons Why You Should Start Using A VPN

Digital security concerns individual users and businesses, both small and large. Ever since the pandemic of 2019, cyber-attacks and cybercrime have increased exponentially. As the internet reaches more people across the world and the usage of existing users increases, the pool of victims that attackers can target continues to grow.

VPNs have been around for several years, but most people still underestimate their importance as a digital tool. They are extremely powerful bits of software that can not only make your life far more secure online but also offer some unique benefits.

Here is why you should get a VPN if you don’t already have one.

1. Public Security


advantages-of-vpnIf you travel a lot and constantly connect to foreign networks, your digital security is at a far higher risk. The network at work, at a friend’s place, or even at the local coffee shop is being shared with several other people.

You don’t know how safe their devices are, you don’t know if they are secure, and you don’t know what their intention is for being on that network. VPNs can give you the protection you need when using foreign networks. They can keep your presence anonymous and hide you from the other people on the network.

2. ISP Safety


If you can mask your identity from the website you’re visiting or the network you are connecting to, your actions are likely still visible to the internet provider. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have deep insights into your system, your connection, and the communication that is happening through their channel. With a VPN, you can help protect all this information from the ISP as well. This way if you have any restrictions that a particular service provider imposes, you can bypass these as well.

3. Unlimited Content


popular-reasons-for-using-vpnAnother challenge for travelers is the different regional limitations on content. Content that is available in one part of the world is not available through the same platform in another part of the world. This includes all kinds of content. Roku users will have access to different kinds of content depending on where they access the service from.

By having a VPN installed on your device you can overcome this problem. You can find everything you should know about using NordVPN with Roku online for free. All you need to do is get a good quality VPN, connect it to the Roku device, and you have access to content from any region, regardless of where you are. This can be especially useful for people who travel a lot or for people who want to view content from other regions of the world.

4. Work Connection Safety


In the recent few years, cybercrime trends have changed. In the past, cybercriminals focused on individuals because they had weaker security and were easy to steal from. Recently, as more businesses have come online, small businesses are a much better target for criminals. The first benefit is those small businesses have information about hundreds and even thousands of clients that they serve. Secondly, smaller businesses also collaborate with larger businesses. It is far easier for attackers to gain access to a small business and leverage this access to infiltrate larger businesses that the SME works with rather than attacking the large company directly.

Also, as companies start shifting to the remote work model, they need to take care of remote employees’ connections. Attackers can target individual employees and through their connection to the main office, they can attack and infiltrate the main company. VPNs can help secure not only the individual workers but also the companies that they work for.

5. Better Prices


It is a well-known fact that companies charge different customers different prices based on where they are accessing the website, their previous browsing history, buying history, and a range of other digital signals. This is broadly known as price discrimination. Using a VPN helps to keep your identity anonymous and hides all this information from the websites you access, which means that you get to see the actual prices rather than those based on your personal history.

Different criminals will have different motives for their attacks. Some are trying to steal money, others are looking for data, while others are looking to use your device as a springboard to target even more people. Using a VPN helps protect you from all these attacks and protects anyone else connected to your device or your network. For the best security solution, you should consider getting a VPN that can be applied to your main router so it can provide coverage to all devices.