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Best business coach in UK for coaching and mentoring start-ups and entrepreneurs


When it comes to growing a business or starting your first new business, having a UK business coach near can help in many ways.

And best if you have the best business coach in UK by your side to work with you and advice you 24/7.

There is no other business coaching in the UK that offers 24/7 business support other than award wining entrepreneur and businessman Neil Franklin.

Neil Franklin has over thirty-five years of business experience and he has also experienced and survived 3 rescissions in his lifetime but more importantly, he is totally self-made.

Leaving school with no qualifications, he eventually got those qualifications 3 years later and by then, he had a deep and burning desire to start a business.

He goes into his story more in this article, which he wrote for London business news, he explains about “how I started my first business from a living room in London.”

Neil has written almost everything about starting a business in the UK, how to grow a company fast and his famous article, “how to become a linchpin” is a must read for anyone who wish to start a business or succeed in any aspect of life.

The “how to build a sales team for your business to sell your products and services” is one of the best articles that shows how anyone can get good at sales and that’s the type of business coaching services you get from Neil Franklin when you ask him for business advice.

Why Neil Franklin is the best business coach in UK?

Neil has won many business awards and not only did he start and built a multimillion-pound business in the UK, but he also moved to US and built businesses there as well.

Running in a business in a city like London is hard and growing a global operation from nothing to $65m within ten years proves that his desire to start a business was the right one.

I personally work with Neil and he currently advices me personally on overall business strategy, growth and the key difference with Neil is that I can access him 24/7 and get rapid answers to any business issue of problem.

I must also say that Neil is the best business coach when it comes to helping with business message creation — he knows exactly how to get to the heart of the business and make it resonate with the target audience.


For entrepreneurs who have started many companies in the UK and internationally, having a business coach and mentor is vital for their success.

How can a business coach help?

Neil explains it all in this article about online business coaching. Currently, Neil provides business advice for start-ups in the UK and via the UK business list, he provide 24/7-business support and advice.

A business coach can rapidly help you get to the heart of an issue and help you solve those problems that keep you awake at night as well as fine tune your business offering to make it razor-sharp.

It starts with the perfect business message and then scales according to the growth you want and the outcome you desire — including selling your company for maximum value.

Who needs a UK business coach?

The UK based small business owners, start-up entrepreneurs and anyone who wish to get the help and coaching to succeed in business and life in general.

Having a business coach is like having another set of eyes and another brain that is totally in tune with your desires and expectations — when you have a person with years of experience and specialist expertise in business you can leverage their advice to grow your business faster.

Watch the video below, so you can understand how Neil Franklin can help you and why he is the best business coach in the UK.

If you are looking for a business near me, or a business coach London, get in touch with us to arrange your meeting with Neil or call him on the hotline.

Neil is also known as the best small business coach and he cares for the business community in the UK.


SEO Expert Shares his SEO Journey – What it Takes to Make it in The SEO Industry

seo story

Hi, my name’s Zukais and I’m an SEO expert. I rank pages on Google for a living.

In this podcast, I want to share with you my SEO journey. I wanted to share what made me start doing SEO in the first place. What obstacles I had to overcome and where I am today.

Long story short: SEO is a tough game but it’s not impossible. If you know the right strategies and what to avoid.

I share insight in a rapidly growing industry and tell you the things I went through…

How regular blogging can help you in SEO?


When you try to improve the ranks of the web pages in the Google SERP, then regular blogging in the Website will help you in achieving the same.

Here let’s see some advantages of doing regular blogging in the website.

blogging helps seoKeeps the Site Updates:

Regular Blog publishing will help you to keep the website updated. Also, from Google’s view, fresh content is updated regularly in the website.

This will help you to increase the authority of your web page on the Google Search Engine.

In the dynamic online world, you should regularly update the sites with the quality contents to be in the race!

Inbound Links:

More the internal links that you have in the website, then there will be more possibilities of your web pages to be indexed by the Google Search Engine.

Internal links will help the users to explore more contents present in youe website.

Google crawlers follow the links on the each page and discover the new web pages where the links points to.

Regular blogging with the proper inbound links will help the new web pages to be indexed by the Google.

how blogging helps seoEngage Audience:

Blogging regularly and sharing in the official social media pages will help the audience to be engaged with your website.

It will also help you get more brand outreach. Regular blogging will increase the authority of your website and will improve the ranks on the SERP.

Adding quality contents in your website will make the users to visit your website regularly, Inturn to buy the products or avail services from you.

Increase in Traffic:

Publishing blogs based on the trending topics will make many users to visit your website.

benefits of regular bloggingThus the blogs acts as a new traffic source and bring in the quality users from social media, Search Engines, etc.

More traffic and the less bounce rate will help you to improve the ranks of the web page in the Google SERP.

Thus as a business people, If you haven’t started a blog page in your website. Then this is the right time do start one.

Start publishing regular blogs and improve the authority of your site on Google.

Regular blogging in the business website will help you to increase the traffic by more than 30%.

Blogs On Trending Topics:

Blogging will always help you to increase the authority of your website online. Blogs will make the new users visit your website.

Being a Business Owner, Having the blogging section in your website is must and it will help you get some conversions indeed.

advantages of regular bloggingJust update the blogs daily with new and trending topics. Share the latest blogs on Social Media pages like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This will help you get more brand reach and engage new customers in.

You can publish contents like “How To Do?” Blogs, Product Review Videos, etc. This will make the users to understand better about the services/products that you are offering.

Don’t focus only on adding the text contents, add more media files like Videos, Infographics, etc to make the users to spend more time on your website.

Video Contents & Infographics will help the users to engage more time on your website. This will greatly help you to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Publishing blogs alone will not help you to get more users to the site. Just share the blogs on Social Profiles to reach the target users.

Use or SUMO setup to make the users to subscribe to your website and know about the regular updates that you are doing.

As a business people in the UK, you can get in touch with ClickDo Ltd to optimize the business site and rank it in top for the potential terms.


How to Use Pinterest and Increase The Traffic Growth?

How to use pinterest

Social Media has been viral on any activity you perform around it, which can be a positive or negative. The stats update says that most used applications in mobile are social media. Though there are different social media platforms, each one stand for its uniqueness. One such social media platform is Pinterest, which may look complicated to use but effective as well. Here, let me list out the points in a way you can use Pinterest to grow your business or personal brand.

How to Use Pinterest:

Pinterest is similar to a visual medium, where you highly see images of greater quality. The most used Pinterest users are photographers, to share their images and get ideas from other experts as well.

How to Use Pinterest For Traffic

It’s all about choosing between create a pin and save form a site. If you have an image, you can create a pin with a clear description and add them to your collection. In another case, you can drop the URL of a website, where it will fetch all the images from that URL, where you have to choose one and describe the purpose. In both cases, you will be linked to a website URL, when a user interest in the topic, they will visit to your website from such links.

It can only help when you build a proper audience around your profile. Choose the topic which is relevant to the content you’re sharing, follow and gain followers for your profile with quality sharing.

  • Start Using Pinterest Regularly:

    • It is the most spoken topic on any medium since people drop the process in a halfway mark when they’re about to grow their audience in that particular medium. So, keep posting on Pinterest, so the people who are noticing will be a follower of your account.

Pinterest for business

  • Business Account:

    • When you’re using Pinterest for business exposure, it is highly recommended to switch from personal account to business account. Since you will get a wide area of analytics after the integration between Pinterest and your website.

Get With The Times, How A Social Media Copywriter Can Make You Rich

how social media copywriters can grow london or uk business

Copywriter For Social Media: Social media copywriting will be the most important tool for your UK business for now on. Here is why.

How Social Media Copywriters Can Make You Rich

Look at around, the times are changing. Nearly everyone has a smartphone and we’re all addicted to them. We all look at our phones over 50x times a day to check the time, check email, text, read the news and use social media. Social media now is one of the most powerful tools that your business can use to grow massively. The power of a hashtag is 100,000x more powerful than a commercial, radio advertisement, or magazine ad. How?

Because our attention is lasered in on what comes on our phone screens. So why not take advantage of what gets our attention and maximize what your business can do to grow? If you aren’t using social media then get ready to work way more than you need to. Here are a few reasons why need to get with the times and hire a social media copywriter.


how social media copywriters can grow london or uk businessEveryone is Addicted to Social Media

You know it and I know it. The majority of people we know are on at least one or two platforms of social media whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or even into other viewing platforms like Twitch, YouTube, or Periscope and more. This being said it’s CRUCIAL to have your business visible on as many outlets as possible. If you’re just using magazine, TV, and radio ads you’re making a severe mistake.

Let’s be honest, you probably checked your phone a lot today already and you’ll do it more than a dozen times more. Your business must go where people’s attention goes. Think about if someone followed your business on Instagram, that person will see your business’ promotions, deals, specials, and services several times a day just by checking Instagram. Eventually, they’ll want to learn more and maybe be called to action to buy whatever you’re selling. Regardless, the process of being seen multiple times a day does incredible things to your business. Not only do they see your name and brand, but customers know all of the best sales and promotions that you’re having. Other people can see how many people “follow” you and will be inclined to also follow you, under the social proof theory.

When it comes down to it, getting on social media gives you way more exposure and allows your potential customers to stay up-to-date on everything that is going on with your business. If you want more exposure and to stay on the mind of potential customers, make an account and start posting.

Social Media Copywriters Will Grow Your Brand Effectively

A lot of businesses have already jumped aboard the social media train but are doing a terrible job using and managing their accounts. Most businesses don’t have a true social media manager and those who do don’t fully understand how to capture the attention of the business demographic.

Copywriters are masters of understanding a business’ demographic and creating posts that will effectively strike a chord with each person that follows that account. Social media posts are not only used to get Likes and Retweets but each post is an advertisement that can sell what your business is selling. Each post that a copywriter creates is done to make your business grow. People can learn more about your business and can warm up to the idea of buying from you. Social media copywriters can do this effectively because they know how to write to the interests of your customer base.

Don’t be like other businesses who have social media managers but don’t know how to create posts that speak to potential customers. Each post is a chance to sell and grow your business. Social media managers know how to get your business’ voice out and reach its potential. Without good copywriting, your posts can appear dull, lifeless, and will be a waste of your time and money. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional social media copywriter.

how social media copywriters can grow london or uk businessSocial Media Copywriters Know Your Customers Better Than You

One of the best things about social media is that most platforms have their own analytics pages. Social media copywriters can look at this analytics and provide valuable insight on who your customers and followers are. They can see what posts were most popular, their engagement, shares, likes, and even what age and country it was the biggest hit in.

This is important because your social media copywriter can make each post reach a bigger audience and an audience that your business is perfect for. This makes your marketing not just bigger but gives it much better quality. You can reach exactly who your business needs. Pair that with awesome, clever, and creative posts and you have a combination of a killer marketing strategy. Copywriters are already skilled in understanding a demographic but giving them a tool that literally says what makes people happy can do incredible things in your marketing.

Also, your social media copywriter can look at this analytics and give you advice and insight on what works and what doesn’t. This can help filter out what strategies work so you can capitalize and be much more effective.

how social media copywriters can grow London or uk businessSocial Media Copywriters Know How to Sell

Social media can be used as a valuable part of your marketing funnel. One post can potentially reach millions of people all over the world. If it even reaches a hundred people, that’s a hundred potential customers that simply need to click one more time to reach your sales page. Social media copywriters can write persuasive and enticing copy on a post that can influence readers to go to your website where your sale will be made.

A social media copywriter is valuable because they’re experts in creating the mindset and emotions needed to influence people to buy. Each post is a chance to not only grow your brand but to make money as well. In under 100 words, a social media copywriter can write a post that people will see multiple times a day and may eventually be enticed to go further down the funnel into an eventual sale.


If you don’t even have a normal copywriter doing this for you then you’re wasting your time and making a big mistake. Optimize your business and your marketing and hire a social media copywriter. It’s 2018, it’s time you get one.

If you have a London or UK small business and you’re looking for an expert copywriter or want to learn how to get the most out of your marketing, contact ClickDo today. We are London’s #1 marketing team and we’ve helped countless businesses in the UK and London area grow to crazy levels. Your business may be one step away from making you ridiculously rich, and we’ll help you along the way. Contact us today!

3 Killer Copywriting Tips That Grow Small Businesses

copywriting tips for small businesses london

Good copywriting does one thing: it makes people do. What does it make people do? Anything your UK or London small business wants them to do. But, we all know that you want them to buy. You want people to love your product and to feel like they need it immediately. How do you do that? With killer, influential, persuasive copy. What do you need to make sure your ad, brochure, website, social media post, email, or sales page gets the job done and makes them click “buy”? Let me tell you.

3 Killer Copywriting Tips That Grow Small Businesses

If you have a UK or London small business, good copywriting is absolutely crucial. Not only does it represent the voice of your brand, but it’s what influences your potential customers to buy and establish their loyalty with your company. If you have bad copywriting in any of your content, it’ll be hard to stay in business for long. You’ll most likely not stand out from your competitors and you’ll be spinning your wheels until you ultimately get out of business.

Good copywriting will influence people to buy your product or your service, have you stand out from competitors, and have you stuck in the minds of everyone who reads your content because you’ll have ideas and words that stick. This is crucial for your brand and the survival of your business. So then, what should you include your copy to make people beg for your product or service? Here is the first one.

Show Reciprocation

The first factor you should use in your copywriting is reciprocation. It’s generally agreed upon that most people don’t just do things for no reason. People do things because they know they’ll benefit from it and get something in return. This is something you should provide in your copywriting if you want your potential customers to do something for you. If you want someone to do something for you, and potentially have them go further down your marketing funnel, then offering them something for free, especially if it’s guaranteed can do wonders for persuasion. Here are some examples:

  • Subscribe to my newsletter and get my free Ebook.
  • Share this post for a chance to win…
  • Refer a friend and get a discounted price
  • Contact us now and get a free consultation
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel for free information

I think we can all agree that we have been persuaded to do something by a business by any of the actions above and it’s no surprise. It taps into human psychology. Doing this can be a great way to get content out and to make sure people keep coming back for more. It’ll surely make you stand out and create a sense of loyalty to your customers because you’re not “taking”, you’re sharing and giving them a hint of your business can provide.

copywriting tips for small businessKnow Your Customer

One of the biggest and most important things you can do for your business is to study your customers. For good copywriting, you need to write copy that is understandable and relatable to the people you’re selling to you. If you don’t do your market research then all of your ads, pages, and posts will be generic and won’t be hard-hitting to anyone that reads it. If you’re a small business owner in UK or London and your business’ ads aren’t customized for any specific person then who are you trying to help? The answer “anyone” is a dead-end and will lead you nowhere.

If you’re able to successfully do market research and totally understand who you’re selling to then you can make the copy in your ads relatable to them. This will make all of your content stick out like crazy. First, it won’t just be relatable but your potential customers will truly believe that you have their best interest at heart, which you do, but now they can see it. This is huge in making your business more human and creating that loyalty that makes people coming back for more. So before you write copy for your website, social media post, blog, or any ad, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is their background?
  2. What is their demographic?
  3. What are the problems they face the most?
  4. What kind of lifestyle do they live?
  5. How do they communicate?

There are many more questions and things to consider when knowing your audience, so it’s important to look for ways to study your buyer’s persona even more. Using what you learned and putting it in your copy is a masterful tactic for persuasion. This can be the “make it or break it” factor for your business.

copywriting tips for small business

Present Social Proof

This is a massive influencer that affects all of our lives, and you can use it for your business. If your business has already sold products and you already have satisfied customers then do everything you can to show it. People love working with businesses that already have excellent reputations. They’ll gravitate towards your business if they know that people are have already been helped and are happy with what you can provide. It eases the suspicion and the lessens the hesitation that people might have with a new found business.

Let’s be honest, you’ll far more likely work with someone if you know someone else was happy to work with them. You already have a feeling of trust that is needed to really get moving. In business, its the same. If customers see that people already love your product then that is PROOF that what you have is of good value. How do you do this? By showing…

  • Testimonials (video and written)
  • Reviews
  • Showing the number of people that follow you
  • The number of people you’ve helped
  • A “members-only” section”

Show your potential customers that you know what you’re doing and that you believe in your product. Don’t only show that you believe in your product but also show that other people do too. It can potentially influence them to buy or contact you immediately.


Good copywriting persuades. It is the difference between selling your product or service and spinning your wheels until your business ends. Copywriting is the true MVP of a business and it’s important that you know what to include to help sell. The factors above are only a few of the many factors needed to write killer copy that influences customers to not only buy but to keep buying from you. I can help you write copy that has customers coming back for more and also has them sharing your product or service so you can keep growing. If you have a UK or London business and you’re interested in copywriting services then contact ClickDo for a free one-hour consultation and see how we can level up your business’ success. 

UGC: User Generated Content And SEO

User Generated Content

The User Generated content is the most effective way of engaging users and gaining natural content relevant to the topic. When you handle your customer in the right way, the flow of user-generated content will be positive. We have listed the types of user-generated content,

  • Ratings
  • Reviews,
  • Question & Answering
  • Customer’s live mages
  • Customer’s Video testimonials
  • Open Forums
  • Social Interaction
  • Guest Posting

How User Generated Content impacts SEO?

As everyone knows content is the king. The natural flow of fresh and quality content in a website can be beneficial at any point for ranking the website in Google. These type of content can give a great impact on SEO and new website visitors as the content from common people around their place make them feel positive about the business. High demand for the content arises in E-Commerce Websites, as they widely use product description as the only content. In such cases, user-generated content can be handy, by leaving ratings, reviews and engaging through question and answer section. It allows the crawlers to read some quality content from the page and show the value. Keep in mind that, the content doesn’t always mean about text content, you can have live customer images and video testimonials on the website in the right places.

Social Interaction with the audience:

Be responsive to your audience regardless of any platform, which can help to boost your business search visibility. The response has to be authentic and clear, which gives a trust among the viewers. It helps you in high time when setting up any digital campaigns. You can integrate social interaction with the audience as a separate section on the website as User Generated Content.

Social Interaction

Allow Guest Posting:

Guest Posting can be can key to generate a huge volume of content on the website. One cannot allow very early that may spoil the website in a way crawlers cannot understand the purpose of the website. Do proper SEO, build backlinks, grow your website as best in your niche and get guest posting.

For instance, we have built a Tech Blog, where we rank on top for the keyword “Uk Tech Blog” ( – One of the toughest in the market. Now after ranking on top, we take guest posts with dofollow backlinks for the business all around the globe. Getting backlinks after lots of hard works is not working as the urgency to rank above the competitors is high, where doing a guest post at the authority website to get backlinks is making life worthy without time-consuming.



Local Business Citations – How It Helps SEO?


Local Business Citations:

A Local Business Citation is any mention of the Name, Address or Phone Number of the business on the online platforms like directories. This will help the users to discover your business more easily.

The Local Business Citations will also help you in improving the local search rankings. These citations will contain all the information about your business which the users are looking for.

how local citation impacts seo

What Kind of Information do Local Citations Contain?

Local citations contain the information which a normal user is seeking for. The citations contain business services, hours of operation, detailed description about the business, images, videos, map (location of business), contact information, testimonials, social media profile links, website link, etc.

That is with the help of the local citations, the users can gather all the business information without visiting your website.

local business citations

How it impacts SEO?

Local citations directly or indirectly will impact the SEO and the site rankings on the Google. The search engines like Google will give a rank boost to your website if it is listed on the directory with high domain authority.

We at ClickDo help the business people in the UK by listing their websites on the high authority UK based directory sites. The citations that we offer will contain the business information like operating hours, location, description, contact info like phone number & mail id, link to the business website & social media profiles, testimonials, etc.

local business citations to improve seo

Accurate citations that we offer contain the same kind of business information in all the places, This will make Google to give a positive approach to your website on SERP.

As the citations that we build are from high authority websites, this will indeed increase the authority of your website as well. Being a business owner in London, you should focus on building high authority citations for your business.

For Local Business Citations Services –


Lead Generation through Facebook Marketing

Everyone can spam their ads out to their audience daily but how do you turn your potential customers into leads? Here are a few ideas that could help you boost your lead generation:




FREE Giveaways are a great way of increasing the customers motivation to give you their email address. This will increase the customers’ motivation to give their details in order to gain a FREE plan, merchandise or even the first part of your guide. You could even run a competition where users give their email addresses to be put into a prize draw.


Webinar Invitations:

Webinars are also a great online networking tool for lead generation. Nowadays knowledge is power, so why not run a Facebook Ad inviting customers to join the webinar in exchange for their contact details. Not only will you generate leads but you will also be able to interact with them in the webinar – whilst presenting yourself as an expert in your field.

So once you’ve built up some leads how will you organise them all ?


Create a Database:

MailChimp is the best plug-in to use in order to automatically build a group leads. Then once you have collected enough leads for you to begin sending out a news letter – enabling you to sell your products to your leads.


Now all these micro strategies are great to gain you quick leads. However, none of these will work without the help of an effective Facebook Ad Campaign.

To learn more about Facebook Advertising please click here to sign up to our official Facebook Marketing Training Course