GDPR For Small Business Websites

What is GDPR?

GDPR called the General Data Protection Regulation was first introduced earlier in January 2012. Further, in the earlier days of 1998, there was a thing called the data protection act which was introduced to protect general user data from being misused in many forms. GDPR is the term which is introduced to replace the data protection act passed in the year 1998. As in recent days, more personal data are shared on many online mediums, GDPR compliance will let users know where their personal data are being used when they are collected by many online sources. As a business person in the UK, you should know about GDPR.


What is Personal Data & How It Is Related To GDPR?

Personal data is anything which is related to a person like a name, mail, phone number, photos, etc. The user started sharing this data in online with Google, Facebook, etc. The main difference between GDPR and the general data protection act of the past is that according to the GDPR, the reference to personal data is further extended to IP Addresses, generic data, biometric data, etc.


GDPR For Small Business Websites:

The GDPR will come to the act on the 25th of May 2018 and also it is applicable to all businesses within the EU. GDPR is an EU Passed legislation and all the member states have expected to have complied. This will be as the rule by law by the 6th of May 2018. All the official scripts and the regulations about the directive were shared in all the languages of the Union. Hence, no business people can say that they weren’t informed about GDPR Compliance. This is mandatory for all businesses running in the UK.


The UK businesses and all the companies which fail to comply with GDPR are at risk of being hit by huge fines. As the UK still remains a part of Europe, GDPR compliance is a must for all businesses right from small companies to huge corporates in the UK.

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