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3 Design Mistakes that Will Destroy Your Website

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Are you in the middle of designing your website?

Well in this post, I will be revealing 3 design mistakes that will destroy your website,

Not mobile compatible

We live in the age of the smartphone. Everybody is using their mobile devices to go online and if your website is not mobile compatible, then your website is going to become a ghost town.

You need a website that can easily adjust to different screen sizes. You need it to be able to easily switch from portrait to landscape on the fly.

The website’s navigation must be easy to use and be in a convenient spot that doesn’t take much room yet easily accessible.

Difficult Navigation structure

If your website is difficult to navigate, you’re going to have a lot of frustrated readers and people bouncing off.

Your website’s navigation should not be filled with a ton of options. This can overwhelm users and take them longer to make a decision.

The navigation should have typical things like users expect such as an about and contact page. Maybe even an email address located in the top or footer navigation.

Slow loading speed

A slow loading website can mean the death of your online business. If your website does not load fast enough, you will notice a lot of bounces.

Not to mention that a slow loading site will actually hinder your ability to get search traffic from Google.

Make sure your image files aren’t too big, your with a good hosting provider, and you’ve got a lightweight theme.


So those were the 3 design mistakes that could spell catastrophe for your website.

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