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How to Rank Higher on Google. 32 Steps to Get Your Website to the Top of Google

One of the most common questions we find website owners have is How can I improve my SEO ranking and get my website to the top of Google? As they say, there are many ways to skin a cat, and SEO is a complex subject, Google says there are over 200 ranking factors. Some of ... Read More

On Page SEO Checklist 2019: On Page SEO Audit Techniques To Boost Ranks

This article is an On page SEO Optimisation Checklist – all the most important factors that we as an agency come across time and time again. Get these things right and you will be ahead of your competition. You may have heard the phrase ‘content is king’, and it is quite true. Good content on ... Read More

How to Increase Page Speed in a WordPress Website?

The page speed of a website had got bigger only after Google officially confirms it as a ranking signal from an SEO perspective. It all starts from a website designing, since minified JS, CSS along with less complexity will reduce the loading time. Among website designing, more than half of the websites fall under WordPress Content ... Read More

How Page Speed Influences SEO?

Page speed of a website is the one among the most spoken topic in and around SEO, as it includes some work to be performed from the designing side. Google and Experts who quickly understand it’s importance are setting up great value for page speed and stressing everyone to be perfect with regards to speed. ... Read More

How Does CDN For SEO Will Impact?

CDN – Content Delivery Network is a set of connected servers in a network that works together from a different location to read/write the files faster by gathering it from a location next to the user who visits the website. The purpose of CDN Implementation is to cache the static files of the website, which ... Read More

Page Speed a Ranking Factor – But WHY?

In a recent social release through Google webmaster team, they have strictly shown the indication that page speed of a website as a ranking factor, where the websites which take long time to load will face the consequences in Google Search Results Ranking. So, SEO experts and website designer across the world has started to concentrate and ... Read More

Why you should optimise images in a WordPress Site?

Images on a website are no big deal if you have a small blog thats not having a considerable amount of traffic from any sources. But, if you have a well established website like ClickDo, you should have a clean checklist about everything that you have on the website. From Logo Image to Open Graph ... Read More