Top 5 Websites to Download GIFs For Free

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There are several websites where you may get free GIF downloads. 

Some of them offer more options than others. Some are commercial, while others provide free GIFs to help you express your feelings. Whatever the case, these websites have a wide range of GIFs for free to use to boost your websites or online presence. 

They can be found on websites like Tumblr, YouTube, Imgflip, and on your computer. You can use these GIFs to express various emotions and convey your messages.

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1. Crazygif

crazygif-for-free-gifsYou can download a wide range of GIFs from these free websites. These images are generally classified according to their categories: funny, cute, romantic, and political. You can even download a GIF to your desktop or laptop and edit or customize it as you see fit. You can share these GIFs on social media sites or embed them on your website.

The most popular GIF photo community is PicGifs. The creators of this website have put in a great deal of effort to make their new website better than ever. The site now has three times faster search functionality than its predecessor, and there are a host of new image generators. Users can create GIFs that feature words and phrases in glitter or text. Other features include the ability to add a name to the GIF image.

2. Imgflip

imgflip-for-free-gifsIf you are looking for a great image-to-GIF site, try Imgflip. This website allows you to create GIF files, pictures, and charts. You can also share your creations through social media. One of its benefits is its fast, powerful image-to-GIF generator. The site allows you to choose how your GIFs look and feel and can even remove their watermark. This makes it an ideal choice for members and content creators who love to share their creations with the world.

You can upload any GIF on Imgflip. You can upload GIFs from your computer, video, or still image. You can adjust the speed, watermark, and frame rate. No account is required, but there is a free and pro version. You must subscribe in order to get rid of the watermark. Otherwise, Imgflip lets you download GIFs for free.

3. Giphy

giphy-for-free-gifsThere are several websites you can visit to download animated GIFs. One of the best websites for this is Giphy. This website allows you to create custom GIFs. You can also add audio effects and download customized GIFs to your computer. You can then upload the GIFs to social media websites or your local hard drive. The best part is that the animated GIFs are free to download.

Uploading a GIF is easy with Giphy. You can upload a video file, URL, or even a series of photos. Then, you can export it as an animated photo slideshow. The video file size is minimized by trimming it to two to six seconds. You can also add captions and stickers to your GIFs and tag them with the appropriate category.

4. Tumblr

tumblr-for-free-gifsBefore you can add a GIF to Tumblr, you must first sign in to your account. Once you are signed in, go to your dashboard and click on “Add a Photo.” You can add your GIF by double-clicking on it and selecting “Upload.” The GIF should be added to the upload page. You can resize or edit its text if it’s too big or too small.

Tumblr is a massive blogging platform. Users can find hilarious GIFs from daily blog posts or search for a particular hashtag. Tumblr also allows you to search for specific categories, like “cute animals” or “chubby babies.” Moreover, you can follow blogs and pages that upload new GIFs daily. You can download something you like to your local drive once you’ve found it. You can also share it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

5. Giphy’s rival Tenor

tenor-for-free-gifsTenor’s mobile keyboard app has over 10 million downloads and over 12 billion GIF searches monthly. Giphy boasts 500 million daily active users and a larger audience than Twitter. According to the site, users send about 7 billion GIFs every day. The service is owned by Facebook, which has acquired rival Bitly. Both companies have different ways of monetizing their platforms.

Tenor is a rival to Giphy, which launched just three years ago. Its GIF Keyboard app has surpassed Giphy in terms of downloads in two years and is now the most popular free utility app in the Apple and Google Play app stores. The company is also partnering with popular messaging apps like iMessage and Messenger to make its technology available inside those apps. This should lead to more GIF downloads on Tenor.

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