Can Your Website's Design Impact Your Google Rankings

Can Your Website’s Design Impact Your Google Rankings?

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A website’s design is pretty darn important. It dictates the look and feel of your website. It tells visitors exactly what your website is about, or at least that’s what it’s supposed to do.

However, one thing has come to your attention, and it is, can your website’s design impact your Google rankings?

I’m going to spare you a lot of reading and give you the answer:

Yes, your website’s design can impact your rankings. If you want to know how then carry on reading…

The size of your theme

When you download a theme and install it on your website, how big is it? Because if your theme is big, then it’s going to slow down your website and this is really bad for the user experience.

If your website is taking too long to load, people are going to bounce off it. And a high bounce rate will massively impact your rankings.

If you have a small theme that loads fast, try not to add too many widgets. If you add a lot of features to your website like widgets, it will impact the load speed since the widgets will, of course, add another thing that needs to be loaded.

The aesthetics of your theme

How does your website look? What does it tell users when they first land on your website?

Can they instantly tell you’re an electrician website? Can the user instantly understand you’re a dentist?

Your theme should be able to instantly make the user understand what your website is all about.

If the user does not instantly understand what your website is all about, it’s going to affect your bounce rates in a negative way.

I know for myself when I land on a site and it doesn’t look like what I’m looking for. I click the back button and click on another result.


Yes, your website’s design can impact your Google rankings. So make sure your website loads fast and the user can instantly understand what your website is all about.

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