6 Tips For Making An Eye-Catching Video Ad

Even though ads are everywhere these days, you’d be hard-pressed to remember most of them.

The ones that stick in your mind are the ones that are eye-catching, interesting, and relevant to you.

Ads come in many forms, but certain elements will make your ad more effective regardless of whether you prefer video, text, or a mix of both.

If you’re planning on making a video ad, here are six tips to make it more eye-catching:

1. Use high-quality Visuals


When it comes to video ads, using high-quality visuals is essential. No one wants to watch an ad that looks like it was made on a budget. Remember that people are visual creatures and that first impressions matter. Hence, you must create quality videos with high-resolution images and videos as your ad must look professional and polished. If you can’t afford to hire a professional video editor, there are still ways to make your videos look more polished.

Use high-resolution footage, avoid shaky camera shots, and make sure all your visuals are properly lit. This will make a world of difference and help your ad stand out.

2. Choose the Right Medium


Many different video ad platforms to choose from, but not all will be right for your business. Consider where your target audience is most likely to see your ad. If you’re selling a popular product with millennials, you’ll want to consider placing your ad on YouTube or Instagram.

On the other hand, if you’re targeting a more senior demographic, Facebook might be a better option. This platform has more users over the age of 50 than any other social media site. And, since seniors are more likely to have disposable income, it’s a great place to run your video ad for your marketing.

3. Keep it Short and Sweet


People have short attention spans these days, and they’re not going to watch a long and drawn-out commercial. Studies have shown that people are more likely to engage with videos in under 60 seconds. This is because people are more likely to lose interest the longer a video goes on.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a longer video ad, but you should make sure that the first few seconds are eye-catching and engaging. You can also consider using shorter videos for social media platforms like Instagram, where people are used to seeing short, snackable content. The last thing you want is for people to click away before they’ve even had a chance to see your ad.

4. Use the Right Fonts and Colours


The fonts and colours you use in your video ad will also play a role in how eye-catching it is. When choosing fonts, stick to easy ones to read and avoid using more than two different fonts in your video. Block fonts can communicate seriousness, while script fonts can be more playful.

As for colours, make sure they complement each other and create a cohesive look. Your video ad looks polished and professional, unlike a child’s crude finger-painting. Colours interact with each other, so it’s important to choose a colour scheme that works well together.

5. Add Text Overlays


Text overlays are a great way to add additional information to your video without making it feel cluttered. They can also help break up the monotony of a talking head or provide context for a scene. This is especially effective if you have a fast-paced video or target a global audience, as text overlays can help people follow along.

When adding text overlays, make sure they’re easy to read and don’t obscure any crucial visuals in your video. You should also avoid using more than two different fonts in your overlays. You don’t want to add so much text that it becomes overwhelming, but you also don’t want the text to be too small or difficult to read.

6. Use an Attention-Grabbing CTA


Adding a CTA button is a great way to increase conversions, and it can also help you track the performance of your ad. Your call-to-action (CTA) should be eye-catching and relevant to your video ad. It should also be placed prominently so that viewers know what they’re supposed to do after watching your ad.

Your CTA could be as simple as “learn more” or “sign up now.” It should be specific and actionable so that viewers know what they need to do. But regardless of what you choose, make sure your CTA effectively drives conversions.

Video ads can be a great way to promote your business or if you’re an influencer utilizing video marketing, but only if they’re done right. How you craft your ad will determine how successful it is, so make sure they are eye-catching, relevant, and engaging. By following these tips, you can create video ads that will help you reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals.