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3 Overlooked Features in Web design that Could Destroy Your Site

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Are you trying to find a new web design company or theme?

Well here are 3 features that are commonly looked over in a website’s design.

Text Size

I see many people pay no attention to the text size. It’s like thought is put into it and they just throw any text size on that comes to mind.

Here’s the deal, you don’t want to be reading a big, fat textbook ever again like you did in high school.

Well you may be doing that to some people because of the way your text size appears. You see, if your text is too small, it’s going to look like something out of an old textbook and turn readers off.

And guess what? When users see the really small size of your text, it will increase the bounce rate.

Featured image

A lot of themes like to destroy the featured image you worked so hard on. They end up cutting a lot of it out, stretching it too far or not allowing it to show at all.

If you ever come across a theme like this… run!

Before you install the theme, make sure to check if the set featured image is up to your standards. This is something that so many people overlook and it can completely change the tone of your website.

Too many bells and whistles

When a theme comes with all the latest bells and whistles, it can really slow your site down.

I’m going to be real with you here, there’s no need for all the latest widgets. No need at all. Most people don’t pay attention to them.

You want a cleaner theme to declutter and have the user focused on one specific thing at a time. If you have too many things on the screen, it can make the user feel overwhelmed and cause them to bounce off.


So those were 3 of the features which I believe are heavily overlooked when designing a website.

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