Importance of Good Web Design

What’s the Importance of Good Web Design? (2 Important Factors)

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So you’re wondering, what’s the importance of good web design?

Maybe you’re going to build a new website and considering slapping on a free theme, purchasing a premium one or have the design of your website coded from scratch?

Well, let me quickly answer your questions…

Yes, the design of your website is very important.


Well there are many reasons and I’ll be going over a few.

First of all, when someone lands on your website, they need to…

Instantly understand what your website is about

Is it a law firm? Is the site about technology and gadgets? Is it a celebrity gossip site?

You need a design that can tell the user instantaneously, what it’s all about.

If you had a celebrity gossip website, I believe the design would have a magazine type of look with lots of articles that you could click.

If you had a law firm website, I believe the right design would be to have a list of items describing what kind of situation you’re in.

So that’s the first step in your website’s design, make sure the user understands what the website is all about instantly.

The heaviness of the design

What I mean by the heaviness of the design, is how long does it take to load?

You see, when a theme comes with a lot of features, it can really slow down the entire website. Making for a bad user experience.

People seem to think that you need all the latest features to have a great looking and high converting website. This simply is not true and I can attest to this.

You see, when I first got into web design, I would make sure I got a theme with all the latest features. And guess what I would do?

That’s right, I would try to add all those features to the page and fill it up as much as possible. I was like this for a while, until…

…I noticed how much slower my websites would load when adding all these features. So I removed them and it was a much nicer experience. I didn’t need a crap-ton of things on the screen.

A big lesson in web design I learnt was, less is more.


Yes, web design is important.

An effective website should tell the user instantly what the website is all about.

But you must be careful. Too many features on a website can lead to a poor user experience.

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