Little Know Ways to Write Killer Google Ads

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It’s all good having your ad listed in the search engine, trying to get those leads from pay per click. But are you sure you’re doing it right? Writing the ad is a huge part of the on page SEO, and many people will write adds without actually analyzing and structuring it in the best way possible. So here are some tips to make sure you are optimizing that persuasive part as best as you possibly can.

Caps for each word on the headline Ad

This technique has been proven to work well many times and is still good today. So instead of writing ads like: “computers deals” have each word Caped at the start so “Computer Deals” on whatever your headline says.

Write for the aimed target

There is no point in trying to attract everyone to your ad. It’s just not going to happen. So instead write for that particular targeted audience who you are most likely to attract. Even if it sounds boring to many people, as long as your ad is something you would want to hear if you were searching for that type of product or service then you have nothing to worry about. In other words, Know your customer.

Benefits THEN features

Always make sure that in the 2 lines of 35 characters of what Google gives you that you have the benefits first then features second. This is very important to get correct as this can make a huge impact on how well you add does. Make the first line for Benefits and the second line for the features. Google ads have been shown to get up to thirty-six times the click through rate by just having the text in the correct order! Pretty crazy stuff. Benefits are the results of having that product or service and features are good information about the product or service. So for example if I was selling sleeping bags a benefits might be “Stay nice and warm at night” and a feature could be 100% water proof etc.

Stand out from the competition  

If there is some sort of deal of going on with the product or service show that off. If there is free shipping, discount, or something that not all of your competition can do, make sure you feature that in your ad.


It only counts if you take action

Knowing these little tips and tricks to write killer ads is all good but you’re never going to get the best Google ad if you don’t implement these tips. If you do you will be pleased that you did.

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