Top 8 Alternatives to Games Like Minecraft

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If you like sandbox games, you might have heard of Minecraft. It was developed by the Swedish developer Mojang. Markus Notch Persson created it using the Java programming language.

This article will discuss how Minecraft compares to other popular sandbox games. You will have to read the full list of the best alternatives before deciding and if you love to play your own private Minecraft game, you can get Minecraft server hosting!

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Despite the many similarities between Minecraft and Terraria, the games have distinct strengths. The showcasing part of these games lies in their unique blend of genres, their charm in pixel art, and their infinite variety. Here are some of the best games like Minecraft you can play today. This is by no means an exhaustive list. But this is a good start. Keep reading to discover which games are the best!

Don’t Starve

If you’re a casual gamer, you pay the same amount to play games like Don’t Starve as you would spend hours playing a newer game, such as Minecraft. The only real difference is the time commitment required. Some people have more free time than others; some work full-time and have families, while others are busy. Here are five reasons why you should buy Don’t Starve.

Oxygen Not Included

This side-on survival game pits you as one of three colonists on a barren asteroid. You’ll have to build your colony and manage its mental health, water quality, and pollution. This game is reminiscent of underground plundering, with procedurally generated maps and adorable animation. If you’re tired of replaying the same old game, consider trying Oxygen Not Included.


Infiniminer for games like Minecraft is a block-building game with full PvP combat. Zachary Barth created Infiniminer, allowing players to search for and construct objects. Although it was closed to further development after its initial release, it still maintains a cult following. Regardless of the game’s shaky start, Infiniminer is worth downloading if you’re looking for a fun alternative to Minecraft!

Terraria in 2D

There is a lot to love about Terraria in 2D games like Minecraft, but there are also some things you should know about this game. The gameplay is similar, but Terraria is a more open-world game. You will be exploring a voxel-based sandbox with a lot of dangers. You can craft items, fight monsters, and create your own story. In Terraria, you can even create your mythology and world history.

Starbound in 3D

If you are looking for a game with a sandbox and endless gameplay, you should try Starbound. The game combines 2D gameplay with sandbox activities and offers great visual details. This game also gives quests and NPCs to keep you engaged with the game. Unlike Minecraft, Starbound offers a compelling storyline and plenty of options for gameplay. You can also explore the galaxy, build towns or villages, or create weapons and armor.

Infiniminer in 2D

While 2D tilemap games are often compared to Minecraft, they are not clones. Unlike Minecraft clones, Infiniminer is built entirely of blocks, not voxels, and is a different game style. Both games feature different game rules and gameplay modes.

Terraria in 3D

Both Minecraft and Terraria are sandbox games that offer tons of activities. Both games feature procedurally generated lands with more than four hundred enemies to hunt and kill. One major difference is the 2D view, which allows players to see what is below them. In Minecraft, players cannot see below ground level. Fortunately, Terraria allows players to see into the ground.

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