5 Best Ways to Effectively Advertise Remote Jobs

Remote working presents incredible benefits, yet job candidates are raising the bar.

Many job seekers tilt to companies that exceed the basic salary compensation and present other attractive perks and benefits.

The shortage of quality candidates prompts companies to go the extra mile to find and attract qualified talent.

About seven in ten employers struggle to find and employ skilled workers.

With all the hassle involved in advertising, companies must find an effective way to promote their job openings and connect with the right talent. How do you advertise your remote jobs and increase your list of prospects?

Five ways to advertise remote jobs

Employing the right prospect for job positions is tricky and time-consuming. Many companies end up searching for months before they meet their ideal candidate.

To curb this, we’ll share efficient, cost-effective, and accessible platforms for companies to advertise job openings and connect with their dream employee in no time.

1. Advertise jobs online: post on social media platforms

An excellent way to reach remote prospects is via online outlets like social media platforms. Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook enable businesses to advertise their job openings and network with thousands of job seekers.

Aim to advertise jobs online and increase your chance of attracting candidates from different locations around the world. When companies utilise the platforms for advertising jobs online, they’ll expand their reach and connect with the right talent.

Asides from offering a cost-effective method of advertising remote jobs, it’s a convenient and less complex option for recruiters.

2. Encourage employee referrals


Employee referral is an in-house approach to finding job prospects with excellent performance in finding talent.

Since most employees have the right network to reach a wide talent pool, employee referral becomes one of the most effective approaches to a job advertisement.

It’s a program where companies find talents by allowing employees to recommend eligible candidates for job openings. Employee referral programs enhance your access to quality talent. It’s a practical and cost-effective method of hiring quality talent for job roles within any organisation.

3. Advertise on the company website

Another way to advertise job openings is via the company’s website. It’s a great avenue to connect with prospects already following your brand.

To advertise remote positions on your company’s website, you need to revamp your career page to ensure it’s captivating.

Career pages are crucial for brands that plan to advertise open positions on their website.

A well-designed career page will engage visitors and increase the chance of acquiring the best candidate.

4. Reach out to eligible persons

The next advertisement option is to send messages to people that fit directly. Send direct messages to the persons that meet the job requirement.

This strategy works perfectly for remote opportunities since you have a broader talent reach. You need to check their profile and ask for samples where necessary.

Many recruiters reach out to their ideal talent when they have job openings. While some people may not be available or in the market, there are chances of meeting the best talent your company needs.

Aside from gaining top-tier talents, you increase awareness about your company among job seekers in your field. It will also ensure more applications for future remote openings.

5. Promote job openings on remote Job Boards


Job boards are great for posting remote jobs. However, you need to ensure you make your posts on popular job boards with a broad talent pool.

Typically, Job candidates for remote positions are active on job boards that promote their dream jobs. Concentrate on remote job boards with the candidates you are looking to reach. Some of these job platforms serve better for specific fields.

As you plan to advertise your job opening on job boards, ensure you write a detailed job description with the relevant skill requirement for the role. Also, include relevant keywords in the job description and title to optimise your job post and ensure they appear to your target candidates.

Here’s a list of job boards for remote job postings

  • Remote. co

How to attract people to your remote position

Some countries experience talent shortages more than others. Generally, European organisations struggle to find qualified job seekers.

Here are some best ways to attract more prospects to your company:

  • Offer work flexibility


Flexibility is crucial in every remote work environment. It’s one of the best perks of working online. Most employees value work flexibility and allowing employees to choose their work schedules will be great.

While remote jobs allow team members to work from their homes, sometimes their work times are rigid, 9-5. Such rigidity deprives employees of the fun of working from their place of comfort.

If your company accommodates such flexibility, state it in your job description. Flexibility allows workers to take a few hours off when needed without worrying about being absent from their duties. Allow them to work at their pace as long as they stay productive and efficient in performing their duties.

  • Utilise the best hiring advantage: offer competitive compensation


Since the talent market is growing slim, top prospects have multiple offers from many companies. Now, how do you ensure your offer stands out to them?

Rather than just focusing on the salary range, employers are improving their total compensation. Some company leaders add benefits and bonuses that resonate with their target job seekers and give them an edge over other hiring companies.

Aim to offer a competitive salary for the job roles in your company. However, clearly state the amount your company is willing to offer potential employees to stay transparent.

  • Stay open to a global talent pool

The talent search of HR officials for suitable candidates takes a large chunk of their day. This has prompted savvy employers to include foreigners in their hunt for quality talent. Typically, remote positions eliminate geographical barriers allowing companies to connect with job applicants around the globe.

Hence, the contemporary hiring practice includes hiring from a global talent pool. Most remote teams have staff members from different locations with distinct time zones.

Skilfully advertise your remote job openings

In advertising job openings, company leaders have several options. The best way to promote job positions will depend on the company and its target audience.

Utilising social media platforms, company websites, remote job boards, and encouraging employee referrals are excellent methods of promoting open roles in an organisation. Offering flexibility and being receptive to global candidates will help you connect with the right talent faster.

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