How Can Link Building Improve Your Business

How Can Link Building Improve Your Business?

Understanding How SEO and Link Building Work for Your Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to enhance your rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) for targeted keywords and drive targeted organic traffic to your website. When approached holistically, it can open up a wealth of benefits for your brand in the long perspective, including improved visibility, brand recognition, higher conversions, and scalable growth.

Wondering how to gain all the perks? To do this, you need to leverage various SEO strategies to match Google’s and other search engines’ requirements and best practices.

How Does SEO Improve Business?

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If you strive to grow your business, your marketing tactic must span the online medium. And SEO is one of the most crucial elements of this because most brand, product, and service searches now start on search engines.

Given the huge demand for online presence for businesses and the role of SEO in it, it’s obvious that effective optimization can have a number of direct impacts on the overall success of your brand:

  • It helps your website rank higher in the SERPs, thus attracting more quality traffic.
  • It results in improved brand awareness and increased credibility.
  • It is a cost-efficient addition to your overall marketing strategy.
  • It gives your users the best experience through better navigation, site structure, and other features, thus increasing their trust, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Knowing about the potential benefits, you must be wondering what it takes to acquire them.

SEO comprises various on-page and off-page techniques, and managing your link building profile is among them. Though it may seem time-consuming as you need to carefully choose websites to build links with, its outcomeast will definitely amaze you.

What is Link Building?

How Does SEO Improve Business

Link-building is an SEO practice that implies receiving links to your site from other web resources. These backlinks, especially when they come from reputable sources, serve as trust indicators for your business, thus making you look more authoritative for search engines and users.

If you are hoping to use this tactic for your brand’s success, you should begin with two actions. First, you should determine what your current link profile looks like. You can easily do this with the help of a backlink checker like the one offered by Ninja Reports. This tool will give you a comprehensive overview of your backlinks, specifying where they come from and how they affect your rankings. Collect these insights to know what your starting point is.

The next thing you need is to understand the different link-building strategies that are there:

Link Building Strategy Description
Content Marketing



Crafting informative content that delivers value and is worth sharing. This kind of tactic allows you to naturally gain backlinks as a recognition of the relevance and usefulness of your content.
Guest Blogging



Generating high-quality guest posts for other reputable websites within your niche. This approach is perfect for expanding your outreach and building credibility, as it gives you more control over the sites that link back to you and, thus, your backlink profile.
Broken Link Building



Identifying and reporting broken links on other websites and suggesting your relevant content as a replacement can be an effective way to earn backlinks from authoritative sources.
Resource Page Link Building



Finding and connecting with sites that feature resource pages and relate to your field. By reaching out to these sites, you can request to feature you as one of the valuable resources and acquire quality links this way.
Influencer Outreach



Collaborating with influencers and industry experts can help you gain exposure and backlinks from their websites and social media channels, leveraging authority and reach.

How to Strengthen Your Link-Building With a Reliable Backlink Checker?

How to Strengthen Your Link-Building With a Reliable Backlink Checker

No matter what tactics you use to earn quality links, measuring the results and adjusting your tactic is pivotal for long-term benefits. The right tool can help you gain valuable insights into your backlink profile and accomplish the following goals:

  • Identify high-authority backlinks
  • Monitor the backlink profile of your competitors
  • Identify spammy or toxic backlinks
  • Keep an eye on backlink growth

The good news is that using a backlink checker isn’t hard. Here’s how you can do it in step by step:

  • Begin by typing or pasting your site’s domain or URL into the respective box in a selected checker. The type of data (URL or domain) you have to enter basically gets down to the type of tool you use.
  • After specifying your details, click on a relevant button to begin the analysis. After a few moments, you will receive a detailed backlink report that should typically contain such insights as the overall number of links and referring domains, anchor texts used with your links, types of links, and other metrics.
  • To gain more specific insights, use the filters and sorting features available in your tool. For example, you can filter your backlinks based on their types, domain authority, and other factors.
  • If you notice alerts about spammy or toxic links on your profile, be sure to create disavow files for each and submit these files to Google’s Disavow Tool to mitigate their effect on your SEO.
  • Use your backlink checker to continuously monitor any changes in your profile. This will help you identify the wins and fails of your link-building strategy and adjust it for success.
  • Lastly, don’t hesitate to use your backlink checker to monitor your competitors’ link-building strategies. This can help you detect winning backlink opportunities and gain a competitive edge.


Now, when most online experiences start from search engines, optimizing your site for them is a must-do to build a strong brand and improve your business. To make the most out of your search engine optimization, you have to consider plenty of factors, including high-quality backlinks.

Although link-building may seem rather time-consuming and challenging, the results you can gain from it are massive. So, the game is worth the candle.

Luckily, this guide is here to help you handle link generation without a hassle. Now you know which strategies to leverage and how to use reliable backlink checkers to your benefit. Use these tips to start acting and achieve greater SEO results in the long run!

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