WordPress Hosting and Web Hosting – The Main Differences

The essential decision while creating a website or blog is to choose the hosting plan to buy, which ensures your website is online, storing all the information you add to it.

There are various web hosting choices available from a web hosting providers and it is often hard to know whether to go for WordPress website hosting or a general web hosting plan for instance.

Many bloggers or web hosting experts recommend WordPress and currently, it is powering and hosting around 35% of the WordPress websites in the market, according to WordPress.com.

But general web hosting is by far a more popular form of chosen hosting services. In the United States only, there are 58.08% of web hosting service providers.

Differences Between WordPress Hosting & General Web Hosting

This write-up will give you insights regarding the main features of WordPress hosting and Web hosting.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting and Web Hosting

The increasingly popular WordPress hosting is a type of hosting available on a shared server environment. In this category of hosting, your site will share a server exclusively with other WordPress tools. It also has the perfect solutions to maximize WordPress performance.

In today’s world, thousands of websites are being created on WordPress. That is why WordPress hosting is the prime selection for many blogs and websites because all the hosting services are available for the site when using WordPress as the hosting provider.

Using WordPress hosting service web technologies can be pre-configured for a quick setup with the created domain. The website building plans are easy and provide wide options for different themes, plugins, and even SSL certificates.

If you are a WordPress website owner and have chosen WordPress hosting, then you don’t have to worry about the threats and dangers that can harm your website. WordPress hosting offers customer support 24/7 to respond quickly to all queries.

It is important to understand that WordPress.com is not the only WordPress web hosting provider. Other web hosts, like SeekaHost, also offer specific WordPress web hosting packages with similar features like 1-click installation, easy WordPress theme installation, and multiple user access.

You can have a look at SeekaHost’s Blog Hosting solutions where it is now possible to manage all your WordPress sites via the SeekaHost App, giving you the quickest setup option – within 60 seconds – for any WordPress blog.

What Is Web Hosting?

What is Web HostingWeb hosting is a service that enables you to rent disk space for your site(s) on a server. With web hosting, you get your website or blog online, which allows you to access the world wide web and lead an online audience to your website.

Looking at cheap web hosting gives you an idea of the most commonly used hosting plans as shared hosting plans where a single server is used to host multiple websites.

Shared hosting is the most popular and available choice for new and smaller websites, as the cost of this hosting is lower compared to the other hosting plans. The website has to share the disk or server space with other websites, which can slow the load times down and affect the ranks of your website.

That’s why it is very important to make educated web hosting choices.

The Best WordPress Hosting & Web Hosting

Businesses and Bloggers around the world want safe, secure, and affordable hosting plans.

For a better understanding of your options, all the packages available at affordable rates for WordPress Hosting and Web Hosting via SeekaHost are shown below.

WordPress Hosting

SeekaHost gives you a designed WordPress hosting to offer you the one-click installation option. Your WordPress website is just a click away from all the advanced security options, ultra-fast loading times, and excellent performance. You can read some of the reviews here.

SeekaHost offers various WordPress Hosting Plans:

  1. Basic WordPress Hosting Service Plan

    SeekaHost’s basic WordPress hosting plan costs $2.50/month and includes:

    • Host and manage 1 website in this package.
    • This package gives you a 10 GB Disk Space and Data Transfer option.
    • It also provides free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Access
  2. Standard WordPress Hosting Service Plan

    SeekaHost’s standard WordPress plan costs $9.50/month and includes:

    • Host and manage 3 of your websites at the same time
    • Provides 30 GB of Disk Space and Data Transfer
    • Provides Free SSL and FTP Access
  3. Premium WordPress Hosting Service Plan

    SeekaHost’s premium WordPress hosting service costs $14.50/month and includes:

    • Premium control of 5 websites from expert hosts.
    • Provides 50 GB of Disk Space and 100 GB of Data Transfer.
    • Free SSL and FTP Access

Web Hosting Services

SeekaHost offers you the following general Web Hosting Packages that you can compare with the WordPress hosting packages above. See which customized features satisfy all your basic online needs and requirements.

SeekaHost’s general Web Hosting Plans are as follows:

  1. Basic Web Hosting Service Plan

    This is the cheapest web hosting plan for your customized website or blog. It can be availed with a super low payment of $0.99/month. This plan includes

    • 1 Website Hosting and 1 Email Account.
    • 500 MB Disk Space with 5 GB Bandwidth.
    • cPanel control with Free SSL Certificate
    • One-Click App Installer with Low-traffic
  2. Medium Web Hosting Service Plan

    The Medium Web Hosting Plan costs $2.25/month and is a good-pick for small blogs. This plan brings in:

    • Hosting of 3 Websites with 3 Email Accounts.
    • 1 GB Disk Space and 10 GB Bandwidth.
    • It also provides cPanel Control.
    • You’ll be getting Free SSL Certificate and One-Click App Installer.
  3. Intermediate Web Hosting Service Plan

    Intermediate Web Hosting Plan is another effective web hosting service that costs $4.50/month and includes:

    • Hosting of 6 Websites and 5 Email Accounts
    • It provides 3 GB Disk Space and 15 GB Bandwidth.
    • Ideal for moderate traffic with cPanel Control.
    • It also offers Free SSL Certificate and One-Click App Installer
  4. Advanced Web Hosting Service Plan

    The final and premium plan is the Advanced Web Hosting Plan which has all the state-of-the-art features for your web hosting service. This plan costs $5.77/month and includes:

    • Hosting of up to 10 Websites and 7 Email Accounts.
    • The storage plan is bigger than the other; it gives 5 GB Disk Space and provides 20 GB Bandwidth.
    • Free SSL Certificate and One-Click App Installer.
    • For moderate traffic with cPanel Control.

What Should You Choose For Your Business or Blog?

WordPress hosting and traditional web hosting are both feasible options.

But selecting the right one that gives you the best support in regards to your requirements makes all the difference to the success of your website or blog.

Picking any can be manageable and daunting at the same time. But keep a list of things in mind to pick the best:

  • Set yourself a budget for web hosting
  • Check the platform-agnostic options
  • Look for the services and features you want

Some businesses with business sites like essay writers UK service providers for example that I work for are looking to earn well from their start-up, so they should pick where to host their business website wisely.

Final Thoughts

When building a new website, the hosting provider and hosting plan you pick matters the most. Both hosting services covered in this article are diverse and have various features, at different rates, speed, and reliability. It is paramount to determine the type of business you run and the kind of website you have for that business, e.g. considering the daily traffic to your website, etc. If the hosting you pick doesn’t match with the requirements for your business website, you could be at a great loss!

So, get the best hosting service from the best hosting service provider.

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