How to Double Your Page Speed With 1 Free Tool (Tutorial)

Page speed is a very important element of ranking on Google.

You see, we live in a day and age where everyone wants instant results.

If people don’t get those instant results, all Hell breaks loose.

People have a short attention span and won’t stick around for long unless you give them a reason to.

In this post, I’ll show you exactly how you can easily double your page speed for free.

We’re going to be using a free online tool called “Optimizilla”.

Optimizilla reduces the image files size which will reduce the amount of time it takes to load an image onto a page.

First, you will need to…

Go to and the page should look something like this…


Go ahead and click the green “Upload files” button.

Select whichever images you’d like to shrink.

After you’ve uploaded an image, optimizilla would have already reduced the file size without losing any of the quality.

If you’re happy with the results you can go ahead and click “Download” to get the image.


If you want to shrink the image size file further, you can.

NOTE: Doing so will also reduce the quality of the image. This includes colors and sharpness.

There will be a bar on the right-hand side…

image optimisation

…Go ahead and adjust the bar to customize the image size and quality.

When you’re finished tinkering, go ahead and download your images.

And there you have it. By optimizing your images like this, you will surely double your page speed and more.

Interested in learning more about increasing page speed?

Then you need to visit this page.

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