What is SEO and Why Do SEOs Clash with Web Developers?

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Web developers and those who work in SEO will always have issues, as developers will say that SEO makes their life difficult and SEOs believe developers make their life difficult.

The thing is, the more they work together, the easier their work will be. Web developers design a website to make it look great and function well, but this is useless if users never find your website as it isn’t well designed for SEO!

This article will introduce the importance of SEO and why it is vital for web developers and SEOs to work together to establish a great partnership.

What Is SEO And Why Does a Website Need It?

what-is-seo-and-seos-clash-with-web-developersSEO stands for search engine optimization and is essential for driving organic traffic to your website. It is time-consuming and it also takes time to take effect, so unlike other marketing channels, you don’t get an instant return. However, it does give you much more stability than other channels throughout the year, so the time and investment it takes to make it work are certainly worth it. Investing in SEO is vital to help you compete, as more businesses are learning how important SEO is and how much it can change your business.

To summarise SEO in a nutshell, it is all about optimizing your website to show Google that it is a good result to offer their users (on-page), as well as building trust in your website (off-page).

It’s also all about choosing keywords to target that will make sure that when a user lands on your website, they are qualified to make a purchase. For example, you don’t want to target a keyword like night-out dresses when you actually sell cocktail dresses, which are two very different types of dresses. You won’t be reaching a qualified audience who are likely to purchase from your website.

We will get into this in more detail, but you need to make sure that you are keeping up with SEO trends and doing it better than competitors.

Two Types of SEO

There are two types of SEO, and it is essential to do both of them to give your website the best chance of being successful. These are called on-page and off-page SEO. So, what is the difference between on and off-page SEO?


onpage-as-types-of-seo-and-seos-clash-with-web-developersOn-page SEO refers to everything related to SEO on your website. For example, the content written and optimized on your website is on-page SEO. The meta titles and descriptions are also on-page SEO, despite the user not being able to see them when they are on the site. The quality of the writing on your website is also essential. You cannot have poorly written content as it won’t be user-friendly, which is poor for SEO. These are just a few examples, but on-page SEO basically includes all the changes you make on the backend of your website. It is on-page SEO that causes issues between web developers and SEOs!


offpage-as-types-of-seo-and-seos-clash-with-web-developersThis is the SEO that takes place off your website. For example, if you are link-building and writing guest posts for other blogs that include a link back to your website, this is an example of off-page SEO. Link building is an essential part of SEO, and it is something many SEO agencies will neglect. Another example would be building online Business Directories or setting up a Google My Business page.

Why Do SEOs and Web Developers Clash?

A web developer could make a fantastic-looking website but if they don’t consider basic on-page SEO, the website won’t perform. A client won’t be happy if their website isn’t generating leads or making sales when they have spent thousands of pounds on the website.

An example of where SEOs and web developers clash would be building a website in Javascript. While building a website in Javascript helps it look great, Google finds it much harder to crawl Javascript, so they simply won’t do it. This means Google won’t identify your SEO efforts and therefore your rankings won’t improve. A compromise would a website needs to be built with HTML and then styled in CSS. Not to mention that this speeds up the website as well!

Another example would be content on a website. We know it’s vital for a website to have content for SEO purposes, but web developers don’t like there to be big sections of content that disrupt the overall look. So, a good compromise would be for some of the content to be in accordions built in HTML!

Although there are clashes, there are certainly ways around the issues so that a balance between good web development and good SEO can be established.


SEO is vital for a website, as is good web development, so it is essential that the two work together. As you can see, both web developers and SEOers must work together. If they don’t, it can lead to both of them underperforming. If both work correctly, the client will be happy with the performance which is the most important thing at the end of the day.

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