google plus shutting down

Google+ Is My Main Source of Traffic – What Should I do?

So Google’s social media platform, Google+ is shutting down and it was a major source of traffic for your website.

What should you do now?

Well it’s not the end of the world. You can still get traffic from other platforms.

Here’s what I would recommend you do:

Identify where your customers hang out

This is extremely important. If you don’t know where your customers hang out, you’re going to have a tough time getting traffic.

And no, I’m not talking about if your customers hang out in coffee shops, you go in there. I’m talking in terms of the digital space.

If you run a cooking blog, guess what? Your audience is probably on Pinterest. Since Pinterest is an image based social media platform and the cooking niche is heavily image based.

It’s the same with fashion, your audience is probably on Pinterest since that’s also heavily image based.

Are you in the gaming niche? Then your target audience is probably on niche forums like the IGN forum.

How about bodybuilding? Is your website about bodybuilding? Then your target audience is probably on Instagram.

Identify where your customers hang out and start to build your authority on that platform.

Optimise your site SEO

So you’ve probably heard of SEO. If you haven’t, SEO simply stands for search engine optimisation. You’re simply ranking pages of your website for search terms.

Let’s say you’re in the bodybuilding niche and your customers are typing in, “best protein powder for skinny guys”. Guess what?

You’re going to want to create a page targeting that search term and rank for it. This way, you will drive customers to your website.

Just remember, SEO is a long term strategy. So don’t expect instant results.


So that’s pretty much what you’re going to do since Google+ is shutting down.

Make sure to diversify your traffic source so this never happens to you again.