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How to Use Pinterest and Increase The Traffic Growth?

Social Media has been viral on any activity you perform around it, which can be a positive or negative. The stats update says that most used applications in mobile are social media. Though there are different social media platforms, each one stand for its uniqueness. One such social media platform is Pinterest, which may look ... Read More

UGC: User Generated Content And SEO

The User Generated content is the most effective way of engaging users and gaining natural content relevant to the topic. When you handle your customer in the right way, the flow of user-generated content will be positive. We have listed the types of user-generated content, Ratings Reviews, Question & Answering Customer’s live mages Customer’s Video ... Read More

Local Business Citations – How It Helps SEO?

Local Business Citations: A Local Business Citation is any mention of the Name, Address or Phone Number of the business on the online platforms like directories. This will help the users to discover your business more easily. The Local Business Citations will also help you in improving the local search rankings. These citations will contain ... Read More

Lead Generation through Facebook Marketing

Everyone can spam their ads out to their audience daily but how do you turn your potential customers into leads? Here are a few ideas that could help you boost your lead generation:   Giveaways:   FREE Giveaways are a great way of increasing the customers motivation to give you their email address. This will ... Read More

How to Gain Targeted Followers on Instagram

Everyone loves the buzz of creating a brand new Instagram Account. You create content that your audience that you’re almost certain your target audience will love. You post with the most popular hashtags and optimised ad copy. Then to your surprise after 1 whole day you’ve only gained 4 likes from fake followers that don’t ... Read More