How Effective Marketing can Double your Sales?

Effective marketing strategies will always help you grow your business. But, in this article we have presented ground breaking techniques which might sound simple yet it will change the way how we market and promote our business on the digital space.

Instagram Blog Sharing

Instagram has been into people’s personal space for a long time and this gives the best ROI for most of the business who does targeted marketing in the same. One of the most common and un-usual / un-used method is to promote your blog contents on Instagram. This is quoted by Neil Patel and it is proven to be effective and powerful all over the digital space. We agree that its a time consuming methodology to have graphic designs done for each and every blog post and share it across Instagram. Yet, this is one of the best ways to drive quality traffic from highly targeted audience via Instagram.

The guidelines are very minimal. You have an Art-Work for Posting on Instagram which is self-explanatory. When sharing, ask people to check the “Bio” for link and you will really get highly targeted people.

Knowledge sharing is the key to success when it comes to brand building on Instagram. People often do a lot of Knowledge sharing using the right and attractive #tags which will end up in bringing enormous amount of quality and targeted traffic towards their business in no time.

Instagram Stories with Swipe Up!

Instagram stories is a powerful tool The Swipe-Up Option is heavily under-utilised by many marketing agencies. To make use of this system, all you have to do is to setup promotions about your business the right way targeting Instagram “Swipe Up” options.

  1. Graphic Creative for Instagram stories should be custom designed. There is no point in having a square or rectangular image for such activities. You should custom design the same!
  2. Exciting and Attractive CTA should be kept in place on the Graphic Creative.
  3. Compelling image should be present on the creative which is completely self-explanatory about the business.

You should also “NEVER” blow Instagram stories with too many content. If this happens, your audience will loose interest on your content and will start ignoring your stories. Further, if you have periodic and fruitful knowledge sharing on Stories, you will end up getting tonnes of followers in the same technique!

Facebook and Instagram Live Sessions

Sharing images and videos on Facebook and Instagram is not something new. People have flooded with the same type of content all over the social media sites. The time, energy, efforts and planning required to have a live session with top notch quality is something that everyone struggle to make it happen. If you take this as a powerful weapon, you can generate unlimited and quality traffic towards your business website effectively.

You can also hire people in the specific industry and add them to the Facebook Page as a “Live Contributor”. Once this is done, people can just start well planned and organise live sessions effectively.

On the other hand, there are several tools available in the market to automate this process. One of the most effective tool that we use at ClickDo is the WebinarJam. We just love this tool that helps us to stream live Video Sessions with Screenshare. There are additional options to pre-record a video and play it live on Facebook Live. This actually saves us a lot of time as we no longer need to worry about mistakes that might happen during a live session (like network issues).

This empowers the Live Show organisers to respond to user questions over comments while the users are watching the session Live. People often have no idea that the session is pre-recorded at all!

How to Build Your Business Blog with Solid Content?

Content Marketing with WordPress Blog

Building your own blog for your business makes a huge impact in the world of content marketing. Once you build your website with a popular CMS like WordPress, it’s not going to be a big challenge to set up the blogs (as it takes only a few minutes to enable the same form WordPress Dashboard). The Challenge is to drive quality content to the website!

Content Ideas – The First Step for Building a Great Blog

Content idea curation makes a lot of sense when it comes to active blogging. Over a period of time, one might get stuck with ideas. You should have a team of 4 to 5 people (might be part-time as well) to help in content idea generation and strategic content idea execution. It is always recommended to run the content marketing campaign with a complete backup of all content, graphic design and other dependencies ready for the next 3 months.

There are many tools available online which will give you insights on top performing keywords (Google Trends) and latest content in your niche (Google Alerts) and much more!

Content Writing – Never Outsource unless it’s well Planned

One of the most common mistakes that a business owner does is to outsource the complete content from external content writers without giving them a proper KT (Knowledge Transfer). This will result in the content writers delivering meaningless content which will fail the objective of content marketing strategy.

So, as a business owner, one should spend quality time on advertising strategies. Especially, the content marketing part. The best practice is to spend a week writing the seed content for your business website. Present your mission and vision towards the target audience. This will ensure that the content writers can go through the website and understand the business better to write Qualitative content.

Publishing on the Blogs – Not that easy!

Once you have written proper content for the business website, you should now publish the same on the website blog (usually /blog/). At ClickDo, we publish in the URL:

This changes from one site to another. Some people prefer /article/ and some prefer publishing directly on the home page. On top of all, there are some fundamental rules which have to be followed:

  1. URL should be short and meaningful 
  2. Must have a Featured Image that represents the Post 
  3. Internal Linking should be perfect 
  4. Using Text Formatting (Bold, H Tags, Block Quotes, etc)
  5. Embed necessary graphic works and posts from other sources 

Need Professional Support to Manage?

If you are looking for professional support to build your business website and a meaningful blog, you should definitely get in touch with us and we are happy to offer a 1-hour free consultation to power up your blog!

Google Tag Manager – Why Your Business Website Should Have?

Google Tag manager is one of the widely used tools in the digital space to keep track of websites and web-based applications in real time. One of the biggest advantages of using Google Tag Manager is that you have to integrate a single Google Tracking Code into your business website and all the other integrations can be made through Google Tag Manager interface. Like:

How is this Possible – A Single Code for All?

Yes, this is made possible to have a single piece of code for all the integrations featured above and much more! Let’s see how the system works!

  1. We insert the Google Tag Manager tracking code on the website head section and body section.
  2. When the website loads, the Google tag manager code loads.
  3. Once it loads, the Google Tag Manager will send a trigger to the respective tags (like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel). This is technically called as “Firing a Tag”.
  4. So in One Load time, we can fire several tags!

How to Check if everything is working Fine?

Every integration should have a periodic check. This includes every tracking code that you have integrated to the business website. But with Google tag manager, its pretty simple. You can use the official Google Tag Manager Plugin (Named as “Google Tag Assistant”) from the Google Chrome Extension store. Below is a screenshot of how it appears:

Google Tag Manager Code on ClickDo LK Site

The above screenshot if a preview of (ClickDo Web Solutions) website with Google Tag Manager integrated on the website.

How it helps in Website performance?

Google tag manager ultimately improves the website’s performance with respect to “Website Page Speed”. This is achieved by running only one code instead of running different instances of codes.

Hence, the website will load faster!

Need Professional Support for Integration?

If you are a business owner and in need of professional support for integrating Google Tag Manager for your business website. do get in touch with ClickDo.

What to do when Rank Shuffle due to Google Algorithm Update?

Google King of Search - New Updates

Google is one of the biggest and widely used Search Engine globally. They work hard to maintain the quality of search results and will definitely penalise any site that do not follow their guidelines. Further, if you have got hit (or) if you are facing any issues with respect to a huge rank drop, you should definitely read this article and take action based on the below recommendations.

Understanding the most recent update!

The first step is to understand why Google has destroyed the ranks. More often, the updates will be focused on Quality of the website and its content. One other factor for your website being hit might be due to a Manual review. Let’s break them down one by one.

Your Backlink Profile Makes a Lot of Sense:

Its no joke that Backlinks are the most powerful means to push the site to Page 1. On the other hand, if you push harder by building tons of link to the website with strong anchor text profile, you are messing up with Google AI (Artificial Intelligence). This in turn will destroy your ranks in real time. According to our recent findings, we identified that the backlinks from Indexed sites work in real time. There is a rank shuffle which is directly proportional to the rank changes. Hence, Google is volatile with respect to SERP these days.

So, the solution is to identify and disavow toxic backlinks through the Google Search Console.

Content Duplication within the website is Dangerous!

You might not be doing this mistake consciously, but your website might get hit if you have not taken this small change in your CMS. Let’s assume you have a blog section in your website and you have a variety of articles under a particular category.

Category: Digital Marketing

Number of Articles: 20 to 30

If this is the case, you should properly place “Canonical” tags and “no-index” for Category archives as they generate several pages in the site with patterns /page/1/ and /page/2/ – This continues!

Hence, making the category pages recognisable (or) no-index is a very good idea to make sure you escape the content duplication within the website. One of the other biggest mistake people do is to copy and paste “Brand Informative” content into all the pages and it results in bringing a negative signal on to your website.

Internal Linking should be meaningful

Having a meaningful internal linking structure makes a huge difference with respect to a website’s overall ranking. One of the classic example is Wikipedia. If you do a deep study in their internal linking structure, they have done the links in the most meaningful way.

Having meaningful links that relate to relevant articles will improve the overall domains authority and content relevancy for the niche. If you have a website thats penalised by Google’s latest algorithm updates, do get in touch with us to recover your site back on SERPs!

Killer Strategy to Reduce Cost Per Conversion with Digital Ads

reduce cost per lead in online advertisement

Running digital advertisements on Google and Facebook is not a big deal today! There are several online courses crafted by experts like Fernando (London’s #1 SEO Consultant) which help you to build your own digital marketing inbound leads funnel. In this article, I will explain you the strategies that you need to adopt to ensure you have the lowest cost per lead with respect to your budgets on Google and Facebook Advertisements.

Audience Plan: Your Ads Well for the Digital Space

Planning your campaigns is the key to success when its online advertisement. You should have the right images and audience targets when it’s niche specific product / service that you are trying to promote. One of the key strategy to win the competition is to have a perfect “audience definition“.

Example for Audience Definition:

Assume you are trying to sell a high end Expensive DSLR Camera through Facebook. So, there are two ways you can target photographers.

  1. Photography – Interest Target
  2. Photographer – Job Title

In this scenario, a well defined audience stands for “Photographer – Job Title” as its a clear audience who has a necessity to upgrade their gears more often to stay up with the competition. With this being said, most people fail in this section of campaign setup.

Graphic Design Plan: Images Speaks a Lot

Having the right kind of images for your advertisement campaign has direct impact on the cost per conversion. Having a self-explanatory image makes all the difference required. One classic mistake that most of the business owners make is that they fill the images with “TEXT” content. Text (aka Content) is the king. But, end of the day it does not make sense if the entire system fails.

The best is to plan different resolution images for different marketing campaigns across the digital space. Like, you should have a square image for Facebook Carousal ads (you may also plan for continuous view image) and you must have a “rectangular image” for Single Image Ads!

How Time Management will help in Organising Works!

time management to improve work

Managing time might sound a challenging task especially when you are in a service based industry. Managing time can be easily done through simple tools like Google Sheets. If you are willing to have a well established software, thats fine. But, in this article I am going to give you some simple insights on how you can manage time for Organising works.

1. Plan the day with simple hacks!

Planning your day can be a troublesome work if you have a load of emails stuck in your inbox. But, the very first thing you should do when you start your day is to go through the important emails in your inbox. Make sure you get the high priority items on an Excel sheet and point them to be done within 11AM for that particular day.

Also, starting your day early will help you in staying organised a lot. When you start your day early, you will have a lot of additional time when compared to people who start late. This additional time gives you a lot of freedom to plan your day and to stay relaxed while others hurry towards their daily targets.

2. Hourly Monitoring Systems

Having a monitoring system is not too difficult. It can be as simple as a Google sheet again. You should structure the sheet in a fashion that supports marking time management details (clocking) in a hourly basis. This will help you to organise your time, your team’s time as well as systemising work inside an organisation perfectly.

This will help your team to double the productivity and manage works effectively over a period of time. This will also help the team to become more powerful in doing works faster + they will become smart enough to skip (or) tackle simple hurdles that stop them from achieving targets on a daily basis.

How to Grow Your Business with Instagram?

Instagram marketing for business in London

Instagram is often referred to as a platform in which the users engagement is very high with respect to the high profile segment. This in turn has attracted an army of advertisers into the system. Having the right marketing plan for instagram will get you tons of followers and free organic traffic from the social media platform. On the other hand, you could end up spending a lot of time and energy for nothing if you do not have a strategy!

The Business Promotion Plan for Instagram:

Instagram will not directly work for all industries or businesses. There are certain areas where it will directly bring sales and on the other hand, it will just bring brand identity. Let’s have a direct example!

Say, if you have a photography studio in London (like 69drops studio). If you keep sharing the photographs thats taken in the studio on Instagram by tagging the photographers + using proper hash tags for the posts, you will definitely get a lot of attraction amongst similar audience. This has multiple benefits:

  1. Your Studio will become famous amongst the photographers.
  2. People will start engaging with your brand and the brand identity increases over time.
  3. People will start expecting similar quality images / photographs from their photographers which will lead the photographers to book your studio to take photographs and the list continues based on how consistent you are sharing quality photographs on Instagram.

Let’s assume you are trying to sell a “Photography Backdrop”, the results are the same.

On the other end, assume that you are trying to sell a service that targets business owners! This is more likely to be a B2B Model where its very hard to target people based on the interest / demographics / behaviour. If you open the gates and advertise your service to all, you will definitely end up burning money irrespective of the ROI.

If this is your situation, you can actually share knowledge based on your business model. Consider ClickDo. We share content that is more often related to:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing (Including this article written by Logesh)
  • Digital Marketing Suite and Strategies
  • Email Marketing Strategies and the list continues.

We actually plan and create custom graphic designs for every article that we share on Social media platforms. The quality of traffic and response we get towards the brand is countless. So, you can get started today!

If you require professional help, you can feel free to get in touch with ClickDo and we are happy to give you 1 hour free consultation.

How Citations can help your Business in SERP?

how citations help business

Citations are now changing the way how people build trust towards their business website in 2018. In the recent study that we have made with our clients at ClickDo, we have found that the business with quality citations tends to perform well on Google than the other sites.

On the view of Google, more quality citations that a business has on the Internet, then more the business is trustable and offers the best services. Citations are the ones which will help the Google to better understand about your business and display more info about your business on the SERP.

citation building uk

How Citations Helps Your Business?

Citations will help you to represent your business in many places on the web with the NAP information (Name, Address & Phone Number). Even many citations will help you to add more data about your business like Videos, Images, Social Media Profile links, etc.

Adding the basic information around the Internet on Various websites will make the users trust your business more. Also, this will gradually increase the traffic that you recieve organically.

What do we offer at ClickDo?

We at ClickDo help the business owners in London to get their companies listed on the high-quality business directories around the web. This will also help the business websites to climb up on SERP organically.

The Citations that are built by the ClickDo team will have more additional information about the business like Videos, Images, Testimonials, Social Profile Links, etc. This will build authority for your brand online.

Below is the sample of the citation that we built for our lovely client “Quick Wasters”.

citation building

uk citation building

If you need quality citations for your business, feel free to contact us at Our expert team will work in building high-quality citations for your business website.


How to Engage Customers on Digital Space with Ads?

Your Business Visitors

Driving customers can be a challenging task in the beginning when you are getting started. But, once you get a perfect SEO / Digital Marketing Team – It is not a challenging task for your business to drive quality customers towards your business website. The challenge is how to keep them engaged once you get them for the first time on your website?

1. Re-Market Quality Content to Website Visitors

Once you get your customers on your website, you should never do the mistake of promoting your products directly to them over Re-Marketing. You should first of all show them some value. You should help them and guide them based on their business requirements. Consider the below flow:

A user visits your business website -> We track them with Facebook Pixel and Google Re-Marketing Codes -> We give them “valuable content” on the ads -> User gets more trust on Brand -> We now try to Promote Products / Services.

A Pictorial Representation of the User Flow:

Your Business Visitors

2. Do Not Promote Same content everywhere

Promoting the same idea and concepts all over is no longer a viable method of promotions. You should have some diversity, even from colour selection. Consider a user has Visited your “SEO Consultant” Page. If you show him the same advertisement of “SEO Consultancy” everywhere, there is no logic in promoting as the user has already seen the content.

Hence, the best is to show him ads like:

  • “SEO Consultancy”
  • “Where you can learn more business insights on SEO Industry”
  • “How you can grow your business with SEO”
  • “Different concepts and ideas for effective Search Engine Optimisation”

There is also another way to solve this puzzle. You can promote different services to the same user and it will save a lot of time in setting up your campaign. But, it is not as effective as you setup the campaigns with content population and branding, which actually has very high impact and will prove to give an ROI thats highly cost effective.

Why Facebook Posts mean a Lot?

Having your facebook page updated every day is vital to get a good brand image for your business. In other words, people who look at a brand will definitely look for reliable and quality updates on the page. You should always avoid sharing about politics or current news on your business page as even your loyal customers will have difference in opinion when it comes to current news.

To get this work done, you should always have a fresh pool of resources whom you can depend on & get quality content for sharing and engaging your customers. You can check our CEO’s (Fernando) Facebook Page: to get a better understanding on how to make use of Social Media!

Your Social Media Presence on the Web

Sharing the same content on different social media accounts are now old fashioned. You should have a creative team to take care of this activity if you really think you need to scale up your business. This in turn will require different content to be prepared for different social media sites like – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Facebook and Twitter might require more engaging content when compared to LinkedIn and Google+ which required more Professional Content to get the right response.

Conclusion for Digital Space!

If you are exploring the digital space, you should definitely hire a professional agency who can do everything for you. If you need help, you can always get in touch with us and get a free consultancy!

How Daily Sales Game would Change Your Business?

Selling is an art. If you along with your team master the art of selling, it would change the perspective of business. At ClickDo, we have been training people form the India team to focus on daily sales. We have now reached a daily minimum sales average of $200 / User / Day. In our team, we have Dinesh and Aslam who have mastered the sales game for Guest Blogging in UK Niche sites.

Below is a quick review of their daily activities broken down by verticals:

1. Email Harvesting and Email Marketing

This is the most effective way to reach out to people who buy every day. In this technique, we harvest the email addresses from different popular websites and we send them cold emails with their own targeted keywords that suite their website. This is also made niche / domain specific for every country. One example explained below:

We search for a keyword like “dentist in london” and we find the sites that rank in Page 2 to Page 5 in Google. Most of the website have the footer linking to their respective website developer (or) digital marketing agency. We visit their website and collect their email addresses.

Once this is collected, we store them in a database based on the niche. This process is called as Email Harvesting.

After this database is filled with more than 200 email addresses for different domains, we send out customised emails with suggested anchor texts to rank for their client’s target terms on Google. This gives us a very good response rate on the Email Marketing part.

2. Facebook Group Posting

Our team members are members of different facebook groups where the people actively engage in guest posting. We have particular time slots in which people are actively responding to posts in Group. At that time, our team will jump into the conversations and build relationship with the people who are seeking for backlinks. We understand their objective of building guest post links and will share suggestions for them to rank better.

This in turn brings us more guest posts and daily sales!

This is just a quick recap of the daily sales game. Stay tuned and we will share more insights and emailing templates in future in our ClickDo Blog.