Audience Data Set for Google

Utilise Audience list For Multiple Campaigns

Audience Manager helps in managing audience list who visited your website, submitted a contact form, watched a video or engaged with your app. You may be running multiple campaigns under single AdWords Account & it is practically difficult to create a list for each campaign. To reduce advertisers work, Google has created an option called audience manager. Under this audience manager, you can create a list of tracked user’s information and promote your business to those particular people. This may save your time because you create a single list and implement them across the campaigns.

Audience Data Set for Google

Further, you get greater ROI as the people has already engaged with your website and it’s technically a re-marketing approach!

How to Add a List:

#1: Once you log into your AdWords account, under the tools, billing and settings tab, you will find a shared library. Under the shared library, click on Audience Manager.

#2: In Audience Manager, if you are creating for the first time, don’t forget to set you audience source. Based on your advertisement goal, you can create an audience source. It helps to track your customers.

#3: You can go back to audience lists and click on the “+” symbol and you may find many options such as Website users, app users, youtube users, customer list and custom combination. Based on your business goals you can create a list.

When you click on a website Visitors, you have to fill in few details like Which type of users that you want to track, URL, Description. Once you fill in all the details, your website audience details will be created.

Professional Support Page:

For other options, follow the same procedure. This makes your work easy! If you require professional help, get in touch with us today!