What’s important when building a new website for a salon in London?

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Solons are very polar and there are thousands of beauty salons in London. And we’ve built several websites for salons in London so we know what’s working and what’s not when building a new website for a salon.

salon-website-design-ideasWhen we worked with Pink & Rose hair salon we gained some great insights about how to create a high converting website and what people look at when they land on a beauty salon website.

Important factors for a salon website design

  • When someone first land on a beauty salon website they must be immediately hooked with the presentation of the website. Most people visit the website from their mobile phone or tablet while at home or on the go. So having a mobile responsive website is the most important this for a beauty salon.
  • The website should load super fast. This is very important because people will not wait to see your website slowly loading and it’s a very bad first impression. So make sure your websites load really well.
  • And then you must have attractive images on the website to capture the attention of your visitors. The first time visitor to your website should be immediately hooked with the glamour at your beauty salon. And that you can showcase with amazing images.

beautyfini-canary-wharfBeautyfini is a bespoke website we built this year for the best beauty salon in Canary Wharf. You can see on their website how the presentation looks and the website is mobile friendly.

  • Have media on the website as that really helps on page time and people to see how your salon looks like. This is very important.
  • Always try to take photos if your salon so people can see them on the website and get a feeling of how your beauty salon may look like. When doing the Beautyfini website our media team lead by Kasun Sameera when and took the photos.


When doing the Office Nails Beauty salon website we did some videos and you can see them on the website as well as on YouTube.

  • Next, your website should be SEO friendly to rank higher up on the Google search engine on the first page. You can see how we’ve done websites with perfectly done on page SEO and that helps the budge.
  • It’s very important your website is built with an SEO focus as it will help you save money on online promotions. If you are a salon owner you can even learn the SEO skills and rank your website on Google or else hire an SEO agency or consultant at ClickDo to help you rank your website. This should not take more than 3-4 months if the website is built with an SEO focus.

You can learn SEO tips online and also for advance local SEO strategies the Local SEO blueprint by Fernando the #1 SEO Consultant in London will give you all the important knowledge.

If you would like to get a bespoke web design for your salon in London, you can get in touch with us and Kasun will create the most amazing website.

Below is a Review by Pink & Rose – Unisex Hair Salon in Piner, London


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