How to utilize Content Distribution Channels effectively for a Digital Marketing Campaign?


Readers want to consume the material that will allow them to form deep emotional relationships with businesses despite the billions of blog articles, video uploads, and social media posts published daily.

Digital marketing is a powerful way to reach your target audience and convert them into customers. Using all the different channels is essential to make the most of your digital marketing campaign. Content distribution is crucial in marketing to expand the content’s reach, engagement, and conversions. The strategy of content distribution depends on your business goals. A content distribution channel is any channel like social media, LinkedIn, and Twitter used for sharing and promoting your content.

A content distribution strategy for every type of content can effectively increase the results of your content marketing efforts. A strong content distribution strategy and producing top-notch content often go hand in hand with producing success in digital marketing. The content distribution should have a clear objective for the content. Every industry and business has different needs when building a plan to promote its content. By producing content that matches your audience, and the user behaviors on the chosen platforms and distribution channels, you are increasing your chances of gaining the most out of your content marketing strategy.


The channels you use to share and advertise your material are known as content distribution channels. Your audience and available resources will influence the distribution platforms you choose. Owned, earned, and paid are the three broad categories of content distribution channels that include a variety of more particular distribution methods.

This section will discuss the importance of effectively utilizing content distribution channels for a digital marketing campaign through guest posting on other blogs or websites.

What Types of Content to share on which Content Distribution Channel for the best Digital Marketing and PR Results?

1. Personally owned distribution channels


It is essential to understand what type of content formats are best for your target audience from your content distribution strategy. Most of the audience prefers longer and more detailed content formats, eBooks, and webinars. The content distributed via these channels can be anything from blogs, images, videos, or podcasts. Content distribution channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Medium, Podcasts, Pinterest, and YouTube are all owned distribution channels.

LinkedIn is one of the content distribution channels that professionals mainly use. It is the most effective way of sharing LinkedIn content and attracting your target audience. Sharing regular content and engaging with other creators’ content help your business grow. Facebook is the best way to post valuable content and use high-quality videos to engage your audience. Instagram is another distribution channel that is effectively used for marketing by creating reels and videos.

Medium is a great platform to publish content related to your brand. Email is an effective distribution channel for sharing valuable content with your audience. Community distribution channels are an essential digital marketing strategy in the long term. Community distribution channels such as Slack groups, Quora, and Reddit can be used to post and share valuable content with your audience and engage with other users’ content.  

Finding a community where your product users hang out and deliver pitch-free content by generating more leads and revenue would be best. It all depends on the company’s needs and what they want to achieve with its marketing strategy.

2. Paid distribution channels


Paid distribution channels are the most common way to get your content to reach your target audience. It is a very effective way to generate organic traffic and get quality leads. Paid distribution channels are effective for a digital marketing campaign to create awareness, promote a product or service, or generate leads. Paid distribution channels include:

  • Social Media advertising: It is one of the most powerful ways to reach your global audience through advertising. You can target your audience more effectively than other forms of advertising. You can also measure how effective your ads are.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: It can be used as payment on a per-click basis for an ad that will run continuously until the time you decide to stop it. PPC campaigns are the most cost-effective form of advertising, generating leads and making sales. It is the fastest way to get your business seen by a large number of people.
  • Sponsored content: It is a form of advertising as an article or blog post. Through sponsored content, you can advertise your products or services by reaching your target audiences.
  • Paid influencers: They are an important part of a digital marketing campaign. Paid influencers are people who have a large following on social media and are paid by brands or companies to post about their products.
  • Display ads: It is a form of advertising in which the advertiser pays to have their message shown on a website. Display ads are used to promote products or services by displaying images, text, or video content on a webpage.

3. Guest post publications

Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to generate organic traffic to your website. It is a digital marketing service that helps you reach a new audience with your content distribution. Guest posts allow you to attract backlinks, expose your content, generate brand awareness, and indirectly impact sales. Guest posting is one of the usually paid distribution channels used to promote content by you and a third party. Earned distribution channels can attract more views, backlinks, and mentions.

The best way to make the most of guest posts or mentions is to publish precious and strategic content on suitable guest posting sites. Guest posting allows you to reach your target audience via different content distribution channels to share information about your products and services. It creates value and trust for your business in the minds of your audience, which is the best way to grow and expand your business.

Publishing content as a guest blogger on websites with higher domain authority in your niche allows you to showcase your knowledge in your industry and build your reputation as an expert. ClickDo is a digital marketing consultancy service that offers guest posting services that boost any website’s ranks with strategic guest content, mentions, and link placements, which the SEO experts offer support with. They also offer content creation services to produce SEO optimized content for you that they then publish for you on your chosen websites.

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4. Digital PR services

Digital PR is an effective way to generate awareness of a product or service. It also increases the visibility of content on social media platforms and search engines. Digital PR is a form of digital marketing that utilizes social media, blogs, and other digital platforms to reach potential consumers and influencers. Digital PR can be done through various content distribution channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more.

Digital PR, in the form of press or news releases, are effective ways to build a strong presence on search engines and social media platforms, enhancing your credibility and generating quality leads for your business. ClickDo is a digital marketing consultancy that offers tailored PR and news distribution services.

They have a team of SEO and marketing experts with access to a substantial network of PR and news publishers to distribute your content for publication. For the best SEO and branding outcomes, you should opt for their media release services that rank better on search engines as they contain your hyperlinks, images or videos, and social links which makes them more interactive.

Find some media release examples here

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Digital PR, like media press releases, is an effective way for a digital marketing campaign that is indexed on search engines and promotional or branded. As you can see, the content can contain business logos and branded media to enhance visibility online. ClickDo also offers branding support services for creating more brand awareness with the different PR and content publication formats they offer.

Regardless of the Content Distribution Channel your Content matters!


Getting your material in front of your audience—and not just any audience—is the primary goal of content distribution. Research your target audience so you are aware of precisely who will be reading your material before you continue to develop your content distribution plan. Gather demographic information first from your clients, email subscribers, social media followers, and website visitors. Consider your audience’s age, income, geography, level of education, and other relevant factors. Understand their needs and questions to curate your content and distribute it to the right channels.

All your material functions to create a perception of your entire brand story. As a result, everything should be related to one another and be consistent in some way. For instance, running several advertisements with varying messages across various channels would be confusing and potentially harmful to your branding.

The secret is to consider your material as a whole and choose distribution methods that will make your content flow into one another. You could link to your YouTube videos from your blog articles and make your films’ CTAs to subscribe to your newsletter. Grow your audience by interlinking your content on all your channels to create a snowball effect for your digital marketing campaign. You can find out more about strategic online media placements here to get an idea of all the things to consider.


A strong content distribution strategy with top-notch targeted content often goes hand in hand with producing success in digital marketing. As a marketer or business owner, you now require a firm plan for distributing your content online via the most suitable channels to get the attention of your intended audience. ClickDo offers tailored services for SEO, PR, advertising, and branding to make your digital marketing campaign successful through the above content distribution channels and publications, so get in touch with them today to discuss your questions or enquiries.

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