Killer Strategy to Reduce Cost Per Conversion with Digital Ads

reduce cost per lead in online advertisement

Running digital advertisements on Google and Facebook is not a big deal today! There are several online courses crafted by experts like Fernando (London’s #1 SEO Consultant) which help you to build your own digital marketing inbound leads funnel. In this article, I will explain you the strategies that you need to adopt to ensure you have the lowest cost per lead with respect to your budgets on Google and Facebook Advertisements.

Audience Plan: Your Ads Well for the Digital Space

Planning your campaigns is the key to success when its online advertisement. You should have the right images and audience targets when it’s niche specific product / service that you are trying to promote. One of the key strategy to win the competition is to have a perfect “audience definition“.

Example for Audience Definition:

Assume you are trying to sell a high end Expensive DSLR Camera through Facebook. So, there are two ways you can target photographers.

  1. Photography – Interest Target
  2. Photographer – Job Title

In this scenario, a well defined audience stands for “Photographer – Job Title” as its a clear audience who has a necessity to upgrade their gears more often to stay up with the competition. With this being said, most people fail in this section of campaign setup.

Graphic Design Plan: Images Speaks a Lot

Having the right kind of images for your advertisement campaign has direct impact on the cost per conversion. Having a self-explanatory image makes all the difference required. One classic mistake that most of the business owners make is that they fill the images with “TEXT” content. Text (aka Content) is the king. But, end of the day it does not make sense if the entire system fails.

The best is to plan different resolution images for different marketing campaigns across the digital space. Like, you should have a square image for Facebook Carousal ads (you may also plan for continuous view image) and you must have a “rectangular image” for Single Image Ads!

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