Quick Wasters Rubbish removal in Lonodn

How To Promote Rubbish Removal Business In Facebook

The Waste Removal niche is fast growing with many people realizing the importance of waste clearance, and the benefits of hiring professionals to do the work. It’s therefore important to have regular interesting blogs on social media to keep your fans engaged, to inform them and entertain them at the same time. This article uses our lovely client, Quick Wasters the leading rubbish removal company in London, as a benchmark for characteristics of successful Facebook blog

Currently Facebook does not have a blogging platform. The ‘Leave a Note’ feature allows you to paste your blog content on Facebook. You simply paste your content into a notepad that allows you to format the text using bullets, numbers, italics, bold and more. Once you are done formatting click publish and the blog post will be published on Facebook. Alternatively you can publish blogs on your website and share the link on your Facebook status.

Quick Wasters Rubbish removal in Lonodn

Here is how to write successful blog posts about waste removal on Facebook:

Tell an interesting story

Stories captivate and keep readers more engaged. A Facebook follower will be happier reading a story of how for instance, a resident successfully eradicated rodents and pests by hiring professional waste removers. Interesting stories to your audience should border on success, inspiration and breakthrough.

Be precise and informative

Quick WastersKeep your blog posts on Facebook precise and clear. Readers lose interest with longer than necessary posts. Focus on providing information that can help people overcome a certain problem, for instance How to Recycle Garden Wastes or how to reduce Household wastes on Christmas.

In order to be informative in the waste removal niche syou need to be informed. That means that you read and research a lot about methods of waste disposal, waste recycling and waste removal DIY among other topics. Quick Wasters provides very informative posts, an example was Things You Did Not Know You Could Recycle. They regularly provide new, unique and informative content

Write in point form

Most social media users are in a hurry and just browsing through to get the most important bits. You can easily capture their interest and make them read your post if you break it down inyto point forms/ subheadings then brief explanations.

Quick Wasters Ltd.Accompany with a beautiful image or video

Images and video get more likes on Facebook. A single image speaks 1000 words so they say. Images and videos can be used to reinforce your message on the blog and help you summarize it without loss of meaning.

Write in the first person ‘I’

Facebook is about people and connections. Writing from the person using I makes the content interesting and personable. As several studies suggest, it sounds rather clumsy when businesses use the word ‘We’ in their blogs. People want to associate with an individual in the organization, not the whole corporate entity. Example of a first person blog can start like this: “I want to tell you a story of my neighbor who lives downtown and faced a challenge with finding a reputable waste removal company…”

There are many topics in the waste removal niche that you can blog about. However in order to successfully blog on Facebook you need to first understand the type of audience you are writing for, their interests, their pains and their problems. Then provide a solution, inspire them, motivate them and make them smile.