3 Killer Copywriting Tips That Grow Small Businesses

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Good copywriting does one thing: it makes people do. What does it make people do? Anything your UK or London small business wants them to do. But, we all know that you want them to buy. You want people to love your product and to feel like they need it immediately. How do you do that? With killer, influential, persuasive copy. What do you need to make sure your ad, brochure, website, social media post, email, or sales page gets the job done and makes them click “buy”? Let me tell you.

3 Killer Copywriting Tips That Grow Small Businesses

If you have a UK or London small business, good copywriting is absolutely crucial. Not only does it represent the voice of your brand, but it’s what influences your potential customers to buy and establish their loyalty with your company. If you have bad copywriting in any of your content, it’ll be hard to stay in business for long. You’ll most likely not stand out from your competitors and you’ll be spinning your wheels until you ultimately get out of business.

Good copywriting will influence people to buy your product or your service, have you stand out from competitors, and have you stuck in the minds of everyone who reads your content because you’ll have ideas and words that stick. This is crucial for your brand and the survival of your business. So then, what should you include your copy to make people beg for your product or service? Here is the first one.

Show Reciprocation

The first factor you should use in your copywriting is reciprocation. It’s generally agreed upon that most people don’t just do things for no reason. People do things because they know they’ll benefit from it and get something in return. This is something you should provide in your copywriting if you want your potential customers to do something for you. If you want someone to do something for you, and potentially have them go further down your marketing funnel, then offering them something for free, especially if it’s guaranteed can do wonders for persuasion. Here are some examples:

  • Subscribe to my newsletter and get my free Ebook.
  • Share this post for a chance to win…
  • Refer a friend and get a discounted price
  • Contact us now and get a free consultation
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel for free information

I think we can all agree that we have been persuaded to do something by a business by any of the actions above and it’s no surprise. It taps into human psychology. Doing this can be a great way to get content out and to make sure people keep coming back for more. It’ll surely make you stand out and create a sense of loyalty to your customers because you’re not “taking”, you’re sharing and giving them a hint of your business can provide.

Know Your Customer

One of the biggest and most important things you can do for your business is to study your customers. For good copywriting, you need to write copy that is understandable and relatable to the people you’re selling to you. If you don’t do your market research then all of your ads, pages, and posts will be generic and won’t be hard-hitting to anyone that reads it. If you’re a small business owner in UK or London and your business’ ads aren’t customized for any specific person then who are you trying to help? The answer “anyone” is a dead-end and will lead you nowhere.

If you’re able to successfully do market research and totally understand who you’re selling to then you can make the copy in your ads relatable to them. This will make all of your content stick out like crazy. First, it won’t just be relatable but your potential customers will truly believe that you have their best interest at heart, which you do, but now they can see it. This is huge in making your business more human and creating that loyalty that makes people coming back for more. So before you write copy for your website, social media post, blog, or any ad, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is their background?
  2. What is their demographic?
  3. What are the problems they face the most?
  4. What kind of lifestyle do they live?
  5. How do they communicate?

There are many more questions and things to consider when knowing your audience, so it’s important to look for ways to study your buyer’s persona even more. Using what you learned and putting it in your copy is a masterful tactic for persuasion. This can be the “make it or break it” factor for your business.


Present Social Proof

This is a massive influencer that affects all of our lives, and you can use it for your business. If your business has already sold products and you already have satisfied customers then do everything you can to show it. People love working with businesses that already have excellent reputations. They’ll gravitate towards your business if they know that people are have already been helped and are happy with what you can provide. It eases the suspicion and the lessens the hesitation that people might have with a new found business.

Let’s be honest, you’ll far more likely work with someone if you know someone else was happy to work with them. You already have a feeling of trust that is needed to really get moving. In business, its the same. If customers see that people already love your product then that is PROOF that what you have is of good value. How do you do this? By showing…

  • Testimonials (video and written)
  • Reviews
  • Showing the number of people that follow you
  • The number of people you’ve helped
  • A “members-only” section”

Show your potential customers that you know what you’re doing and that you believe in your product. Don’t only show that you believe in your product but also show that other people do too. It can potentially influence them to buy or contact you immediately.


Good copywriting persuades. It is the difference between selling your product or service and spinning your wheels until your business ends. Copywriting is the true MVP of a business and it’s important that you know what to include to help sell. The factors above are only a few of the many factors needed to write killer copy that influences customers to not only buy but to keep buying from you. I can help you write copy that has customers coming back for more and also has them sharing your product or service so you can keep growing. If you have a UK or London business and you’re interested in copywriting services then contact ClickDo for a free one-hour consultation and see how we can level up your business’ success. 

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