9 Most Common SEO Tips to Improve Your Organic Traffic

Driving organic traffic to websites isn’t as complicated as many assume.

The issue is that most people, and even some so-called SEO experts, don’t know the real tricks to rank websites. They just know a few things and try to rank websites using them.

Moreover, many use some black hat tricks that instantly attract many visitors. However, after some time, these tricks backfire and harm websites.

They enhance the spam score of websites that can de-rank websites on multiple search engines. So, those websites don’t get anything in return for their efforts.

So, what’s the solution? How can a person enhance organic traffic without relying on shortcuts?

The SEO expert tips below will answer most of your questions about SEO and improving organic traffic. Let’s get started!

1. Analyze Competitors


Competitor analysis helps SEO experts create a strategic plan for websites.

Before anything else, it is essential to learn what your competitors are doing to attract more traffic.

Their strategies, selected keywords, ranking against each keyword, titles, meta-tags, number of backlinks, and DA (Domain Authority) can help you discover how much effort is required to compete and beat them.

In competitor analysis, you should locate the answers to the questions mentioned below;

  • What type of content are your competitors posting regularly?
  • Which platforms are they using to create backlinks?
  • How do they create internal backlinks?
  • How are they placing keywords in the content?
  • What is their DA?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ SEO strategy?

Once you get the answers to all these questions, you can make informed decisions that can help you bypass them in ranking in less time than anticipated.

2. Find the Valuable Keywords


After knowing which keywords your competitors are using, you must decide which keywords you can utilize efficiently.

Whenever you use any keyword planner, it will provide a vast range of keywords you can use according to your preferences.

However, you must not rely on one keyword search method or tool.

Instead, it is better to learn the different keyword analysis methods and use them.

For example, if you have selected a few keywords using a tool, now use the KGR method to find out whether they are actually helpful or not.

It can assist you in narrowing down the search and selecting the keywords that can drive more traffic.

Moreover, it can help if you utilize various keywords, including short-tail, long-tail, customer-defining, product-defining, etc.

When you add them to your content, you can enhance your SEO score and win crawlers’ trust.

3. Know Users’ Search Intent


While creating content or SEO strategy for improving organic traffic, you should also study what people search over search engines.

When you know about the audience’s needs, you can focus on them and provide them with the needed content.

Ultimately, it can help you win their trust and encourage them to click on your web page’s link.

Let’s find out the reasons to create an SEO strategy around search intent.

  • It assists in targeting users’ needs which results in bringing more traffic.
  • It attracts more high-quality and paying visitors.
  • It helps in developing more engaging and relevant content.
  • Knowing and addressing the search intent provides better ROI (Return on Investment).

4. Use Effective Titles and Descriptions


When people search for anything over search engines, what do they check first before clicking on a website’s link? Obviously, the title.

Sometimes people don’t click on the first link after reading the title.

The reason? They believe that they won’t get what they need. So, they look at the other options.

That’s why you should optimize meta titles (title tags). When your title tags are optimized, elaborative, and engaging, people will click on your website’s link, even if it is not on the top.

Besides titles, you should also optimize meta descriptions to provide more information and encourage users to click and learn more.

Although it doesn’t directly impact your website’s SEO score, it can gradually lead your website to the top.

5. Solve Duplicate Content Issues ASAP


Here comes the king of the SEO world. The king (content) must be powerful enough to build expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness to attract more visitors.

To make your content influential, you should always strive for uniqueness.

Usually, some content creators and experts don’t emphasize the uniqueness and just rewrite others’ content, believing it will work well.

Duplicated or plagiarized content always backfires in the SEO world.

It is better to create unique and informative content. That’s how you can gain the trust of both users and search engines.

To ensure your written content is unique, you must check plagiarism through an online plagiarism checker.

After knowing the results, you can make the necessary changes.

6. Must Add and Optimize Images


Images are very crucial for websites. Nothing attracts more visitors than images and graphical content.

Therefore, you must add multiple photos to each web page. That’s how you can quickly convey your message and let users stay on your websites for longer.

Moreover, you should also ensure to optimize every image by compressing its size and adding alt-tags.

You can enhance your SEO score and optimize website speed using these two tricks.

7. Optimize Website Speed


Website speed also matters a lot when it comes to attracting more users.

People don’t like waiting more than five seconds for websites to open.

Even if somehow, you can rank your website using multiple SEO strategies, you won’t be able to drive more organic traffic if your website takes more than five seconds to load.

That’s why you should know the important things to speed up your website.

8. Create a Responsive Web Design


In case your web design doesn’t suit mobile phones, you won’t be able to enjoy more organic traffic.

Even if people come to your site, they will immediately bounce back if the design isn’t responsive.

9. Generate Quality Backlinks


Backlinks are considered the backbone of websites that provide both organic and referral traffic.

To generate more quality backlinks, you should focus on creating informative, engaging, unique, and valuable content.

Content with all these qualities can encourage webmasters to use your blogs as a reference.

That’s how you can get more backlinks than you can imagine.

Wrapping Up

Together all these tips can assist you in ranking any website and start getting organic traffic. Some suggestions are related to improving user experience, some work in ranking textual content, some improve graphical data’s visibility, and others reduce bounce rate. When you put effort into different dimensions and keep an outstanding balance, you improve your website’s ranking over SERPs, win users’ trust, and build authority. Ignoring any of them can ruin your effort and not let you achieve the defined goals.