Common Mistakes in Google AdWords – Curated for PRO Marketers 

The Most Common Mistakes that has to be taken care at the right time for a Massive Ads Campaign!

If you are either running an agency or a Freelancer, it’s the right time to fine tune the campaigns you are running for reputed brands who spend more than $1000 / Day in AdWords Campaigns.

The Bidding Strategy Game:

Most of the players prefer Manual CPC to gain maximum control over the AdRanks and spend. Sometimes, people start with “Maximise clicks” and later understand that it does not work for their industry / Niche. This bidding strategy depends on various factors. I have listed the most 2 important factors:

  • Search Volume for the Keywords
  • Competition

Pro Tip: If your Impression Share taken by the campaign is high, then you have to focus on Ad Ranks.

Scenario 1: High Search Volume + Low Competition:

If this is the case and if not many people are bidding, you could just place maximise clicks to get all the traffic you need.

Scenario 2: Low Search Volume + Low Competition:

This happens for some narrow niche. Use Manual CPC and target “Top Page Bid” to get the best clicks.

Scenario 3: Low Search Volume + High Competition:

This is more un-common and the best strategy is to use Targeted Search Position strategy with Maximum CPC you could have in your budget to get quality clicks. In this case, you may get invalid clicks a lot. So be careful to optimise your campaigns in the right way 😉

Scenario 4: High Search Volume + High Competition:

This scenario is wide spread. Hence, you must keep a close eye on your Ads Quality Score to get the best clicks. I would recommend placing bids for “Top Page Bid” and use “Targeted Search Page Location” bidding to always Stay on top 3 to get the best clicks.


If you are confused on what’s the best practice for your niche. Get in touch with us for a consultation.