Important Principles for Web Design

3 Important Principles for Web Design – Create a {High Converting Website}

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Do you want to design a new website and looking for some important principles in web design?

Well in this post, I’ll be going over 3 important principles for web design.

Intuitive navigation structure

You want your website to be super easy for visitors to navigate. You want them to navigate your site like they already been on a hundred times before.

To do this, you need to create a sense of familiarity. And many websites have things that are familiar in their structure. For example, the logo of a website will typically lead back to the home page. This is what users expect when they click on it.

Make sure your many is clear and tells users exactly where they’re going to go. Things like the contact us page or about page is either in the top or footer menu.

Hick’s law

Hick’s law applies to many things in life and one of them is web design.

What is Hick’s law?

Hick’s law is giving someone so many options that it actually takes them longer to make a decision.

This is true for web design. When you present the user with an insane amount of things to click, they end up taking longer and could feel overwhelmed and bounce off.

Fitt’s law

What is Fitt’s law?

Fitt’s law is how long it takes for a movement to reach its target area.

This is very important for user navigation and having users take a certain action.

Let’s say you want people to sign up to your email list. What do you think will convert better?

A little piece of text that tells people to sign up to your email list OR a fat button telling people to sign up to your email list? The button of course.

One of the reasons the button will convert better is because the button will take up more space and take visitors less time to reach that button. It stands out more.

Why do you think buttons are used all the time as a CTA (Call to action)? Because they convert better


So those were 3 important principles of web design. These are juicy insights that you don’t find many web designers revealing.

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