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How Page Speed Optimization Helps to Rank a Website?

Every Business will have a website to ensure their Online Presence. The website must be designed and developed in such a way that it must satisfy the users with the needed content. If it’s a product-oriented web page then it must have details about the products. Once after website development process is completed then the web team or a Website manager in a company, will have the aim bringing business through the website and Online Marketing is one of the best ways of making it happen.

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Online Marketing

To make our Website Presence over Online, we must make sure our website it ranking in google. As a beginning stage, it’s good to rank for our domain name and later as the site authority increases then it will form a structure. To make our website to rank for our domain-based potential keyword, it’s important to optimize the website based on the search engines and which is termed as search engine optimization. As the search engine ranking and optimization techniques will be changing based on the search engine algorithms, and as a new algorithmic update, page speed optimization also playing a vital role in search engine optimization.

There are various search engines like google, yahoo, bing and so on. So the search engine which satisfies the needs of the people will gain more users. As a result, the people will like to view the results at a better speed and also the pages which also loads at good speed will make the people more comfortable and also it saves them lot of time in it. So to attract the users and to provide effective user-friendly search results, they considered the Page Speed as a factor of Search Engine Optimization.

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How to Check the Page Speed of a Website?

There are many websites with the Online application to check the page speed of the website. To check the time consumption of the contents of our website to load can be found through the Pingdom Speed Test. To know the Mobile Speed of the website it’s recommended to check using the and to get suggestions that what to rectify and what to solve we can test our websites in Google Page Speed Insights as well.

page speed optimization

Important Factors to Load Our Website

Page Cache Implementation

Once the website is loaded for the first time, the cookies will be stored in the browser. Next time, if the user opens the same website, then it will load faster with the cookies stored in the browser. This improves the page speed of the website.

page speed optimization

Reduce Server Response Time

Your Server Response Time is completely based on the amount of traffic to your website. Traffic mentions the number of users enters into the site at the same time. By Hosting our website in the better server based on our traffic will help us to solve this issue.

page speed optimization

Minify Resources

Minify the Resources like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML to load the website at the better speed. By generating and optimizing the resources will reduce it’s file size a lot. It also reduces the website size as well.

Page Speed Optimization is one of the factors to be considered in Search Engine Optimization and also it helps to make conversion happen.