Factors that you should give importance while building links


Backlinking is the core Off-Page SEO factor which you should do in a very strategic way in order to improve the ranks of your business website.

Link building alone will not help you to improve the ranks, You should give importance to the anchor text, authority of the sites you are linking from, content, etc.

important factors in link buildingHere let’s see some important factors which you should give more importance while building the links.

When you make any mistakes in the On-Page SEO, you can correct it easily and can update the site.

But when it comes to backlinking, you should be very conscious and do proper linking with the SEO friendly anchors.

As improper Off-Page SEO will let your website in deep trouble by spoiling all the good organic SEO works that you have done so far.


Many people try to build a bunch of links in a very short period of time.

This will help the Google to easily spot that you are doing the manual link building.

You should not build many links in a very short period of time. Try to build links gradually like 1 or 2 links per day. This will make your backlink profile look more natural.

building backlinksBuilding a bunch of links on the same day or from the same site will spoil all the SEO works that you have done so far.

Building many links at the same time will help the Google to spot as manual link building and may result in deindexation of your website.

You need to look upon many factors before choosing a website for backlinking, The first and the foremost thing that you should check is that whether the site is indexed by Google and it is spam free.

Domain authority not matters in backlinking, hence give the least priority to the domain authority and check whether the blogs are updated regularly in that website.

Number of Links from the same website:

The number of links matters, Don’t build many links from the same website.

This will not help you to improve the ranks of your website on SERP.

factors in link buildingTry to build unique links from many sites related to your niche.

Find relevant sites and try to build quality links over a period of time. This will help you to improve the ranks organically on Google.

This will help you to increase the authority of your website and improve the ranks on the Google SERP.

Guest Posting is Best:

When it comes to building quality links to your website, Guest posting is one of the organic ways to do so.

You can outreach to the business websites or blogging websites related to your niche and can request for guest posting.

Guest Posting will help you build more natural links to the website from the other high authority relevant websites.

Many will ignore your request, but very few may accept. Just publish quality contents on their website and link to your site.

This is the organic way of building links to your business website.

You can also find the right sites by getting in touch with the guest posts providers.

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Back Linking -Should Domain Authority Given More Importance?


What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is the search engine ranking score which denotes that how well a website will be ranked on the Google’s SERP. Domain Authority for a particular website is calculated based on the various factors like linking root domains, the total number of links, Moz rank, Moz trust, etc.

How Toxic Links Affect Your SEO?

Even though the domain authority of the website is very high, the site may be blacklisted by Google for some reasons. You should not simply link to your website from the other site by just considering the factor of domain authority.

backlinks in seoLinking from the spammy site will spoil all the quality SEO works that you have done so far. Before linking from the other site, it’s better to check the spam score.

Consider the domain age:

Domain age is the duration or the time period since the domain is registered. More importantly, domain age conveys trust flow to both the search engines and the users.

Linking from the relevant website which has more domain age will help you increase the ranks on SERP. Give importance to domain age than the domain authority.

How to give SEO friendly backlink?

backlinking in seoYou should play smartly with the backlinks. Google doesn’t consider the quantity of the links that your website has got, it just considers the quality.

Even if you have the very minimum number of links but from the quality sites, then your website is more likely to rank on top of the SERP. Don’t try to give a bunch of links from the same site, provide the backlinks in a manner which makes it look more natural and spam free.

If the rank drops suddenly for no reason, then you should audit the links that you have provided recently. Finding and removing the spammy backlinks will help your site to gain the ranks back.

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How To Use Guest Posting For Promotion & Backlinking?


What is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting is the way of publishing your content in the blogs owned by other persons. This is done for building authority links, getting more brand outreach, etc.

Building links remain as the primary ranking factor for the Google. Through guest posting, you can build high authority links to your website from the other sites. You can outreach to the persons who are owning the high authority blogs and can publish your blogs on them.

guest blogging for seo

How to find the blogs for guest posts?

In the previous days, it’s not that much easy to find the blogs which are accepting the guest posts. But since people started using social media’s more nowadays, the job became more easier.

You can just go to Facebook groups related to guest posts and find some blogs that are accepting guest posts. Also, you can go through the web, find some blogs online and mail to the site owners requesting for the guest posts.

How guest posts help SEO?

Links are the organic way of building authority to your websites. On the view of Google, backlinks from the authority domains with proper anchors will help you rank easily on Google SERP.

guest blogging for backlinking

When it comes to backlinking, Google does not consider the number of backlinks that your site has got. Google focuses more on quality of links than the quantity. Instead of building bunch of links from the same site, building a variety of links from multiple high authority sites will help you improve your ranks on SERP.

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