Avoid Falling Foul of The Latest Google Algorithm Updates with these SEO tips


latest-Google-algorithm-updatesHave you been hit from the latest Google algorithm update? or want to know how to prevent and avoid falling foul of the Latest Google Algorithm Updates? – If the answer is yes, you are on the right web page.

In this guide, I will walk you through some of the latest updates and what you must know and then who to prevent from getting hit from any Google update.

I’m the #1 SEO Consultant and I’ve been doing SEO services for over 5 years every single day!

Top technical SEO approaches discover what works, what doesn’t and how we can future-proof from Google latest algorithm updates. Last June 2019 there was a big Google update many websites shuffled in ranks and we had some of our client sites also going up and some down. However, I still rank #1 for SEO Consultant and most of our client’s websites are also ranking higher on Google.

Google is like a beautiful lady that keeps on throwing in new demands when you least expect it. To some, Google likes shifting goal posts now and then. But to others, Google is a neutral referee who does their best to ensure a level playing field for everyone. This latter opinion makes much sense.

  • Come to think of it, website owners and web developers can very easily break the rules to get top ranking. It has happened before. To curb this, Google is continually updating their rules and regulations on content use.
  • In the infancy of the internet, all that a website needed was to fill a page with the relevant keywords to get top ranking. Then search engines raised the bar when they realised that some sites were misusing this concept. Have a look below at some of the major Google updates that have taken place over the years;

Toolbar Update; when the internet started taking over the world at the beginning of the millennium, Google came up with the Toolbar Update in December 2000; this was primarily the concept that pages could be ranked differently based on the content and especially keyword phrases. This is where the wars between SEO practitioners and Google really begun. The former rushed to stuff keywords and phrases into pages with intent to get top ranking; it was only a matter of time before the latter uncovered this improper trend.

Nofollow Update; this Google update was released in January 2005. It explained the importance of quality backlinks and why Spammy backlinks risked getting your site flagged off. You can use as many backlinks as you wish, but if they are questionable, SERPs would never acknowledge them. Read

  1. What Is a Nofollow Link? Here’s A Simple Plain English Answer
  2. The Nofollow Question: How Much Credit Do Nofollow Links Get?

Personalised search update June 2005; this ushered in a new dawn in the world of search engines. Google could use your search history to guess what you’re likely to search. This personalised Search Update is what has advanced today to YouTube’s ability to recommend videos you should watch.

Recent Google Updates you should remember;

Today, there are over 200 factors that determine page ranking on Google. You’ll need to understand them to make it to the top of SERPs.

Using Structured Data Markup; this is a sure way of improving your page appearance. But more importantly, you need to understand that both Google and Bing use mark-ups to verify websites. By marking-up your content, you’re increasing your chances of being ranked at the top of major search engines. Voice searches also tend to favor sites that have well structured and cited content.

Page speed helps in ranking; on average, a page should load within 4-5 seconds. Anything else past that risks increasing the bounce rate on the site. Google updates are championing the need for web developers to develop pages that are user-friendly to users (mobile friendly). The user-friendliness includes not just the display of content, but also faster load times.

Preparing for future updates;

Like Google’s updates are hard to predict or prepare for. The trick always lies in always being on your toes. Here’s how you can do that.

  • Ensure that your content answers customer’s questions. Nowadays, users conducting searches have a Quick Answer box at the top. Users can quickly check for results on the main page without having to click any link. Be sure to integrate every phrase that users are likely to search.
  • Optimising for voice search is also crucial. Voice searches account for a huge chunk of Google’s searches. Have your site streamlined so that it is easy to find and locate during a voice search.
  • Good old SEO practices should never escape you. Google will still expect you to use authoritative and reputable links. Diversify the links and use multiple sites. Likewise, keyword usage should also be utilised. The rule is always to use one keyword for every 100 words. The keyword should appear naturally within the article.

Avoid falling out of the latest Google updates by embracing new and advanced SEO techniques. ClickDo is a leading digital marketing agency that understands too well how dominant SERPs work. Looking to have your site optimised to make it perform better while also complying with all Google updates? Just get in touch and rank higher on Google and get the leads you always wanted.

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How to avoid Google penalties with algorithm updates?

You don’t have to wait for Google’s next updates and start running helter-skelter; let the pros in the industry cushion you from such. You can never go wrong with ClickDo website optimisation services as we’ve been doing it for over 5 years now and helped hundreds of business owners rank their websites higher on the first page of Google.

Ranking higher on Google takes time however with properly done On page SEO techniques and strategically doing off site SEO will certainly help the budge.

At ClickDo we start the offsite SEO work by submitting the domain with the business detailed to the top 100 UK business directories which will give a huge SEO boost for your domain.

And then we start guest blogging doing blogger outreach work for you to get high quality backlinks for your web pages. This is what will lift your website to the top of Google search results.

Google bots look at what sites linking to your web pages as references. This works so well when you get backlinks from high quality websites that get daily traffic.

When getting SEO backlink packages, you must try to get from websites that get organic traffic from Google.

Below are some examples of our recent guest blogs on high-quality websites for our clients. You can check our buy backing online page for more details and the link building services page.

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How Do You Beat The New Google Update?


If you haven’t read the first part of this article then – Click here to read the Google Sky is Falling.

So a quick brief on Google is that from their point of view, every update is to improve the quality of the search results for its customers.

Google simply wants to have the best websites at the top of the search results.

beat-google-updatesSo it is time to think like a big company, a brand – a business that wants to dominate their niche.

The message has been the same for many years from Google, they have beat the same drum over and over again.

Quality content, quality experience, and be a trusted authority on the subject.

The latest Google algorithm update – the 12th March Core Update, follows the same beats of drum.

So let’s start at the beginning…

Quality Content

What this means is the content on your website is exactly what the user is looking for. Google is a reading machine, but it can’t tell what is good content and what is bad content.

However, what it can do is measure and record what a user does on your website.

  • Do they stay on your website longer than they stayed on your competitors websites?
  • Do they interact with your website by clicking around, watching videos or reading the content?
  • Do they fill out a form or press the contact us?
  • Do they look at other parts of your website like your blog, about us or other services/products?

All these things Google can see with its analytics that you installed on your website. They are all strong indicators of a good user experience.

The thing is Google has been preaching quality content for a long while now, and if you ask people in the SEO industry if quality content was critical.

They would say not really because they have been able to rank on Google with less than good content, and using lots of hacks to get to the top.


But now we have the artificial intelligence taking over, this is where quality content will come into play a lot more. Simply because it can split test websites quicker and more efficiently than what a man made algorithm can.

The artificial intelligence can test things that a human would never think about testing, it will come to its own conclusions based on the millions of experiments it can do.

Like I said in the last article, some of these conclusions may be the same as Google’s but others will be different from Google’s conclusions.

Quality Experience

This is where it gets interesting because being able to split test different websites, the artificial intelligence can easily see what content its users like best and what experience users prefer to have with different keywords, and then move websites rankings appropriately.

So for example, if it found users liked to watch videos for a certain search term, it may put some videos at the top of the search results, and it will rank websites that have more videos on their pages.

On top of this though it will be constantly split testing against its own conclusions, so it will sometimes put a website that has different content – may be more images for example.

The reason is that it wants to constantly prove itself right or prove itself wrong, so it is always giving it users exactly what they want.

If it found for example that users were having a better experience on a website with lots of images and fewer videos, then it would keep placing that website and others similar to it in higher positions.

But this is a difficult uphill battle and is not a great strategy to follow. It’s a risky strategy to go against the grain of what Google’s users want for different search terms.

So the best content and experience strategy, is to do something similar to what is ranking at the top of Google. If they have 3 videos on the page, then you put 3 or 4 videos on the page. If they have 1500 words on their page then you should have about 1500 words on your page.

You need to think about ways that you can get a customer to interact with your website because this tells Google people like it. So things like buttons to click, videos to watch, engaging content to read (so they scroll down the page), and forms to fill out. All these things will tell Google that people are getting a good answer to their search.

Google is showing you what it thinks is the best way to answer a search from its users, you simply just have to look at the top 3 – The answer is in plain sight.

Trusted Authority

There was an update late last year called by the SEO world the Medic Update. It was called that because the websites that people saw being affected first were health and medical websites.

To Google these type of niches where it is important to have 100% accuracy by a highly trusted source are the websites they have the strictest rules for.

So it is natural that any update targets these types of niches first.

So this is what they did, and some big health websites dropped in rankings because they wasn’t meeting the new criteria for what they wanted at the top of Google for these search terms.

The types of things they were rewarding were things like

Does the website have proper onpage optimisation because a professional company would have great onpage optimisation?

For example is there a terms and conditions page, a privacy policy, schema markup, quick loading time, well optimised content.

All these basic foundational things are a sign of high quality to Google and a website that is investing in doing all this correctly are more likely to be a better website to send their users to.

Does the website have trusted and respected people within the company?

For example, does this doctors website have an about us page with the professional doctors listed on that page.

Also does this about us page link out to the personal sites like Linkedin and Facebook where it says the same information.

Can these experts be found around the internet on similar websites talking about what they are an expert in.

Can these experts be contacted i.e. are their email address or phone number directly on the website.

This is new, this is a big change.

Google is not only looking at how good your content is, but also who is writing that content.

The point of all this is that it was experimenting on its health niche and others similar to it. The latest update will most likely be following the lead of this experiment.

So it is important to have people of significance writing on your website, who have their own personal brand across the internet on other trusted related websites.

This is something that will give you a massive advantage over your competitors who are not doing this.

The Sky is Still Up But It Has Changed Colour

So there you have it, as I said in the last article – nothing has truly changed in terms of what Google wants.

What has changed is they are now capable more than ever of taking your rankings away in a split second if it finds a better alternative.

At the end of the day, it comes down to

  1. Giving a great customer experience on your website
  2. Having a well optimized website
  3. Having a brand that is across the internet showing expertise on your niche
  4. Having better content that answers the users search better than your competitors
  5. Constantly be updating and improving all of this to stay on top
  6. Having accountability by having real people being easy to contact

The Google Sky is Falling – What The New Google Update is and Why it is Important For Your Business


If you could hear the screams in the SEO world last month you would think that the sky was falling. That the Google gods had come down and let off bolts of lightning at websites across the internet.

The truth of that matter though is –  yes there was a big update to Google’s search algorithm, and yes everyone in the SEO world needed to pay attention to it because it was one of Google’s biggest updates since they started releasing updates.


It was also the first time Google had named their update, they named it the March 2019 Core Update.

They did this I believe in a tongue in cheek way because every other update up to this point has been named by influencers in the SEO world.

So to come out and give it a name for the first time is significant – it means they think they have the foundations of a finished product and want to talk about it publicly.

The finished product they are alluding to is their new way of ranking websites on the Google search results.  

You can see in the image below an example of what happened to a lot of top sites across the internet.

The good news though is generally after a couple of weeks, the websites that were at the top went back to the top. But you can imagine the chaos and uncertainty this caused people, scratching their heads wondering why they aren’t numbered 1 anymore.


They have been testing extensively for about 2 years now on what they want the future of search to look like, and how they can get the user experience even better.

You see Google’s philosophy is how do we answer the customers question with the best answer in the quickest time.

So naturally, it wants to rank the best websites, with the best customer experience and the best information at the top of the search results.

The technology Google has been testing over the last couple of years is called Rankbrain in the SEO world. In normal terms, it is simply an artificial intelligence program.

Basically, Google used to have algorithms made by some of the best minds in the industry to make black and white decision making.

These algorithms decided which websites got to the top of Google and which ones didn’t.

The problem was these algorithms were easily exploitable and the SEO community are always looking for hacks to rank websites higher on Google, so they abused the loopholes.

This, in turn, made Google release more updates to their code, but every time they closed one loophole, SEO ninjas would find another loophole and then rinse and repeat.

On top of this, you have a lot of manpower that Google had to use in order to keep on top of all this and to keep releasing new updates on a consistent basis.

So it was only natural for them to find a way to reduce the manpower cost, which could be used more effectively in other areas of the business.

This leads them to create artificial intelligence to replace themselves within their own business.

Like most artificial intelligence systems they started from a blank slate, and it simply watched and learned.

Google has 20 years of experience and wisdom, and they already knew a lot of the ways the older system could get exploited.

So after a while, they let it loose in the wild on a small percentage of the internet to see what it did.

Kind of like letting your kid loose into the world when you take the school for the first time.

Imagine how many cat videos it watched before it started doing some work…

Over time this A.I. got better and better, to the point that we reached last month where they released it fully into the wild.

The Google search engine is now completely run by an A.I. and it basically means all the rules change on a daily basis for what website should rank at the top of Google.

There was massive disruption across the internet, some websites that were number 1 dropped down to page 2 or 3, and some weren’t even in the top 100 results anymore.

Websites that were on the second or third page found themselves on the first page.

Chaos ensued and the end of SEO was proclaimed…

The Beginning of the End

This is it, folks!

This is where the amateurs get off and the people who are serious about their online presence continue forward.

This is the best thing that could happen for your business if you are serious about ranking on Google

I personally don’t worry about updates, because for me SEO is simple. The best SEO gives Google exactly what it wants for its customers.

It wants to be best friends with its customers and it wants to give the best advice possible on what website they should go on, to answer their specific problem.

It does not want to deceive them in any way, and it never wants them to have a bad experience.

It wants their customers to get their answer in the quickest, most efficient and most effective way.

All it wants is for you to give them the website that they can trust and proudly send their customers to.

So when you understand their philosophy – There is never a surprise when they release an update because every update follows their philosophy.

Yes, there are some tweaks here and there with each update, but really if the SEO is good these tweaks were already done before Google started demanding it.

The only difference is now they have to teach this philosophy to Artificial Intelligence. The A.I. that was once the student is now becoming the master.

The reason for this is it can measure things and compile data millions of times faster than people can.

So it can run experiments very fast to find out random things, and whether those random things are good or bad for the customer experience.

For example, websites that are https which means it’s secured from data hacking, at one point got a boost in rankings because a Google employee had programmed some code to give a bonus to https websites.

However now the A.I. is coming up with the rules, what is interesting is the A.I.  comes to many similar conclusions that Google has come to over the years. So it too ranks https websites higher than HTTP websites.

Why does it do this?

Well, it has come to its own conclusion that https is a positive signal for a good website.

It most likely found that customers stayed longer on websites that were secure, they probably purchased more products from these websites or they filled out more forms.

The conclusion may be the same as Google but the working out is different.

Google gave the ranking increase because being the tech nerds they are, they knew that an https website is better than an HTTP website because it is – and there is no further discussion needed.

The A.I., on the other hand, worked from a blank slate but was able to look at thousands of different factors and A/B test every minute of every day. Which leads it to be able to come to the conclusion that it’s better to rank https websites higher.

So why is this important?

Well because the working out on how what and why a website ranks at the top of the search is different.

It will change on a daily basis and at a moments notice it could flip turn upside down and inside out if it thinks that the new method is a better way to rank websites.

What This All Means For Your Business Moving Forward

In a nutshell, it means now, more than ever you need to make sure that your website is the best it can be. The rules may be changing, but Google’s philosophy stays the same. Quality content, quality websites and quality experience.

I once listened to a guy who wrote a very long book, he said he wrote it that way because he only wanted the people who spent the time to get the real juicy stuff.

I am all out of time this week, you will have to click here for the next part for the answers.

Hint: If you can read between the lines, the answers are all in this article.

What to do when Rank Shuffle due to Google Algorithm Update?

Google King of Search - New Updates

Google is one of the biggest and widely used Search Engine globally. They work hard to maintain the quality of search results and will definitely penalise any site that do not follow their guidelines. Further, if you have got hit (or) if you are facing any issues with respect to a huge rank drop, you should definitely read this article and take action based on the below recommendations.

Understanding the most recent update!

The first step is to understand why Google has destroyed the ranks. More often, the updates will be focused on Quality of the website and its content. One other factor for your website being hit might be due to a Manual review. Let’s break them down one by one.

Your Backlink Profile Makes a Lot of Sense:

Its no joke that Backlinks are the most powerful means to push the site to Page 1. On the other hand, if you push harder by building tons of link to the website with strong anchor text profile, you are messing up with Google AI (Artificial Intelligence). This in turn will destroy your ranks in real time. According to our recent findings, we identified that the backlinks from Indexed sites work in real time. There is a rank shuffle which is directly proportional to the rank changes. Hence, Google is volatile with respect to SERP these days.

So, the solution is to identify and disavow toxic backlinks through the Google Search Console.

Content Duplication within the website is Dangerous!

You might not be doing this mistake consciously, but your website might get hit if you have not taken this small change in your CMS. Let’s assume you have a blog section in your website and you have a variety of articles under a particular category.

Category: Digital Marketing

Number of Articles: 20 to 30

If this is the case, you should properly place “Canonical” tags and “no-index” for Category archives as they generate several pages in the site with patterns /page/1/ and /page/2/ – This continues!

Hence, making the category pages recognisable (or) no-index is a very good idea to make sure you escape the content duplication within the website. One of the other biggest mistake people do is to copy and paste “Brand Informative” content into all the pages and it results in bringing a negative signal on to your website.

Internal Linking should be meaningful

Having a meaningful internal linking structure makes a huge difference with respect to a website’s overall ranking. One of the classic example is Wikipedia. If you do a deep study in their internal linking structure, they have done the links in the most meaningful way.

Having meaningful links that relate to relevant articles will improve the overall domains authority and content relevancy for the niche. If you have a website thats penalised by Google’s latest algorithm updates, do get in touch with us to recover your site back on SERPs!

What Google Says About The August Core Algorithm Update?


Many are wondering about the freaky funky Update that has been rolled out by Google recently since August 1st, 2018. This core update has affected many websites. Some sites were nowhere in the SERP but suddenly moved to the top 3 and some websites which were ranking on top of the SERP were dropped dramatically.

This was the biggest Google algorithm update for over a year. Many business websites were affected and moved from their ranks.

However, Google doesn’t reveal any reasons for the update, Google has only announced that the core algorithm update is a very extensive one with lots of fluctuations occuring two to three times per year.

More than that, Google doesn’t give any valid explanations or reasons for the rank drop of some of the top ranking websites. Some SEO bloggers and experts speculate that it’s all about the content and that Google focus on validated and useful information.

What does the Google Core Algorithm Update actually mean?

google updateGoogle creates tons of minor updates every year but the core update comes in big waves only two to three times annually.

Google undertakes a lot of research and makes at least one change in its core algorithm per day.

These small changes may not noticably affect the websites, but the core updates will do so.

Core updates of Google will actually make changes in valuing the different kinds of ranking signals.

Not many, but some sites may be affected by this when their ranking factor depends upon very few signals. However, it can’t be claimed that this is the reason for the rank drops unless Google confirms this.

How to bring the lost ranks back?

google algorithm updateUnless Google reveals a few reasons about the update, you should not try any weird and unreasonalbe things on your website.

Google may work on many things once the update is rolled out, you can see the fluctuations in the ranks even after a few days of the update being rolled out.

Usually, Google doesn’t give any static reason behind the rank drops.

Mostly Google pays more attention to the content presented on the website, hence its important for all the site owners to work on the content and make it more useful for their readers and visitors.

Was your website affected by the August 1st Google core algorithm update? 

If yes, just follow Google’s quality guidelines to bring the ranks back.

Do not give up on SEO if you want your ranks back and enjoy the ranks that give you leads, sales and help you make money from the Google ranks on Google.

You should focus on long tail keywords and add more quality content to your business websites.

At ClickDo we’ve seen many websites drop as well as many moving up.

To be honest we feel there wasn’t anything specifically that we could rectify for the shuffles. Some of the client websites we just started working on bounced to the first page with very little backlinks and work being done. So we think this could be that Google tries to give a chance to everyone and make the rankings more transferable.

This morning when I searched for “google core algorithm update I saw this article > Google: August core algorithm update still rolling out


You can read more on Google, but all we can say is have patience and chill for a bit.

In the meantime, you can join the ClickDo online SEO training academy and lean the SEO skills to Rank & Bank.

Google Earnings 2018 – More Than What You Expect!

Google Earning 2018

As everyone wants to know everything to know from Google, ever wondered what Google is doing and make out of it every year? By Understanding everyone’s curiosity, here we are revealing the actual Google Earning 2018 so far.

Google Earning 2018:

Do you trust anyone better than Google? Here, we bring out the stats of Google Earning, which are revealed by themselves, so there is no way you cannot believe.

  • Google Revenue is increasing by 26% year after year.
  • The First Quater of this year[January to April] alone saw $31.16 billion.
  • On Average – $7.79 Billion per month. We are mid of a year, so we can expect it to be $46.74 Billion at the end of June.
  • With 2017 earning has reached $110 Billion, we can expect it to be huge when they finish the year 2018.

Even though Google has seen the bigger sales growth, their traffic has been increasing the revenue and concern on spending a lot on computing power and real estate peaks.

Google Earning 2018So, Let’s see what the Canadian mass media – Thomson Reuters Corporation says,

  • $31.15 billion on Revenue
  • $9.93 on Earning Per Share
  • $7 billion as an operating income of 2018.

Here comes our very own topic, Google Advertising,

As always, Alphabet – Google’s parent company has seen the most of its revenue through Google Advertising, which is $26.642 billion in the first quarter of 2018. This shows a 20% hike from the last year. The other players inside the alphabet in the name of search and YouTube is now with the whopping amount of $22 billion through Alphabet Properties.

Google EarningThings are getting better every day in Alphabet and it’s subsidiary Google. We at ClickDo is exploring every update of Google in our blog, just read it out to know what is happening around you.

Has Your Website Lost Google Ranks This Year? Is It A Penalty or a Devaluation?

A lot of websites dropped in rankings while others climbed higher on the SERP’s during the last couple of months. As of late February, the professionals in the SEO industry have been trying to understand if it’s a Google penalty for duplicate content or internal duplicate content issue or else what caused the drop in organic rankings.

Many local business owners thought their websites were being penalized as a result of the SEO being done wrong or a bad link.

I’ve been digging deep to understand what caused the drop for some of my local business SEO clients like EOT Cleaning, Express Waste Removals, Angel Orthodontics etc… Initially, I thought it was a Google algorithm change and that the backlinks could have caused it.

But when I researched the issue I figured out that, websites which have multiple pages with similar content caused the drop in ranks.

Google bots saw pages with similar content or those with related keywords and they did not know which page to rank on the SERPs.

For example, the EOT Cleaning website had the following page https://www.end-of-tenancy-london.co.uk/services/end-of-tenancy-cleaning/  which was also ranking on the first page of Google for the keywords “end of tenancy cleaning” and “end of tenancy cleaning London” and the homepage > https://www.end-of-tenancy-london.co.uk was also ranking on the SERPs for the same. Precisely 5th and 6th spots. Of course, we were happy to have the more real estate on the first page of Google and even ranked as #1 on Local map pack.

But suddenly the ranks dropped and both pages dropped to the second page and bamm we lost all the traffic to the website and the client was super upset. We suspected there were bad backlinks or someone did some negative SEO (There was a case of negative SEO and we did rectify that)… but this went on for 3-4 weeks and we couldn’t figure out what was happening and why EOT Cleaning lost ranks. The website was built to showcase the best end of tenancy cleaning services provider on the web. Kasun did such a great job in that and he was shocked to see the drop in organic traffic and ranks.

Before going further let me tell you what a Google penalty is and if such happened what the situation would look like:

If your website got a penalty, it wouldn’t be in the top 100 positions at all.

How can you be certain that your website didn’t get a penalty from Google? – If it ranks on the top 10 pages or say it just got kicked to the 2nd or even a couple of pages away from the first page, it’s because Google bots got confused and devalued the content.

What is duplicate content?

Duplicate-Content-according-to-GoogleMany penalties are not actually penalties and they are more like devaluations.

One more thing: Make sure your website speed is at its maximum. I recently did page speed optimization and hosted ClickDo https://clickdo.co.uk/ on our super-fast business webhosting and I got a good boost in ranking. Even got back to being #1 for SEO Consultant terms like the good old times.


Website page speed really matters, so make sure your website page speed optimization is done and it’s hosted on a super-fast web hosting service like SeekaHost.

3 main causes of losing ranks in 2018

  1. Having duplicate content on your website
  2. Having pages with thin content that doesn’t add value to the reader
  3. Having competing pages on your website

The Internal Duplicate Content Could Trigger a Google Penalty

The 1st and 3rd points got the evil eye during the last update and Google bots punished them by dropping ranks.

The good news is that all the above can be fixed and you can get the ranks back. By taking away the sub service page we got the EOT Cleaning website back on the SERP’s and it’s now on its way to the top.

You can easily use tools like Screaming Frog or  http://www.siteliner.com/ to find duplicate content on your website:

SitelinerClean up the duplicate content and meta data on your website and make sure that Google bots realize that it’s a unique website for their search engine users.


For pages with thin content, add more compelling content and make them standout or combine pages that are similar and sort your competing pages.

Having competing pages on a local business website is a BIG NO NO!

Use SEMRush or else https://authoritylabs.com to find the top 100 positions and all the URLs of the websites showing up for a particular phrase.

You can plug in your Google search console, SEMRush and SpyFu to Authority Labs and collect the data.

In other words, have the most powerful page on your website as the only page for a particular keyword and take down the other one. There is not point in having multiple pages, and blog posts talking about the similar topic.

We are doing the same for Express Waste Removals today, let’s see if it shifts to the first page. Because this page https://www.expresswasteremovals.co.uk/rubbish-removal/ is  going after the keyword “rubbish removal London” which is also on the home page https://www.expresswasteremovals.co.uk/ and what we actually want is to rank the home page.  So, let’s see how it works.

If you are blogging daily/weekly on your website, make sure you do not blog about the same topic regularly.

Blogging could actually hurt your organic ranks!

So make sure you have an excel sheet to record all the blog posts and URLs you create when publishing content on your website.

Never blog about the same topic that the home page is talking about, be creative when blogging and write content that can support the targeted keywords by answering questions your targeted customer or audience may have.

Recently I messed up the ranks of >  https://business.clickdo.co.uk/ for the keyword “UK Business Blog” because the home page had titles that were supporting the main keyword “UK Business Blog”

So make sure to clean up all the internal duplicate content issues on your website and get back the ranks. This could take a few weeks but the organic ranks will certainly bounce back.


Read how to deal with duplicate content issues at https://neilpatel.com/blog/how-to-deal-with-duplicate-content-issues-including-those-created-by-your-cms/ For more tips about duplicate content and how to resolve the SEO issues this year.

Google’s Mobile Search & New Refinement Buttons

how mobile search changes in 2018

Websites may look longer and beautiful in PCs. But, most of the search happens through smartphones. Whatever the information the user may require, he prefers the usage of smartphones! It was before a decade that a user has to use a Big Computer to search for information (or) to make a purchase! This mobile search saves people tonnes of time. As smartphones are readily available + make the job easier, every individual uses mobile search. As per the recent survey, Mobile users has been increased to 75% while comparing with desktop users. In near future, it is expected to reach by 90%.

Already Google has announced that Mobile-friendly Website is an important factor for improving your SEO Ranks. Now Google announced it’s advanced mobile search interface and new search refinement buttons are in testing.

About Mobile New Search:

The Speciality of new search interface is that it presents fewer search results on the Mobile search, along with the new options button named “more results”. Also, Google is testing buttons to refine your search quickly in the search results.

In addition, Google is in a constant experiment with the new mobile search feature to deliver users the best experience.

About More Search button:

When users search for some information on Mobile, Google only shows two to three organic results. If a user needs more search results, they have to click on the more results button. When more results button clicked, then Google dynamically loads larger search results.

As people change their search to smartphones, Google is consistently working on making mobile search easy and better. All these features are in testing phase and currently we do not have information on which this will be launched. We may expect this in 2018!

Recap of Google’s Important Algorithm Updates in 2017

Google New Algorithm Updates

Google, the search engine giant is now into the lives of every smartphone user. They provide various applications, which makes our life easy! Starting from Google Search Engine (world’s largest and most trusted search engine, a Monopoly!), Google Maps, Google Hangouts, Tez Payment Systems and it extends up to Google Assistant for smartphones! With this all in place, Google has inter-connected all the applications to provide you with more personalised results.

What’s all the Buzz about Google’s Latest and most important algorithm update in 2017?

Google’s “Fred” Algorithm update happened in March 2017. This update targets black-hat tactics used to rank the website on top of the Search Engine’s results page. Again, there is nothing brand new! This update identifies overloaded ads, low value content and includes user benefits for ranking the websites. This update has caused revenue drop for many top websites that were earning huge sum in Advertisements placed on their website. This in turn, is to make sure that the users get a richer experience in the website.

Website with least user experience score has lost all their organic traffic overnight!

Google Intrusive Interstitial Penalty:

Intrusive Interstitial Penalty algorithm update happened in January 2017.

If a website has too many intrusive Ads, especially on mobile devices – Their ranks were destroyed. The main reason being users are not able to access the required information / content on the website due to this interstitial Ads.


  • When Popup Ads covers the main content
  • Displaying a standalone interstitial.

Rankbrain & Hummingbird: How It Really Works

SEO all stems down to algorithm.  Googles algorithm started off pretty basic in the early 2000s but over the years it has got much more developed and advance and is much more humanised than ever before. So here is a more in depth understanding on what really goes on and how everything is actually processed by google…

3972098242_7187280c5bUnderstand Rankbrain to go higher in the SERPS

For 2016 SEO, Rankbrain is Googles new most important algorithm. It is the artificial intelligence that there using for Google and they are using it tremendously. Rankbrain is the thinking part (cognation). So what does it do? Well it’s machine learnt. It watches for searches for what people search for, what they click, their internal clicks, their internal click termination to make an educated guess to what each entity is and what the user wants so it can make the best educated guess as possible.

Know Hummingbird to understand the memory

Hummingbird is like a database that goes out there and listens to the queries, and finds, passes and eats all the html and makes little identity based nests on what the website is about. Like I said Hummingbird is the memory. This means it reads the pages and the schema to make an entity base.

Entity’s or web pages?

Google does not rank web pages, it ranks entity’s, and makes entity database for websites and a certain business. For example: Let’s say a company called “Supermattresses” that has a website that sells a product called “soft mattress” and also has a contact us page, these employees etc to make the knowledge base. So remember Rankbrain is the thinking, and Hummingbird is the memory.

So how does this all work?

So if the user searched for “Supermattreses” and the search comes up with two different results…

1-      Supermattresses.com/double-beds

2-      Supermattresses.com/single-beds

Then if more users click the single beds page and the user is satisfied based on what they do on that page they then change the database/rankings on whatever the users prefer when they search for that query.


So that’s basically how Rankbrain and Hummingbird works. I used it for businesses (go to) in the example, but the truth is it works for all SEO queries. So they do this for queries such as know, go, and do queries as well. This also applies to global and local rankings too. This is how they have always done it. It’s just that Google have got much better at this and they do it on nearly any query type now you type in the search engine.