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Little Know Ways to Write Killer Google Ads

It’s all good having your ad listed in the search engine, trying to get those leads from pay per click. But are you sure you’re doing it right? Writing the ad is a huge part of the on page SEO, and many people will write adds without actually analyzing and structuring it in the best ... Read More

Rankbrain & Hummingbird: How It Really Works

SEO all stems down to algorithm.  Googles algorithm started off pretty basic in the early 2000s but over the years it has got much more developed and advance and is much more humanised than ever before. So here is a more in depth understanding on what really goes on and how everything is actually processed ... Read More

Why More User Experience And Less SEO

When we think about increasing our site traffic or boosting our conversion rates, we immediately consider optimizing our websites for search engines. While this works on many levels, it doesn’t really pay off as desired if you don’t look at the human factor as well. You need to think about how your site visitors respond ... Read More

How is Google’s New AMP Affecting SEO?

Google aims to revolutionize mobile web performance with its new open source initiative known as AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. The aim of this project is to enable publishers in producing mobile-optimized content that will load instantly anywhere. According to the official Google blog, pages built using AMP load four times faster than non-AMP pages ... Read More