SEO Expert Shares his SEO Journey – What it Takes to Make it in The SEO Industry

Achieve Higher Rankings with London's SEO Experts

Hi, my name’s Zukais and I’m an SEO expert. I rank pages on Google for a living.

In this podcast, I want to share with you my SEO journey. I wanted to share what made me start doing SEO in the first place. What obstacles I had to overcome and where I am today.

Long story short: SEO is a tough game but it’s not impossible. If you know the right strategies and what to avoid.

I share insight in a rapidly growing industry and tell you the things I went through…

Author Profile

I'm an SEO Consultant and expert in SEO. I help businesses rank their pages in Google, bringing them new leads, customers and ultimately, I help grow businesses with ClickDo Ltd, one of the most highly rated marketing agencies in London. I'm notoriously known as the SEO who squishes the competition when paired with a business owner who's serious about his SEO because I build some of the most high authority backlinks a person can get their hands on. I also like adding some heat in the Google results pages by having a robust Google Adwords campaign running.
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