How Effective Marketing can Double your Sales?

Effective marketing strategies will always help you grow your business. But, in this article we have presented ground breaking techniques which might sound simple yet it will change the way how we market and promote our business on the digital space.

Instagram Blog Sharing

Instagram has been into people’s personal space for a long time and this gives the best ROI for most of the business who does targeted marketing in the same. One of the most common and un-usual / un-used method is to promote your blog contents on Instagram. This is quoted by Neil Patel and it is proven to be effective and powerful all over the digital space. We agree that its a time consuming methodology to have graphic designs done for each and every blog post and share it across Instagram. Yet, this is one of the best ways to drive quality traffic from highly targeted audience via Instagram.

The guidelines are very minimal. You have an Art-Work for Posting on Instagram which is self-explanatory. When sharing, ask people to check the “Bio” for link and you will really get highly targeted people.

Knowledge sharing is the key to success when it comes to brand building on Instagram. People often do a lot of Knowledge sharing using the right and attractive #tags which will end up in bringing enormous amount of quality and targeted traffic towards their business in no time.

Instagram Stories with Swipe Up!

Instagram stories is a powerful tool The Swipe-Up Option is heavily under-utilised by many marketing agencies. To make use of this system, all you have to do is to setup promotions about your business the right way targeting Instagram “Swipe Up” options.

  1. Graphic Creative for Instagram stories should be custom designed. There is no point in having a square or rectangular image for such activities. You should custom design the same!
  2. Exciting and Attractive CTA should be kept in place on the Graphic Creative.
  3. Compelling image should be present on the creative which is completely self-explanatory about the business.

You should also “NEVER” blow Instagram stories with too many content. If this happens, your audience will loose interest on your content and will start ignoring your stories. Further, if you have periodic and fruitful knowledge sharing on Stories, you will end up getting tonnes of followers in the same technique!

Facebook and Instagram Live Sessions

Sharing images and videos on Facebook and Instagram is not something new. People have flooded with the same type of content all over the social media sites. The time, energy, efforts and planning required to have a live session with top notch quality is something that everyone struggle to make it happen. If you take this as a powerful weapon, you can generate unlimited and quality traffic towards your business website effectively.

You can also hire people in the specific industry and add them to the Facebook Page as a “Live Contributor”. Once this is done, people can just start well planned and organise live sessions effectively.

On the other hand, there are several tools available in the market to automate this process. One of the most effective tool that we use at ClickDo is the WebinarJam. We just love this tool that helps us to stream live Video Sessions with Screenshare. There are additional options to pre-record a video and play it live on Facebook Live. This actually saves us a lot of time as we no longer need to worry about mistakes that might happen during a live session (like network issues).

This empowers the Live Show organisers to respond to user questions over comments while the users are watching the session Live. People often have no idea that the session is pre-recorded at all!

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