Is it worth learning when design

Is it Worth Learning Web Design When You Can Purchase a Theme?

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You can easily purchase a high quality WordPress theme to install on your website or even get one for free.

So is it worth learning web design?

Well that depends. You will eventually have problems with your theme, no matter which one you install.

Some are geared towards a simple blogging style and some towards e-commerce stores. Maybe you installed a magazine type of theme and now want to turn your blog into an e-commerce store.

Well, knowing web design will massively help.

Unless you’ve got some money to keep switching themes or don’t mind paying a designer to adjust your theme now and again, it may not be worth it for you to learn web design.

If you’re looking at web design as a career path, then there’s still something for you. People are still looking to hire web designers to custom create their website.

Remember what I just said a few lines above?

People will eventually have problems with their theme and will end up hiring a web designer to take care of these problems. You can easily get these gigs as a freelancer or even a firm.

Websites are being made every day and people are always trying to select a theme for themselves. This is a very picky process.

You could create a theme that caters to a certain audience and market to them. Or you could look to make the big bucks and try to market a theme that’s a one size fits all.

So it’s still worth learning web design for certain people.

If you’re doing search engine optimisation, I would highly recommend being able to understand a bit of HTML. HTML is a language that web designers use.

Learning HTML can save you a lot of headaches since you’ll sometimes have to tear a site apart and you’ll end up with a naked site, the HTML code.

By recognising this code, you’ll be able to optimise your site to rank on Google.

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