do you need to be artistic to be a web designer

Do You Need to be Artistic to be a Web Designer?

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In this post, I’ll be answering a question that gets tossed around a lot in the web design community and that is…

Do you need to be artistic to be a web designer?

Not at all. I’ve personally created websites and I am the worst when it comes to being artistic and even creative.

I remember in high school the art teacher would say, “Please select 3 colours and paint with them.” I wouldn’t be paying attention to anything and end up using the entire tin’s colour variations.

And I’m able to create some pretty nice websites that keep users engaged.

If you are artistic, can it help you with your web design journey?

It sure can. It can help you get a better sense of which colours go together better. It helps you to decide how much space you should leave between elements and which fonts compliment the site’s design.

Being artistic in web design won’t give you a massive advantage, it can even become a handicap.

Some people get too caught up in the design when in reality, it won’t matter that much.


Because most people won’t be paying attention to your site’s design and will be focussing on the actual content.

Sure, the design can help create a different feel for the website but ultimately, the functionality of the site’s design is by far the most important aspect. Not how pretty it looks.

This is a common mistake that I see many bloggers make. Not focussing on the website’s functionality and content and paying way too much attention to their theme.

So that pretty much wraps it up for this post. There’s no need to be some talented artist to be a successful web designer.

Just make sure the sites you do create are functional.

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