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How Do You Beat The New Google Update?

If you haven’t read the first part of this article then – Click here to read the Google Sky is Falling. So a quick brief on Google is that from their point of view, every update is to improve the quality of the search results for its customers. Google simply wants to have the best ... Read More

Has Your Website Lost Google Ranks This Year? Is It A Penalty or a Devaluation?

A lot of websites dropped in rankings while others climbed higher on the SERP’s during the last couple of months. As of late February, the professionals in the SEO industry have been trying to understand if it’s a Google penalty for duplicate content or internal duplicate content issue or else what caused the drop in organic ... Read More

Google’s Mobile Search & New Refinement Buttons

Websites may look longer and beautiful in PCs. But, most of the search happens through smartphones. Whatever the information the user may require, he prefers the usage of smartphones! It was before a decade that a user has to use a Big Computer to search for information (or) to make a purchase! This mobile search ... Read More

Recap of Google’s Important Algorithm Updates in 2017

Google, the search engine giant is now into the lives of every smartphone user. They provide various applications, which makes our life easy! Starting from Google Search Engine (world’s largest and most trusted search engine, a Monopoly!), Google Maps, Google Hangouts, Tez Payment Systems and it extends up to Google Assistant for smartphones! With this ... Read More

Rankbrain & Hummingbird: How It Really Works

SEO all stems down to algorithm.  Googles algorithm started off pretty basic in the early 2000s but over the years it has got much more developed and advance and is much more humanised than ever before. So here is a more in depth understanding on what really goes on and how everything is actually processed ... Read More