Get With The Times, How A Social Media Copywriter Can Make You Rich

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Copywriter For Social Media: Social media copywriting will be the most important tool for your UK business for now on. Here is why.

How Social Media Copywriters Can Make You Rich

Look at around, the times are changing. Nearly everyone has a smartphone and we’re all addicted to them. We all look at our phones over 50x times a day to check the time, check email, text, read the news and use social media. Social media now is one of the most powerful tools that your business can use to grow massively. The power of a hashtag is 100,000x more powerful than a commercial, radio advertisement, or magazine ad. How?

Because our attention is lasered in on what comes on our phone screens. So why not take advantage of what gets our attention and maximize what your business can do to grow? If you aren’t using social media then get ready to work way more than you need to. Here are a few reasons why need to get with the times and hire a social media copywriter.


Everyone is Addicted to Social Media

You know it and I know it. The majority of people we know are on at least one or two platforms of social media whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or even into other viewing platforms like Twitch, YouTube, or Periscope and more. This being said it’s CRUCIAL to have your business visible on as many outlets as possible. If you’re just using magazine, TV, and radio ads you’re making a severe mistake.

Let’s be honest, you probably checked your phone a lot today already and you’ll do it more than a dozen times more. Your business must go where people’s attention goes. Think about if someone followed your business on Instagram, that person will see your business’ promotions, deals, specials, and services several times a day just by checking Instagram. Eventually, they’ll want to learn more and maybe be called to action to buy whatever you’re selling. Regardless, the process of being seen multiple times a day does incredible things to your business. Not only do they see your name and brand, but customers know all of the best sales and promotions that you’re having. Other people can see how many people “follow” you and will be inclined to also follow you, under the social proof theory.

When it comes down to it, getting on social media gives you way more exposure and allows your potential customers to stay up-to-date on everything that is going on with your business. If you want more exposure and to stay on the mind of potential customers, make an account and start posting.

Social Media Copywriters Will Grow Your Brand Effectively

A lot of businesses have already jumped aboard the social media train but are doing a terrible job using and managing their accounts. Most businesses don’t have a true social media manager and those who do don’t fully understand how to capture the attention of the business demographic.

Copywriters are masters of understanding a business’ demographic and creating posts that will effectively strike a chord with each person that follows that account. Social media posts are not only used to get Likes and Retweets but each post is an advertisement that can sell what your business is selling. Each post that a copywriter creates is done to make your business grow. People can learn more about your business and can warm up to the idea of buying from you. Social media copywriters can do this effectively because they know how to write to the interests of your customer base.

Don’t be like other businesses who have social media managers but don’t know how to create posts that speak to potential customers. Each post is a chance to sell and grow your business. Social media managers know how to get your business’ voice out and reach its potential. Without good copywriting, your posts can appear dull, lifeless, and will be a waste of your time and money. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional social media copywriter.

Social Media Copywriters Know Your Customers Better Than You

One of the best things about social media is that most platforms have their own analytics pages. Social media copywriters can look at this analytics and provide valuable insight on who your customers and followers are. They can see what posts were most popular, their engagement, shares, likes, and even what age and country it was the biggest hit in.

This is important because your social media copywriter can make each post reach a bigger audience and an audience that your business is perfect for. This makes your marketing not just bigger but gives it much better quality. You can reach exactly who your business needs. Pair that with awesome, clever, and creative posts and you have a combination of a killer marketing strategy. Copywriters are already skilled in understanding a demographic but giving them a tool that literally says what makes people happy can do incredible things in your marketing.

Also, your social media copywriter can look at this analytics and give you advice and insight on what works and what doesn’t. This can help filter out what strategies work so you can capitalize and be much more effective.

Social Media Copywriters Know How to Sell

Social media can be used as a valuable part of your marketing funnel. One post can potentially reach millions of people all over the world. If it even reaches a hundred people, that’s a hundred potential customers that simply need to click one more time to reach your sales page. Social media copywriters can write persuasive and enticing copy on a post that can influence readers to go to your website where your sale will be made.

A social media copywriter is valuable because they’re experts in creating the mindset and emotions needed to influence people to buy. Each post is a chance to not only grow your brand but to make money as well. In under 100 words, a social media copywriter can write a post that people will see multiple times a day and may eventually be enticed to go further down the funnel into an eventual sale.


If you don’t even have a normal copywriter doing this for you then you’re wasting your time and making a big mistake. Optimize your business and your marketing and hire a social media copywriter. It’s 2018, it’s time you get one.

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