The Top 13 Memorization Apps

The Top 13 Memorization Apps

Memorization apps have always been in demand among school pupils and students, as they allow you to quickly and easily study any material for tests or exams. However, such programs come to the rescue in other spheres as well: theater and movie actors can use them to memorize scripts, and interns of various companies use them to establish communication skills with customers at their new workplace. Here, we will look through the top-tier applications that would come in hand in various cases: each has its own specific features.

The Top 13 Memorization Apps

1. AnkiPRO

A simple app for creating flashcards – slides for remembering information presented in a short form. Previously, this method required the use of paper cards, but now a simple program is sufficient. In Anki PRO you can make your own decks or use ready-made ones – there are hundreds of options to choose from for exam preparation or language learning (you can choose any topic you want, as the assortment is huge – 50 thousand sets for each subject).


There are several ways to learn – writing, listening or reading. You can personalize your study area and access your study materials from any device. The methodology is based on Spaced Repetition and Active Recall.

2. Memorize by Heart

The application is suitable for studying large amounts of information: texts, articles, poems and lyrics, and is also used for learning different languages.

There are about 10 functions: the user can fill in the gaps in the downloaded text or insert the first letters in certain words. It is also available to listen to the desired material and speak it into the microphone for revision. More than a million different texts, scripts and scenarios have already been studied in this program: it is absolutely free for everyone and gives an instant assessment of your knowledge as soon as you pass the test.

3. Duolingo

One of the world’s most popular programs for learning any language. All basic functions are available absolutely free: users enrich their vocabulary by listening to particular words and whole sentences, after which they write them down themselves. It is also possible to listen and translate and to work on speech by saying basic phrases into the microphone – the program will give an instant assessment.


The best effect is achieved thanks to the special planning of language courses, aimed at regular repetition of the learned material. If the user does not have a paid subscription, the number of his “lives” (opportunities to make a mistake without interrupting the lesson) is limited. In order to earn new resources to start new lessons, it is necessary to practice – to pass the exercises that failed earlier and to correct your own mistakes, which helps to work on your memory.

4. Memorize Anything

A universal program suitable for familiarization and further memorization with texts of any format. Allows you to learn songs, speeches, poems, scientific articles, laws, scriptures from Holy Book and other materials.

Users are offered to insert missing words and letters, recite, review mistakes and track their own progress. There are also more specific exercises to help them out: usually, it’s simple games and tasks. You can study freely or choose one of the learning plans, as well as take ready-made material (for example, famous poems) or upload your own.

5. DuoCards

Vocabulary app. More than 40 languages are available. The main focus is on creating flashcards, but there are a lot of possibilities: the program selects videos from YouTube, taking into account your level of knowledge of a certain language, finds articles from which you will learn a lot of new words, and also allows you to learn phrases of certain topics from separate decks.


DuoCards can be used by teachers to download materials for whole classes. Users don’t need to look up the meaning of new words themselves, since the app has an automatic translator feature.

6. Cold Read

Often used to memorize scripts and especially popular amongst actors. You can load text from a document into the program, or say it directly into the speaker of your phone so that the words are displayed on the screen and formed into a single note. You can use the interactive program for different purposes, from studying time-tables to rehearsing theatrical skits. The app will automatically run the lines on the screen as you memorize them.

7. WordUp

Great possibility to create your personal dictionary using artificial intelligence. The application creates an individual knowledge map for each user, adding there words that you know and words that you cannot remember correctly. Thanks to this, the program identifies your weaknesses and suggests you to learn phrases that you’ve been struggling with earlier.


WordUp also has special algorithms: you will be offered new words every day based on your current level of knowledge. After a few months of intensive learning with this application, you’ll be able to gradually but effectively improve your speaking and writing skills.

8. Quizlet

One of the most convenient applications powered by neural networks. You will be able to turn any notes on your phone into flashcards or outlines. The main advantage is easy preparation for exams: the program will offer you many tests and repeat questions until you get the best results. You can also get individual advice and homework help if you have problems studying a topic. If you want to study on the go, download decks of flashcards and other materials so you can take the tests even without internet access.

9. Elevate

Elevate has many games and quizzes created to improve brain activity. It’s basically a gamified study app where each user gets a personalized plan.


Thanks to simple questions and flashcards, the material can be memorized as quickly as possible. The program is completely free, and the material is presented in the simplest and easy-to-understand form. No wonder it became Google Play’s Editor’s Choice.

10. MemoCoach

This app is only available for iOS. It is pretty easy to use – you have to fill in the gaps in the texts to better memorize the text, as well as pronounce the missed phrases. In general, there are more than 10 different learning methods available in the program. One of the advantages is autoscroll, which means slow scrolling of the text on your screen. You can adjust the speed yourself.

Text can be downloaded from any PDF, HTML, TXT or RTF files.

More suggestions

Lots of people may have other purposes, besides vocabulary training and preparing for exams. That’s why the functionality of memorization apps is improving rapidly. If you need more specific mobile apps – check out these platforms.

11. ABrain


It’s not just a memorization app, but an entire program to improve cognitive and math skills. You will be able to train your memory and reactions while enhancing your mental health. The algorithm takes into account your level of knowledge, goals and needs in order to select the most interesting tasks of optimal difficulty. All the games available in ABrain have been developed with the support of neuroscientists and educational specialists.

12. Funifier

A memory training app with a paid subscription that allows you to boost your cognitive skills as quickly as possible by competing with others: the program features leaderboards, task lists and a progress meter. You will study the required topics using gamified techniques, and then you can track your own progress (including skill improvement and learning performance).

13. Learnie


The optimal solution for work teams and small communities to learn new things as a group. Notably, employees can learn any topic in the format of social media content they are used to – making it even easier to remember important terms. The presentation of the material is as simple and concise as possible, with no unnecessary facts and details. One of the features is that the learning content is created by users themselves, so the platform is perfect for sharing experience.

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