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Tips From Top Digital Marketing Agency Business Owners

We have asked top digital agency owners to give a good piece of advice for other agency owners, and we put the best on here. Whether you are looking to start an agency or your running a digital marketing agency and are looking to scale there will be something on here for you. You will ... Read More

How to Rank Higher on Google. 32 Steps to Get Your Website to the Top of Google

One of the most common questions we find website owners have is How can I improve my SEO ranking and get my website to the top of Google? As they say, there are many ways to skin a cat, and SEO is a complex subject, Google says there are over 200 ranking factors. Some of ... Read More

How to Grow Your Business Using Instagram

Instagram has over 800 million users, making it an ideal place to get the word out about your business. Recently InstagramInstagram launched a self-serve platform to allow you to advertise your business your way. This allows you to reach an ever-growing community even more easily, but this is not the only reason as to why ... Read More

E-Commerce SEO Strategies for Quick Daily Sales

Once Online Product Sellers were facing a lot of troubles to reach the audience through the digital medium. Now, the things are getting simple and easy when the right strategy is followed for the business. Most of the discussions will be around the URL structure, product description, product meta tags and more. Here, our only ... Read More

Fortes Medical Hair Centre joins ClickDo for an all-around digital marketing consultation

Several months back the owners of Fortes Medical, based in London, contacted Fernando for a digital marketing consultation for their business’ internet presence.  This has lead to ClickDo offering them the full package for digital marketing including the management of their website and all aspects of marketing and web services, led by Logesh, the senior ... Read More