How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Web Design Mistakes?

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Building a website has become easier, thanks to website builders like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc.

In addition, web designers have made it easier for website owners to enjoy better conversion rates, ROI, and more engagements.

With millions of websites emerging on the internet, mistakes happen. Many websites struggle because of common web design mistakes that can be easily avoided.

So, we have listed some the 5 most common web design mistakes that website owners should check out before they launch their brand’s online presence.

1. Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly

The world of the internet has gradually moved to the mobile version. However, with the number of people in possession of mobile phones and tablets, fewer people use desktops and personal computers to surf the internet.

This means you need to have a great, mobile-friendly website. A website that is not mobile-friendly can cause webmasters to lose traffic and revenue. Apart from that, it can also affect your SEO rankings.

That’s why a website should scale perfectly to smaller screens. With the support of professional web designers, you can avoid such mistakes. Mobile device users would not stay long on websites that are not compatible with their devices’ visitors coming to your website.

The visitors coming to your website want a quality experience in terms of the devices they use. Therefore, if you plan to have a website, you should have a mobile-friendly website. This way, it can also benefit your SEO strategy as reducing your bounce rate improves your website’s authority.

2. Website Lacks the Right Information

A website with little or no information hardly gets engagements. Visitors want their information needs or interests met when they visit a website.

If your website does not have enough information about your brand, product, or service, visitors will leave you for your competitors.

For instance, visitors expect to see everything about your shoes on your website if you have a shoe website.

You should include important information such as your business hours, contact details, and the store location. Website owners can integrate Google maps into the location area of their sites. This helps people find your business without difficulty.

Wrong contact details can cost you a lot of customers. The information you provide must be correct, especially your email address and contact address. No one wants to get his or her emails bounced because of a wrong email address.

3. Issues with Colour, Style, and Font Sizedesign-website-without-mistakes

A website with the wrong font size, colour, and style would find it difficult to appeal to visitors. Users who cannot navigate a website’s main menus or read the blog’s text would leave the site with a high bounce rate. Your website navigation affects SEO as well.

Websites should use the best fonts and colours for the best readability. Your customers should be able to read the content of your site. Before you launch the website, please make sure that your fonts adjust perfectly to help you push an effective Call to Action.

A website with a lot of text can exhaust the visitors with so much information to grasp. Please do not leave them straining to read the information on your site. The background colour and text should be easy on the eyes. Apart from that, content readability is also essential to a website.

Since most of your visitors will be mobile users, you should consider the responsiveness of their devices to your content, colours, and fonts.

4. Website Is Not Secure

Ensure that you have a valid HTTPS certificate on your website. Web designers understand the importance of this feature and ensure that they implement it for clients. A website that is not secure is dangerous to visit. Modern browsers tell users that they should avoid unsafe websites.

You should ask questions when your website is built. For example, confirm that your website has an SSL certificate before your launch. If this does not happen, the search engines may refrain visitors from using the website.

HTTPS encrypts data between users and a website. This feature ensures that hacking does not occur, especially for websites with online stores. No one wants to transact business over an insecure website.

It does not hurt to check if your website is secure. No matter how much you spend on your site, you waste time and effort if your HTTPS is not secure. Aside from your HTTPS, you should ensure that your plugins and themes are up to date. If you host your website with the, the SSL certificate and plugin and theme updates will be automatically activated for you.

5. Unclear Brand Messaging

Who wants to use a website with unclear brand messaging? While this mistake is often underrated, it can cause a website owner more than imagination. Messaging has become a major feature that big brands do not ignore. As a result, many small businesses have gotten it as one of their top priorities.

If you can stay away from this common mistake, you can get ahead of your competitors. How do you achieve this?

Take advantage of storytelling. This means that you should develop compelling communication with your audience. Try to connect with your users on an emotional level.

Stay away from generic messaging. Use empathy when addressing your users to show that you care for them. Incorporate your brand beliefs and values in your messaging. More users feel comfortable with such a website. The content should address the motivations and needs of your audience and not your business accomplishments or agenda.

Make sure that you create business messaging to make users understand what you are offering to them.


You do not need a website that is full of avoidable design mistakes. You need a good website that fulfils the purpose of a website user. There are professional web designers online who can help you design an ideal website. So, you should take advantage of it.

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