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How User Behavior On SERP Impacts Your SEO?

You may wonder if you come to know that the user behavior on SERP has a huge role to play in defining the ranks of your webpage on the Google. According to the RankBrain Google’s AI, it mainly focuses on the user’s behavior on the search engine results page to modify the ranks on the SERP.

How Google Monitors the User’s activities on SERP?

user behvior serp google

Google’s RankBrain deeply monitors the user’s activities on the SERP. That is if the user searches for any term on Google, Say “SEO tips” and then if the user clicks on the fourth link directly and if engages with that website for more time, then Google gives a rank boost to that page. Also, In another case, if the user clicks on the first link and then if he/she doesn’t find any useful content there, then the users revert back immediately to the SERP to look for another page. This type of user activity will have the drastic drop in your SEO.

How users activity on SERP impact your SEO?

user behavior on serp impacts seo

The main motive of Google is to provide the users with some useful content and relevant content that they are looking for. Hence based on the user’s activity if he/she spend more time on a certain webpage then Google will think that there some useful content in that particular webpage and will give a rank boos to that page. Also, if the user leaves the site immediately after visiting, then Google will assume that there is no relevant content for the user for that search query and hence will drop the ranks of that page.

How to make the users engage more time on your site?

user behavior impacts seo

Hence, as a business owner, you should make the users engage more time on your website. This is the only way to optimize your site for Google’s RankBrain. You may add some attractive videos to your website about your business to keep the users engaged once they visit. Optimizing the site for Google’s RankBrain will help you to improve your SEO in the year 2018.